Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 719 - Reward Where Its Due

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Chapter 719: Reward Where Its Due

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After Zhao Youyue’s centralization settled down, she began to make out the leading contributors and applied cronyism on them. This was how a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler ran things. After all, a ‘wise’ ruler should be applying meritocracy, not cronyism.

However, great Student President Zhao seemed to think differently. Those thoughts might not come across as possible for others. She was not content with her level of authority as a Student President. Even so, the “Student President” title was still very stylish and worthy of respect. Most importantly, it placed her in the position to get rid of some nasty guy along the way. So, why not?

Becoming Student President had been a cakewalk for her. Fulfilling her outlandish promises would be even simpler. With her identity and background, she would have her way with just about anything.

In a sense, gaining respect was enough for Zhao Youyue to complete all her tasks as Student President. As long as one remained on her good side, one stood to gain a lot. Many had so desperately, shameless attempted to be Lady Zhao’s stooge only to fail, such as the former Student President, Zhu Yongnian.

The key targets of Zhao Youyue’s cronyism were Bai Yunshan, Han Leng. These two were her immediate lieutenants. The latter had not even asked for such power. He did however, know gratitude and for Lady Zhao’s sake, he had written the entire election program for her. Han Leng was now her trusted best brother…

Thus, Han Leng immediately became the registrar of the Student Council. If great Student President Zhao had any “decrees” to announce in future, they would have been written by Han Leng’s hand. Zhao Youyue had even mentioned in passing that even if Han Leng suddenly intended to spread a forged decree, all would be forgiven. As long as he did not stir things up too much, he could even serve as acting Student President.

One could tell Zhao Youyue’s trust towards Han Leng. Obviously, Han Leng was not one manipulate power for personal gain. Being able to accompany Lady Zhao up the ladder was enough for him.

In the beginning, Han Leng even had to be paid to help Lady Zhao write reports. Now, he was wholehearted tossing aside the “Dragon Raja” he was working on to help Lady Zhao compose more documents. He had earned his place as a true friend.

If Han Leng was in charge of the writing, the other dutiful lieutenant who made up for much of the Student Council’s actual movement would be Miss Military Bai Yunshan the perfectionist. She was always able to organize those messy, clueless miscellaneous affairs, filtering out matters that did not require attention from those that required great Student President Zhao’s personal decision making.

If Zhao Youyue was the empress, Bai Yunshan would be an extremely excellent cabinet minister. As for Han Leng, he would be the general director in charge of palace affairs. As he got caught up in his duties, he discarded novel after novel. It would not be too much to say that he now worked full-time as a palace director.

Regarding student affairs, Bai Yunshan was just as capable as Zhao Youyue. She had also helped a lot during the election. Therefore, when great Student President Zhao started handing out her rewards, Bai Yunshan was quickly promoted from a small cadre to the No.1 Vice President within the Student Council, which was the Executive Vice President. She had reached the sky in a single bound!

As long as Great Student President Zhao remained lurking in the shadows, the most powerful person within the entire Student Council would most certainly be the white knight, Bai Yunshan. When she became the No.1 vice president, she still concurrently retained her position as the Head of the Discipline Inspection Department. Now, the campus would no longer have to worry about the standards of discipline and morals.

Compared to Qiao Fei, Bai Yunshan was the true epitome of justice. She even had the background to live up to the part. She was Miss Military. She was the Miss Military who had Lady Zhao’s backing. There was no reason to tread carefully at any point or place in time, unlike Qiao Fei.

Of the two lieutenants, Bai Yunshan would be far more responsible. She already had years of practice in high school. On top of that, she genuinely enjoyed keeping track of every dog-ear in her books. It was such a joy managing everyone like clockwork, having them strive for excellence. Now, she was managing the entire campus on Lady Zhao’s behalf. This gave her all the motivation she needed.

Anyway, Zhao Youyue was Bai Yunshan’s only friend of note. She seemed to have completely accepted Lady Zhao’s bizarre combination who was actually super talented yet had no self-discipline whatsoever. Even so, Lady Zhao did not trigger any of her perfectionist alarms. Appearance value was just as much justice as law and order.

Bai Yunshan also seemed to have forgotten that she had been inspired to become the student president of Jiangnan University by relying on her own capabilities in the first place. Then, from her elevated position, she had planned to set her good friend Lady Zhao on the right path…

However, this white knight was now acting as the accomplice of Lady Zhao the dark force. Admittedly, if not for yet another one of Lady Zhao’s miracles, she could actually become the No.1 vice president within the Student Council as a Year 1 student. She was second to only the Empress herself!

Bai Yunshan was still reeling from the aftereffects of a dream. What was she doing here? Was this the Vice President’s seat? How did she get her? According to her own plans, her best case scenario had projected her ending up as a Department Head during her 3rd year, where she could then attempt running as Student President. Before she saw through how Qiao Fei actually ran things, she had considered taking Qiao Fei’s apparent straight approach as a fine choice. When Zhao Youyue roared across the horizon like a dragon and swallowed up the competition, Bai Yunshan was left dumbfounded…

Bai Yunshan could not deny that her straight, decent approach would never catch up to Zhao Youyue’s unconventional, idiosyncratic ways. Now that she was the head of the Discipline Inspection Department, her ex-superior could only show her nothing but respect. Those who were not convinced, had all been marginalized by the authoritarian Lady Zhao. It was already a mercy for them to remain in with a position in the White House.

Both Han Leng or Bai Yunshan were highly capable, apart from their lack of qualifications. Give them time, and they would wipe the floor with the members within the Student Council.

Other than Han Leng and Bai Yunshan, the founding members of Zhao Youyue’s Food Research Club, had all been promoted respectively, according to their respective capabilities. For example, Du Hang had dawdled as a secretary. He had only intended to observe the regular operation of the Student Council. As a result, he was struck speechless after Zhao Youyue became the student president. The Student Council that followed had been anything but regular!