Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 720 - The Extraordinary case of the Empress’ Source World

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Chapter 720: The Extraordinary case of the Empress’ Source World

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The Student Council that Du Hang expected to see was a regular Student Council, not one that constantly trembled under the dark shadow of Lady Zhao. He did not actually find such a Student Council to be bad. In fact, he was not even interested in Student Councils. The only problem was that he had joined it to draw some inspiration. Currently, things were far too bizarre. If it ever took the form of a novel, no reader would believe it!

As writers wrote stories that were close to reality, they achieved a stronger sense of substitution. If it was too outlandish, writers would be criticized for being too green, too lazy to do their research.

Now that Du Hang was in the Student Council, he had also earned Lady Zhao’s protection by default. No matter how much of a creep or a lurker he was, no one would seek him for trouble.

There was also the protective dorm mate He Weiwei. She had never even expected to herself in the Student Council one day. After all, look at her, with that blonde dye and outrageous fashion. Was this how a Student Council looked like?

As Lady Zhao went on a rampage and claimed the top, He Weiwei had also went in tow, as if tethered to her by some supernatural means. She now had the choice of exercising her authority, or simply muddle along for some experience and qualification.

He Weiwei seemed to have been triggered. She now desired more authority. Driven by that uncharacteristic motivation, she had hopped over to the Public Relations Department to get the ball rolling. She was not so foolish as to attempt claiming the top seat, even if it was within her rights. She decided to familiarize herself from the bottom rung before anythi8ng else.

While He Weiwei was pushing herself to complete tasks that were completely beyond her capabilities, then Zhao Youyue’s other roommate Yu Xuefei was already been well-prepared for her role.

She had started off vain, conceited and arrogant. Upon entering university, her “Green Tea Bitch”[1] characteristic went into overdrive. Anyway, she currently had a rich boyfriend who was good at hitting on girls. She had now wrapped him around her finger. At the same time, she had found herself another three to four spare tires. It appeared that there was more to her vanity and arrogance.

On the other hand, there was Zhao Youyue, languishing and lazing about with the ability of a supercentenarian. Even so, she was deceptively astute and quick at reading a person. She did not arrange a high position for Yu Xuefei like how she arranged for Bai Yunshan. Yu Xuefei was capable, but she fell far behind when it came to Zhao Youyue’s standards. She was also nefariously more complicated than the White Knight. If such a person was ever placed high up, she would be a ticking time bomb…

On the other hand, Bai Yunshan was very worthy of Lady Zhao’s trust. The trust could only grow with time. She would even volunteer to be Lady Zhao’s bad cop. If Bai Yunshan ever took her justice too far, Lady Zhao could show up as a benevolent good cop ruler and set things right. By then, everyone would cry out for Lady Zhao’s acute intelligence and excellent judgment.

Everything had fallen within Zhao Youyue’s calculations. Her experience as a long-reigning Empress had truly come in handy. This was the art of leadership. It was just as beautiful as it was despicable and hypocritical.

This was the embodiment of how “the empress was the one with keen intelligence and excellent judgment, while the ones who confused the country were all the treacherous ministers beneath.” In actual fact, be it the empress or the ministers, they had to be responsible for everything. But those thick-faced, black-hearted empresses would always have a scapegoat minister at hand.

Lady Zhao was eternally great, glorious and true. If not, how was she besties with the perfectionist Lady Bai…?

After becoming the student president, Zhao Youyue suddenly found the entire campus dull and boring. Even in this world, a Student President could only do so much. At least, there was sufficient power to pull pranks on who were unpleasing in her eyes at will. Let’s see who else dared pull up the ‘powerful connection’ card. Now, nobody dared provoke Lady Zhao. She was the absolute ruler.

Lady Zhao no longer had anything to look forward to in the campus. Once again, her attention turned towards the “Two Dimensional Gate.” The source world, with its endless wonders and surprises, would never let her down. She was free to do as she pleased, without worrying about how an original author might reject her ideas. Also, she was free to utilize all of her wives and wreak havoc as she pleased.

The previous “supernatural genre source world” had appeared in reality, taking the form of a horror film. Now, it was a cult favorite. It had even featured “Chu Renmei,” the “childhood mental shadow” of many people in the film.

Another example would be the iconic game world, “The Witcher.” It had taken the form of a 3D, CGI animation. It was slow-moving, yet highly reputable. The increase of its fans was still not showing any signs of slowing. As many historians joined in on the debate, many had praised the authenticity and how the movie held true to its hypothetically historical roots…

Zhao Youyue was certain that some new movie or series was bound to appear from her upcoming adventure.

To Zhao Youyue, the source world was the perfect stage for her to utilize all the abilities of all her character cards to the fullest.

The source world of this game “The Witcher” was still accessible to Zhao Youyue. It was now in “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s” arc.

According to the original game’s setting, this was the part when Geralt was searching for his adoptive daughter Cirilla. In the process, the Nilfgaardian Empire would conquer Temeria. Its capital Vizima would become a vassal state, where the Great emperor Emhyr would reside.

Geralt the White Wolf’s beloved Yennefer brought Geralt from the White Orchard to the castle of Vizima. The great emperor had employed Geralt’s services, hoping that he would be able to find Cirilla. As he had no other children other than Cirilla, he hoped that Cirilla could return to inherit the throne.

King Foltest would not be around to stand against Emhyr. He could only be found within Gwent cards. The leading figure was a “powerful bald-head,” Radovid V, the king of Redania. His nickname was the “Heart of Stone.”

By now, Foltest had already fallen prey to an assassination, whereas Radovid V the “Heart of Stone” had wedded Foltest’s daughter. And if Geralt had not removed her curse, she might still be a striga…

The correct premise of these plots and backgrounds did not include Empress “Olivia.” Now that Olivia existed, the great Emperor Emhyr and Radovid V had been taken out of the picture.

On the other hand, the Wild Hunt was not currently pursuing Cirilla. She was currently the queen and chief knight of the only kingdom on the continent. In her free time, she acted as a witcher, only out of interest…

“Wild Hunts” from the “Aen Elle” world had come, bringing the hoarfrost along with them. Doomsday was looming close by. They sought the “Elder Blood” in Cirilla.

At the same time, some uninvited newcomers had arrived. They looked out of place in this Western fantasy world.

“Hmm, the quality of the newcomers seem to be rather promising this time… with seniors like us included, there’s a total of 20 people? “The Witcher 3″ is just a world with a little magic, yet it’s deemed difficult enough for twenty? Wait, there’re even team battles, the Lord God is truly not giving us any way out this time!” said Captain Yang Yunfei in a dignified manner.

Translation Note:

[1] Green Tea Bitch – An internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion to portray herself as pure and innocent (i.e.: like green tea). However, in reality, she is a gold-digging slut that won’t think twice before she sells her own body or steps on someone’s throat to get to a higher place (aka a bitch).