Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 718 - Lady Zhao the Authoritarian

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Chapter 718: Lady Zhao the Authoritarian

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Zhao Youyue was always highly passionate and friendly to writers she valued. In this case, the person before her would most definitely produce another icon, not to mention that the person just so happened to be her senior. Thus, she cordially invited Professor Chen to dine with her.

Chen Chen was equally willing to get closer to Lady Zhao. She may be the rare breed of writer who turned an eye away from worldly success, but she was not altogether clueless about how the world worked.

Sadly, everyone could not help but slightly mock those who spoke about the “members of the Zhao family.” They all believed that this bunch of demigods were reincarnations of the great heroes of old. However, when actual “members of the Zhao family” extended the olive branch towards you, many would gladly accept, provided that they were of sound mind. Just breathing the same air as a “member of the Zhao family” would already be a blessing.

Now, Zhao Youyue had attained such a position. Even without the legendary character card “Olivia,” she had gone through every single experience of “Empress Olivia.”

In addition to that, Zhao Youyue was now the Student President. Through her actions, those “old people” who thought that they would not be able to operate if the Student Council left them now understood what the “Female Emperor’s Wrist” was.

In the early stages of the election, Zhao Youyue already had a good grasp on the delegation of responsibilities within the Student Council. She was going to run this ala centralized, autocracy, authoritarian. Lady Zhao was an Empress. There was no room for democracy!

Reality was sometimes ironic. Lady Zhao may have won the votes in democratic fashion, but she had chosen to rule as a dictator. She began to break all the conventional unspoken rules. In no time at all, she had reshaped the entire Student Council to fit her ends!

One could only say that Lady Zhao was a terrifying figure. She possessed the experience of an empress who had once conquered an entire continent. She easily sent others kneeling before her. it was impossible to defy her wishes.

So, how about those who did not obey?

Great Student President Zhao’s sought to marginalize these people. Even so, that was already granting them a modicum of respect. Look at Qiao Fei only exercised her justice whenever it was useful. How could she be relied upon as the Head of the Discipline Inspection Department?

Only one who understood the great Student President Zhao’s will qualified for the role. She would impose the Lady’s will, fairly and justly, never registering it on an emotional level.

On the other hand, students like Cao Chuanguang who was given the massive boot ended up far worse. Cry as he might, his voices would not reach those cold, indiscriminating hearts. Plus, great Student President Zhao had ample information about Cao Chuanguang. She had stayed her hand for the moment. If those dark materials were to be exposed, he might not even last another day.

Anyway, an evil tyrant like Zhao Youyue did not even need to end you with the help of dark materials. With authority, power, money, one could do anything he wanted…

Fortunately, Lady Zhao would not actively seek to end others. But she would never let those who cross her walk away. An exception would be a beautiful girl. Beauty would always be forgiven.

Look at Nie Zisu who had co-starred in the film with Lady Zhao. She had started off being constantly disrespectful towards Lady Zhao. Even so, Zhao Youyue had remained unmoved. The two of them even struck a friendship in the process.

Perhaps Zhao Youyue was born to favor the female sex, while making herself an enemy of men. Moreover, a handsome face barely fazed her. It wasn’t easy to consider her a prospective partner.

At first glance, Lady Zhao might appear highly attractive. As they got along with her, they would gradually treat her as a “best brother.” Zhao Youyue currently had many best brothers within the live broadcast circle, voice actors circle, music circle, and various other entertainment circles. When she played “Chu Luoxun” in “Beautiful April,” she also became best brothers with Liu Xingxing who was playing as the main protagonist.

Liu Xingxing was now a prosperous, popular actor with solid acting skills. In some variety shows, he would be asked on his take of the best actress of the young generation. Instantly, the first actress to appear in his mind would be Lady Zhao. She was a living, breathing Chu Luoxun!

But Liu Xingxing was not one to flatly voice his opinion out. That would seem callous and inept of him. Headlines talking about his low EQ would be on tomorrow’s papers. If he had given a direct answer, the other actresses who had worked with him in the past won’t take it lying down.

Liu Xingxing was known for his clean-cut image and high EQ. Among other actors, comments about him were particularly good. There was little to uncover or gossip about him. Even his relationship with his girlfriend of the same industry was clean and pure. Therefore, he had to remain tactful in his interviews.

Anyway, he did not have to answer for himself. Lady Zhao’s acting skill had already blown the world away. On the other hand, she had made the opinions of various film critics look like pathetic jokes. Moreover, even the fans of the ancient legend Zhang Guorong rediscovered their climax points. Did that not explain anything?

From this film alone, Zhao Youyue had gained tons of movie fans. Unfortunately, they did not know what Lady Zhao’s next film would be, as even Zhao Youyue herself remained uncertain about it. Now that she already had “Zhang Guorong” the character card with maxed out acting skills, she could play any role.

But now, great Student President Zhao was busying preparing for centralization. She was dismissing high-level members to the left and right while promoting cronies, regardless of the unspoken rules, establishing her stance of “those who obey me, prosper, those who oppose me, perish.” Many older members have raised their hands in surrender…

Before an evil force like Zhao Youyue, their wills have shattered. With Zhao Youyue’s absolute capabilities looming before them, any person who intended to exercise his wits for personal gains while agreeing to Zhao Youyue’s plans only to oppose her from the shadows would all be pummeled into dust.

The Student Council would never be short of fresh applicants. Now, in order to become high-level personnel within the Student Council, one’s capability, experience, popularity all took the back seat. All that mattered was their unquestionable, unequivocal obedience!

Some people really could not bear being marginalized. They intended to appeal to the school board. Lady Zhao was wrecking the state of things. The Student Council was bound to descend into chaos. However, the school provided no answer whatsoever. They only wanted results. If Zhao Youyue’s lawless methods worked, so be it.

Every student president could theoretically do what Lady Zhao was doing. They only lacked Lady Zhao’s self-confidence, courage, strategy. Most importantly, they lacked her background.