Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 721 - The One and Only “Two Dimensional Gate”

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Chapter 721: The One and Only “Two Dimensional Gate”

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Within the source world of the iconic “Witcher,” anomalies such as the “Lord God’s team” would show up. Clearly, this was the doing of writers. These authors might not hail from Zhao Youyue’s reality, but some other source world where endless survival type dimension-traveling, Doujinshi works were viral. Perhaps that world was derived from an iconic cultural entertainment franchise?

In this source world, “Olivia” did not exist. Everything followed the original Witcher 3 game. A famous author of the endless survival type dimensional-traveling novel, similar to an extremely popular writer like Master Juan Tu, had written about how his protagonist had entered “The Witcher’s” game world…

This led to several other writers following in his footsteps. They all used “The Witcher” as the background setting, producing Doujinshi works based on the endless survival type dimension-traveling genre.

Thus, the “time-traveling monster,” Lord God who fed on the cause and effect within the source world took note of this world. He did not find the cause and effect that he sought for, but something that was still reeling from Lady Zhao’s rampage. Zhao Youyue’s “Two Dimensional Gate” was actually far more awesome, compared to the “time-travel monster,” Lord God!

These “time-travel monsters” could only travel across different source world, siphoning their energies. They had no means of traversing into Zhao Youyue’s reality.

Reality would always be a level above the source worlds. Its incomparably strict rules had restricted even existences such as the “Two Dimensional Gate.” Within source worlds, the “Two Dimensional Gate” enabled Zhao Youyue to gather all the character cards’ abilities that she had accumulated into one body, and use them all concurrently.

Looking at these two side-by-side, one could see how wide the gap was between source worlds and reality.

“Lord God” may sound incredibly powerful, but its power and jurisdiction were only limited to the source worlds. In actual reality, “Lord God” was just the writings of many writers taking flesh. It was the plaything of several minds, bending to their unified wills.

It could not be helped. Reality was far too… real. The source worlds of several iconic works were all derived from the fantasy of humans from reality. Even if they were sometimes realistic enough to be a perfect replica of reality, they were still source worlds.

Many people in the real world have subconsciously acknowledged the existence of other worlds. Little did they know that such worlds were actually born from their fantasies. If they ever laid eyes upon such a world, they might even mistake it as reality.

However, if the ingenuity of the source world intended to show up in reality, they could only appear through other means like books and anime. But when the people in the real world slipped into dreams, their consciousness would wander into the source world. Upon waking up, they would have little to no recollection of the dream. Maybe they would think that they would have had a little far too much to drink, read, watch, snot.

If that dream turns into a nightmare, it was just because they have inadvertently crept into a supernatural genre source world. As a dreamer, one’s rate of rationality would be dull and numbed down. He might actively seek for death, again and again. Anyway, it was just a dream.

Zhao Youyue had found her lucid self in the source worlds through the “Two Dimensional Gate” and the Godly card “Altair.” Obviously, ordinary people did not share that luxury. They were not of sound mind, neither were they laden with multiple maxed out abilities like Zhao Youyue.

Therefore, many clueless, half-awake dreamers ended up playing the role as death-seeking characters within the source world…

This was somewhat similar to some interesting entertainment articles. If characters were too smart for their own good, you would end up with a boring, predictable, rational movie. Everyone would be as smart as the protagonist who (supposedly) survives the end of the movie.

Sadly, the subconscious of a dreamer had little room for growth. They were cowardly and weak in more ways than one. For example, if the protagonist within an entertainment article obtained the golden finger, it only meant that he had regained control over his dumb, brash subconscious. The others would remain slaves to the foolish, baseline instincts of the subconscious. If one acted wisely, they would easily get themselves out of several deadly situations.

And so, that’s how the protagonist had conquered many audiences through such manner. Wow. What an incredible protagonist. He was so versatile, so capable.

Zhao Youyue was a prime example of such an existence. With the “Two Dimensional Gate,” she would remain in perfect control of her actions. Not only did she make use of it, but she had also abused the crap out of it, ultimately turning the rules and nature of the source world upside down. In the process, she had yielded an incredibly bountiful harvest.

On the other hand, Captain Yang Yunfei who had just entered the game source world of “The Witcher” remained absolutely clueless that a certain empress had already united the entire continent. As usual, he left a female, busty team member to introduce the pitiful newcomers to the new world. They had all been unwittingly spirited away by the Lord God to work for him…

Of course, some of them would be in disbelief and denial. They would react most irrationally and charge to their deaths. They would never last long in source worlds. It was just like how some people lost complete control of themselves in their dreams — only being able to take the backseat and go along the perilous ride. As a result, they would only end up as collateral.

Yang Yunfei had seen his fair share of such suicidal cases. He was no Madonna. By all means, stew in your own juices if you are so persistent. Either way, “Lord God” was not forcing them into it. They could leave on their own terms if they wanted.

Then, Yang Yunfei threw an expectant look towards a particularly unsightly fatso. This person was called Shang Zetao. Before he had been thrown into this mess by the Lord God, he was a gaming otaku. He had an impressive gaming resume below his belt. On top of that, he had an unusually high IQ to boot. Of this team, he was most probably the wisest.

“Fatty, what does it look like to you?” Yang Yunfei quipped.

Shang Zetao licked his lips in excitement. He seemed to be particularly fond of this “Witcher’s” world. He fluidly recited, “Gwent 3: Mad Gambling,” no, it’s “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.” Even if none of you have ever played this iconic Western fantasy game, you must have heard about it. As it is, I’ve cleared the entire game a few times over. I’ve unlocked all the endings, such as the Yennefer line, the Triss line, the lonely wolf ending… If anything, I find it a shame that we can’t raid Cirilla! It defeats the purpose of having to work so hard in search for her, right? As an adopted daughter, she’s nothing. She offers nothing helpful to Geralt, whatsoever. I’ll say this now. Cirilla is drop dead gorgeous. On top of that, she’s into Lily-love. What an ideal combination!”

Yang Yunfei cut fatso Shang Zetao off with a few coughs. He sighed, “Fatty, get straight to the point. Lord God’s main quest this time is to survive for sixty days, without any particular criteria. I guess we could take a look at the sidequests for some clues. We would most definitely have to fight our way through forces en masse. You know the various factions of the game. Who do you think we should contact?”