Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 730 - This Is The Night

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Chapter 730: This Is The Night

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Zhao Youyue read through Su Li’s Dōjinshi of Olivia and Cirilla. She appeared to be calm, but deep down, it greatly embarrassed her. Still, that did not stop her from sharing her insights on how girls actually did it with Su Li…

Su Li was a veteran artist, but she never had any real experience of it. She did watch a few adult movies and used other people’s Dōjinshis as references, but it did not come close to the experienced Zhao Youyue’s insight. Who would have thought that Olivia was actually Zhao Youyue?

Well, Zhao Youyue was also a virgin in reality. No man had ever laid their hands on her body. However, her various lives in the novel and source worlds had taught her much. Still, her body in the real world was still pure. The question now was, should Lady Zhao be considered a virgin?

There can be no clear answer to it. Zhao Youyue was a highly experienced, old virgin… It sounded ridiculous, yet it was the truth.

It was just like those people having wet dreams at night, only to wake up as virgins nevertheless. To Zhao Youyue, her dreams had been far more lucid.

With Zhao Youyue’s help, Su Li produced far better Dōjinshi. At one point, she was almost tempted to test the scenes she drew in real life with Lady Zhao. But this was strictly an exchange of ideas between an author and a reader, not Lilies blossoming.

Therefore, on the day before the manga grand exhibition, both of them stayed in the same hotel, and in the same room. Instead of two double, single beds, they requested for a king-sized bed.

Su Li booked the hotel herself. If Lady Zhao had been in charge of it, she would not have chosen an economical room with a giant bed. A presidential suite would be at the bottom of her choices. It was not like she was showing off her money — it was just how she lived. Thousands of RMB would be pocket change to her.

If anything, it would be a disgrace to her image as Lady Zhao if she settled for anything less.

All this time, Su Li had the privilege to stay in Lady Zhao’s presidential suite. How could she stick her face into Lady Zhao’s blanket, when there were always plenty of rooms and beds to sleep in?

The most memorable night for Su Li with Lady Zhao was her sleepover in Lady Zhao’s room. Finally, she could spend the night with Lady Zhao, in the same bed. They chatted the whole night, shoulder to shoulder as if they only had each other.

Su Li has always been grateful for having Zhao Youyue as her best friend and savior. Without Lady Zhao, she would not have made it this far.

On the next day, Su Li woke up, furiously berating herself. One whole night, and she did nothing but talk with Lady Zhao?

Why did she not turn over and hug Lady Zhao?

Lady Zhao always had this soothing fragrance exuding from her body. She was a goddess for a lot of guys, yet she had never displayed any interest in them. Several men would have acted as Su Li did, being stupid and dense during moments of golden opportunity. They were in the same room with the lady of their dreams, yet they chose to do nothing. As Zhao Youyue’s best friend, she was entitled to her skin. However, Zhao Youyue was a goddess in Su Li’s heart. She was too pure, too divine…

Again, that was precisely what men all across the globe thought. The more they cared about that lady, the more they wanted to treat them right. Even when they spoke, they got hung over their choice of words until they ended up speaking gibberish. In front of their goddesses, they were nothing but specks of dust. When they finally mustered enough courage to confess, they would be brutally rejected.

They were not aware that the goddess of their dreams would already be someone else’s toy. Goddesses to toys. Those who played them would not be humbled, as they never had any intention of being serious with her. Usually, the ladies would fall for their charm and confidence. Just one night together, how hard could that be?

When ladies agreed to stay in the same room, they would be prepared for something to happen on that night. Some of them might gaze upon the blood on the bedsheets with regret, but what good did that do? They could only hope those guys who took away their first experience would treat them right, but deep down, they knew that it was impossible. These guys were hunters; they did not stop after a single prey.

Su Li had it all figured out. She did not know if she was homo or hetero. In high school, she once had a crush on a guy, but she gave up, for she was ashamed by her own background. After that, beauty struck her like a brick. She became the elder sister type goddess, and found herself swarmed by suitors. Unfortunately, none of them set off the spark in her heart.

Sometimes she felt insecure and lost, wondering if those guys were serious about her. Were they after her money? After all, she was a reputable manga artist — Su, The Great Deity.

Perhaps this was a common problem for all successful ladies. They would have trouble looking for a man who was actually superior to them. Why would they want a lesser man for themselves?

As she walked in Lady Zhao’s shadow, she found herself deeply attracted to Lady Zhao’s charm. She did not want to do anything nasty and wonderful to Lady Zhao, but for starters, she could get closer to her…

Besides, she trusted no man in this world. Only Lady Zhao gave her that sense of security and comfort. Perhaps that was the Leo in her talking. Her arrogance, self-confidence and cheerful character had wiped away the thick clouds that had haunted Su Li’s world for more than twenty-five years. She was her mental pillar.

Tonight, Su Li must make full use of this rare opportunity. She must find the courage to do something with her goddess!