Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 726 - New Source World Journey

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Chapter 726: New Source World Journey

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A Cirilla fan like Shang Zetao was absolutely blown away by Olivia’s beauty. However, one thing absolutely stumped him. How did such an important character like Olivia not appear in the entire “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” game? The “Blood and Wine” DLC, already featured a pair of really beautiful sisters: Duchess Anna and her sister, Syanna. Of course, the latter was the main female protagonist of this DLC, and in the end, of course, Geralt had sex with her as well…

No wonder Geralt had the protagonist aura to boost him. After defeating that miserable vampire Dettlaff, he also had sex with the woman that vampire was so into.

A female character that was near-perfect like Olivia should totally be incorporated in “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.” When he first laid eyes on Olivia, he almost immediately fell head over heels in love, and now, he had another “waifu.” This was how hardcore otakus lived. Regardless of it being a female character in an anime, or in a game, all they needed was beauty and cuteness to be an otaku’s “waifu.” These otakus would fight for their “waifus” with their lives and would become moe-kings, just for them. Moreover, they would promote their “waifus,” hoping to gain more fans.

To Shang Zetao, Olivia was the long-haired version of Cirilla. If anything, her facial features were even more delicate and softer. Also, she was the empress of this generation, but nothing about her was menacing like one would expect. Instead, she was like a spring breeze…

Looking at her bloody path to ascension, she was clearly a tyrant who killed people without mercy. Her dictatorship had reached its peak. This was the epitome of “follow me and live, or rebel and die.” Even so, she did not seem pleased with her accomplishments. She looked like a gentle and down-to-earth wise person.

In actuality, when Olivia saw Yang Yunfei and others, she had checked their identities through the in-game system that was given to her by the “Two Dimensional Gate.”

Naturally, an existence like “Lord God” was no stranger to Olivia. The only thing that she did not expect was these squad members arriving in this source world…

Shang Zetao and the others were also pretty smart. They never once disclosed the existence of the Lord God. They only claimed to be internationalists who were here to help out. They intended to help the Empress fight against the Wild Hunt.

Olivia welcomed them with open arms. She hoped to be friends with them. At the same time, she was able to get more information about the “Lord God” from them.

Among the many source worlds, some source worlds of iconic works had taken new form as “Lord Gods.” These were worlds that the Transcending Monsters meddled with. They placed various 3D creatures into the worlds, and used these creatures to trigger flags for them that would send ripples across the world, so that they could get energy. Of course, this energy was also the one that Zhao Youyue’s “Two Dimensional Gate” required.

In a sense, Olivia could form her own specialized squad like the other “Lord Gods” and have many people work for her…

All of a sudden, a new idea occurred on Zhao Youyue. Perhaps, she could become a “Lord God” herself, to have more people work for her and be exploited by her.

So, she naturally chose to stay in the source world more often to explore more about the mystery of a creature like a “Lord God.” Perhaps, they had been created by the authors of the infinite novel genre.

Captain Yang Yunfei’s squad gained a lot of this trip. To acquire strength, some of them decided to go straight for the “Trial of the Grasses” and become a witcher before they returned. As long as they accepted the Lord God’s systemic treatment when they returned, everything would be fine. Anyhow, the Lord God’s treatment was absolutely the best.

Captain Yang Yunfei even discussed with Shang Zetao on how they could bring the legendary Empress Olivia back to the Lord God’s domain and become a member of their squad…

Shang Zetao certainly felt that it was a good idea. She was such a beautiful young lady. She had amazing leadership skills, a great character, and a great personality. If such a young lady joined their squad, that would be awesome!

They did not know that their actions could be said to be amounting to letting the wolf loose into the room. Little did they know that their “Lord God” was just a piece of cake in the face of Olivia’s “Two Dimensional Gate.”

In fact, Cirilla’s “Gate of the Worlds” was based on the same principle as the Lord God. Obviously, Cirilla had the potential of being a Lord God herself.

Therefore, in the source world, the Lord God was nothing substantial. As long as you could traverse planes, you could most absolutely be one. Since something like causality existed, of course, the members of the endless squad could be given various magical abilities. In actuality, it was not exactly possible to receive truly potent abilities, as the Lord God was not all omnipotent.

With Empress Olivia’s powers, the other squad that came together with the Wild Hunt was reduced to a joke. The empress’s army ended up counter-invading Aen Elle through Cirilla’s “Gate of the Worlds.” However, this world had long been on the verge of collapse. This was why the elves intended to recapture Cirilla. They wanted to use Cirilla to conquer other worlds…

This source world had a time limit. As long as it was an iconic piece of work, it had an ending. Once its story progressed to the end, the world would naturally end. Then, no one knew how long it would take for a new cycle to start.

Naturally, various forms of energy could be generated. Zhao Youyue would then be able to obtain legendary character cards from the source world. A Conjurer[1] card of this energy level would allow such energies to be siphoned into the “Two Dimensional Gate.”

Thanks to the efforts of Empress Olivia and her followers, the source world of the “Witcher” game finally came to a real end. The empress had not only unified the whole continent. She had also conquered countless worlds together with her queen Cirilla, through Cirilla’s “Gate of the Worlds.”

The Empress would never stop anytime soon, but the “Witcher” series had attained its happy ending.

This time, Zhao Youyue has truly left this source world. She was still a little melancholic. No matter how good her relationship with Cirilla was, Cirilla could never follow her into reality…

Still, she very much hoped that the characters she played as, and the people she loved in the world of works could follow her into reality.

All of these characters were her wives. Now, she could only appreciate her many wives, one after another, in the spiritual world. These worlds still had no Cirillas yet. She could only hope that the gaming company in the real world would improve on her sister’s design.

However, a game was still a game. It was nothing like the real Cirilla.

Zhao Youyue decided to start over on a new source world journey. Maybe, she would be able to meet Cirilla again. Who knows?

Translation note :

[1] Reference to “Hunter x Hunter.” In “Hunter x Hunter,” if a student creates an object in the water in the glass during their Water Divination, they are a Conjurer (具現化系, Gugenkakei). In most cases, Conjuration is intended as the ability to create a physical, independent, material object out of one’s aura.