Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 713 - Contacting The Author

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Chapter 713: Contacting The Author

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How was “Endless Apocalypse” original?

Let’s determine what makes an Apocalyptic work original. Most works of this genre involved human beings turning into zombies. These zombies were divided into different levels. The human survivors, in turn, would awaken their latent supernatural abilities. They would blow up zombies’ brains and consume them to level up. The apocalyptical novel would end up as “a hunting monsters to level up” novel in the guise of an apocalyptical novel.

Tasteless as it was, these novels were awfully simple to produce. Many readers seemed to have accepted the influx of such cliched ‘Qi Training – Foundation Training – Spiritual State – Yuan Ying [1]’. They took the same mindset to this genre.

Undoubtedly, such homogenized, commercialized writing would never be anything close to being iconic. After all, it was essentially a leveling-based novel. The readers might as well read some isekai that provided a more exhilarating experience.

Therefore, iconic forms of apocalypse often conveyed an in-depth depiction of human nature, or those with a deep and profound insight into apocalypse scenes or atmospheres. The humans in the work had no way of awakening their ‘supernatural abilities.’ They could only barely survive by using the technologies present before the apocalypse…

A genuine apocalypse-based work could sometimes be a little too dark for the average reader to take in. In a dark, depressive environment, a little warmth was enough to grant lesser psyches the respite they so desperately needed. However, many writers take the warmth a little too far and end up commercializing their work.

After all, readers preferred light-hearted and refreshing web novels. They might enjoy the inevitable collapse of social structure and order as zombies tore up the White House. Therefore, the gold-fingered [2] protagonist would be free to do whatever he wanted.

Before the apocalypse, those bigwigs high above had been abusing their power to crush others. Celebrities who lived worlds above others had to do everything they could to survive, to the point of offering their own bodies up. That’s what people loved reading the most…

We could have a nihilistic protagonist, a pragmatist, a hedonist, but God forbid having him walk a righteous path. Who the heck ends up righteous in the midst of an apocalypse? Readers would lambast him to no end.

Master PhD’s [3] “Endless Apocalypse” was nothing like that. Of course, it was also not the type of apocalyptical novel that tries too hard to portray the depraved, darkness, cruel and depressing atmosphere. Ultimately, PhD still cares a lot about his works’ marketability. He believed that his works only had value if it affected a lot of people and was read by just as many.

PhD’s “Endless Apocalypse’s” originality lay in how it felt playing a multiplayer mode game. There was that inexplicable form of writing that drew people directly into the shoes of the characters. Then, it would send them to another world, where they would be required to either destroy the world or to save the world…

There were many forms of apocalypse scenarios. There were those with zombies, evolution went wrong, nuclear fallout wastelands, and others. The setting of the apocalypse also occurred in various types of worlds. This was “Endless Apocalypse” meant.

Master PhD was excellent at demonstrating how humans worked in a team, complete with the internal strife, disagreements, differing morals, and principles. Almost every single character would come with a full backstory at the ready. Most of all, he never held back on the collision of passions between men. Reading his novels left readers hot and bothered.

Zhao Youyue believed that “Endless Apocalypse” had the potential to become an icon. Of course, it was because of its innovating setting, sophisticated writing, and portrayal of characters. Also, Master PhD’s faux-scientist brain would always fool readers with little to no background in science.

In terms of energy levels, “Endless Apocalypse” was similar to that of reality. However, it did feature dark technology where the infinite space-time continuum could send players to either make or break the world. He can’t always give nothing, right?

Zhao Youyue was highly interested in the mind-blowing dark technology. However, she was unsure she could replicate its effects in the real world.

“Endless Apocalypse” had not yet quite picked up. Master PhD was the hardworking author who would never resort to underhanded methods like ballot rigging. Furthermore, he had just changed platforms, it was evident that his readership count would plummet.

Zhao Youyue felt the selfless, benevolent need for her to polish this gem. Of course, she had already transmigrated into this literary world and possessed a female character that she thought promising.

This time, she intended to be an unrivaled sage, a super-faux scientist that had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and research…

Zhao Youyue decided to contact this ancient high god author, PhD. In no time at all, she found Master PhD’s readers’ group. It was there when she found that Master PhD was not even in the group, let alone its founder or admin.

Zhao Youyue was a little taken aback. No wonder everyone called Master PhD an arrogant enigma who was not even attempting to reach out to his readers. His readers had founded the group themselves, but Master PhD was not inside it.

Going by Master PhD’s style, did he truly not give a damn about his readers’ opinions?

As a reader, Zhao Youyue utterly disliked egocentric authors. They were too arrogant, too high up in the sky…

As a troublemaker, she loved messing with the stories of these egocentric authors. They would be single-minded in their goals and ideals. To hell with the opinions of their readers. Only their thoughts and desires held mastery their pens. They were their own masters, they would never serve the desire of others.

These stories that held true to their roots would almost always give rise to an iconic character. If he followed every single readers’ opinion, how else would he create an impressionable character?

Not being able to immediately locate Mr. PhD through his reader group was no big deal. She had her own methods. One such alternative was the authors’ group.

Zhao Youyue had grown very popular in the web novel circle. She had every single contact information of the popular authors in the Rich Writers List.

These popular authors would no doubt get her in touch with the ancient high god, PhD…

What came as a surprise was how PhD high god was actually a resident of Jiangnan Province. On top of that, she was a professor of sociology as well. Most shockingly, she was a female!

Master PhD was a chick professor!

If this news ever spreads out, PhD’s fans would start a riot. How was this possible? PhD was so terrifyingly awesome at depicting the hot-blooded friendship between men. They touched the nether regions — scratch that — core region being the hearts of humans. And you’re telling me that a female wrote all this!

Zhao Youyue refused to accept it. However, PhD really was a girl. She had even used the words “A guy’s promise” when it came to ensuring the quality of her work …

Translation note:

[1] “Yuan Ying” (元婴) refers to the practice of cultivation of the primordial spirit. The primordial spirit is an activity that is self-motivated, unaffected by others. It signifies new beginnings, the start of new cycles, birth, and vitality.

[2] “Goldfinger” (金手指) refers to cheats or hacks in a game.

[3] “Master PhD” (p大) is a nickname for the author PhD.