Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 733 - The Soul Is Greater Than The Body

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Chapter 733: The Soul Is Greater Than The Body

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Zhao Youyue felt that her experiences in the literary world and the Source World had changed her, even more than she could ever imagine. This suggested that we are far more than our bodies — that our true selves are our souls. Her various escapades had given her several lifetimes of experiences. Look at Xu Jing and the girl she loved. Look at Chu Luoxun and Lin Meiyue, look at that lovely couple, Olivia and Cirilla…

All these experiences had undoubtedly affected Zhao Youyue’s expectations of a partner. Furthermore, there was no man outstanding enough that Lady Zhao’s heart could be moved. It was such a pity. A male character like that could only be found in the literary world.

Girls were often so picky, because they have seen too many female-oriented works. It did not matter if it was a novel, manga, or a television series. The male characters inside would cause girls to drool over them. They must have hoped that they could find a guy comparable to the guys in the literary world. Of course, in the end, they could only make do. After all, tradition was unyielding and relentless. Those who could stay single forever must either have solid financial standing or exceptionally talented…

When it came to standards, Zhao Youyue’s shot past the top of the list. She was completely entitled for that. The fatal blow struck at how real-life people fell in love with the perfect creations of fiction. How could real life ever compare?

It was unacceptable for a girl to pursue physical pleasure alone. It was low, and cheap. Zhao Youyue despised girls who wanted nothing but sex. They did not understand finding their perfect match would be the best thing in the world. Their bodies would naturally close in with time.

As picky as Zhao Youyue was, Su Li was well within her bullseye mark. Su Li was responsive and receptive, Zhao Youyue liked her wholeheartedly. Of course, she had to be equally responsive. If not, how would she show that she understood Su Li’s feelings?

At the same time, she had to admit that Su Li’s gender was a plus point for her. Zhao Youyue was a girl, but her spirit was gender-neutral. She had the spiritual strength of a man, and their lust for power. She also preferred being the dominant one in a partnership. The only thing was how she was deceptively skilled at ‘retreating in order to advance.’

It was impossible for a man to control a girl like Zhao Youyue. If she one day became a man, such a thing might be possible. If not, she would always be so standoffish against men. She would never lose any ground against them.

On the contrary, many men before Zhao Youyue would appear humble and gentlemanly. Meetings would start off with self-confidence. Maybe they had powerful families, maybe they were talented, or maybe they were truly handsome. They were used to living lives with girls chasing after their tails. However, all of that meant nothing to a girl like Zhao Youyue.

Sometimes, Zhao Youyue would generously hand out her Wechat account. Others, she wanted to see how men would flirt. In the end, she would only uncover a conceited, self-inflated ego. If they thought that their flirting game was up, oh how outmatched and outclassed they were before her!

Some men seemed to have believed in the saying “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Therefore, they would persist in texting the girls every day. Good morning and goodnight texts, texts asking about their wellbeing, texts hoping that Lady Zhao would drink more warm water. Was warm water some magical, cure-it-all miracle medicine? Some men would even write long paragraphs of confession texts. In fact, some of them would be well-written, and rich with culture. Zhao Youyue loved screenshotting the texts and sending them to Han Leng, the love master, and have him evaluate them…

Of course, Han Leng could not help but laugh at these texts. However, after he was done laughing, he would feel a little sympathy for these people who were in similar situations. If he were the one to confess to Lady Zhao, he might have even done the same.

After all, even if those men added Lady Zhao’s Wechat account, they could only look at the interesting Wechat Moments of the daily life of a God of Tycoons. You want to date Lady Zhao? Do you have the qualifications to do so? Is she close to you? Don’t you know that the line of suitors wanting to date Lady Zhao could bridge the gap between the cafeteria and the school gate?

Lady Zhao was not even sure how many ‘fair-weather friends’ [1] she had. In other words, she would never be outside on her own. Beautiful chicks were always surrounding her… Even if Lady Zhao made more ‘fair-weather friends,’ they would just be as beautiful.

Anyway, beauty aside, Lady Zhao would still be the one in command. They were just there to add on to her beauty with their contrastive differences.

If even they couldn’t get Lady Zhao, how were those guys who were self-proclaimed to be chick magnets going to get her heart?

However, if one looked back at all the sweet texts on Wechat, it was all just ‘awkward talk.’ Some chick magnets who were unsatisfied with the outcome seemed to have developed PTSD. The more they tried to pick her up, the deeper they fell. It made it seem as if they really loved Lady Zhao. That was a tragedy. They had taken a fancy over someone who would not even glance in her direction.

To get Lady Zhao’s attention, you probably had to create something iconic. Everyone knew that Lady Zhao had a soft spot for creators.

Lady Zhao’s master-level French kiss had left Su Li lightheaded. Her entire face was hot, her entire body was boiling up. It was weird, but she did not hate it. Her body was experiencing something mindblowing. She felt that she must have loved the feeling of being kissed by someone she loved. The coup de grace came down with how Lady Zhao caressed her head. This was, far too much!

Zhao Youyue only left Su Li’s lips when she ran out of breath. Then she gave a self-satisfied smirk and looked at the goddess mangaka Su Li, who was so vulnerably trembling. In her angel voice, Lady Zhao said, “Sister Li, are you happy?”

The Lady Zhao, at that moment, was so familiar, yet unfamiliar to Su Li. This Lady was highly experienced in bed. She never expected Lady Zhao to be this good, even if she had never been in a relationship before. This was the work of the devil! This was the mother of all traps. There was no escape!

Su Li managed a nod. Zhao Youyue leaned over and planted a smooth kiss on Su Li’s smooth neck. On her neck was the scent of top-quality lotion…

Again, Su Li discovered something new. It was the pleasure of being kissed on the neck by someone she loved. It was even better than being kissed on the lips!

Where did Lady Zhao even pull this out from!?

Translation note:

[1] “Fair-weather friend” (酒肉朋友) is a person whose friendship cannot be relied on in times of difficulty.