Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 710 - The Aura of Supreme Empress

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Chapter 710: The Aura of Supreme Empress

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Zhao Youyue may be the youngest Student Council President in the history of Jiang Nan University. Some considered her victory in this election as overkill. It was just like an adult beating up a kid inside the kinder garden!

Cao Chuanguang’s smearing campaign had been wholly ineffective. Who would listen to that garbage, really? Zhao Youyue’s reputation was almost absolute. Her history was flawless. All smearing effort had been in vain. It was a true waste of time.

Qiao Fei was the Head of the disciplinary department. She had been the leading favorite. It became a devastating, landslide defeat when Lady Zhao stepped in. She did earn some sympathy votes, however, but that alone would never reverse the situation.

Lady Zhao had upset the order of everything. All initial speculations about her came up short. Nobody even dared to attempt betting for it. Everyone could see the results a mile away!

One week passed. Zhao Youyue gained 96.7% of the majority decision and was elected as President of the Student Council of the University of Jiang Nan. She became the first Year One President ever, along with a broken record for the most support bias ever. This was what everyone was hoping for!

Many others had been inspired to follow in her footsteps.

Some conspiracy theorists began assuming that Zhao Youyue had considered acting like so since the day she founded the Food Research Society.

However, a legend such as Zhao Youyue was no reference point to follow. Her abilities were far too exceptional. God knows why she had chosen to dabble with the petty Student Council …

In the eyes of other students, participation in the Student Council would always be beneficial. Some might enjoy having a little prestige, but in Zhao Youyue’s case, wasn’t the Student Council honored to have her?

It was once rumored that the previous president, Chu Yongnian had once behaved like a dog in front of Zhao Youyue. Nevertheless, he never once got her attention.

Right now, Lady Zhao no longer needed to indirectly influence the Student Council’s top management. She was the boss!

Now that she was President, by natural conventions, she then needed to give a speech to the lecturers and students. Of course, there was no need to assemble everyone. She could broadcast a live telecast, and everyone could watch her on their mobile phones. It’s simple, right?

Jiang Nan University was huge. It should not act like a high school, crushing all teachers and student into one spot.

That’s why watching live telecasts through mobile phones was most convenient. Most hilariously, Zhao Youyue took it upon herself to promote her personal channel, “Ah Yu Live Broadcast.” That’s where her speech would be broadcasted.

Lady Zhao was now the president of the Student Council. In China, the Student Council’s president could do whatever she desired. Now, she could make all her announcements through that channel.

Zhao Youyue might just be the most renowned, most influential Student Council president in the history of Jiang Nan University.

This was due to the fact that when the whole university listened to Lady Zhao’s instructions, close to a million listeners had keyed in.

Would the leaders of Jiang Nan University have anything to say about this?

Absolutely not. Zhao Youyue’s personal gain notwithstanding, the University’s would gain a great deal of recognition as well. After all, the contents inside Zhao Youyue’s live broadcast was open to the public. She was an Empress, both on-campus and in-stream.

Just like the presidents before her, Zhao Youyue went to the building dedicated only for the Student Council. Unlike others who simply walked into the premises, Zhao Youyue sat on a four-wheeled throne. She wore the university uniform skirt, with a top hat on her head. Her diamond staff had mysteriously transformed to a scepter, that was laid across her lap. The throne was not self-propelled, but it was hauled by the previous president, Chu Yongnian. He was handing his duties over to Lady Zhao.

Zhao Youyue’s walk towards her throne was recorded by Han Leng on his phone. Everyone in university witnessed it, just as well as a million of spectators in the live broadcast room.

If anyone else was doing it, every member of the audience would be cringing in shame.

For some reason, when Zhao Youyue did it, it seemed so natural…

Halfway through, Zhao Youyue activated “Olivia’s” legendary character card. As the cart passed by, students on both sides of the cart bowed and greeted Lady Zhao. Let’s not forget that some senior members of the council were reluctant to allow Lady Zhao to proceed.

It could not be helped. No matter how famous Lady Zhao was, or how powerful her background was, she was still a Year One student. Some members had worked very hard for the council after years of contributions. A President was their puppet — his or her term depended on them!

Nevertheless, Zhao Youyue had the aura of an Empress. Upon laying eyes on Lady Zhao, they were led into believing that they were in the presence of a majestic emperor. Something powerful was forcing them onto their knees!

Fortunately, this was a modern society. Kneeling down was no longer appropriate. It now took the form of a 90 degrees bow…

Ah Yu’s fans, students and lecturers alike were struck speechless!

With the scepter in hand, Lady Zhao became a self-confident, domineering, regal ruler. Every member of the Student’s Council bowed to her as her cart passed them by. Those who did not understand the situation might think that this newly elected president had already won every members’ support!

Among those who bowed were the Heads of the disciplinary department, Qiao Fei and Deputy Head of the publicity department, Cao Chuanguang…

When they first gazed upon Lady Zhao, butterflies had scourged in their stomach. They could not believe that Zhao Youyue would be this cunning!

Just when they had steeled themselves to disgrace Zhao Youyue, their bodies reacted, and they took a deep, sincere bow. The almighty empress!

Everyone present could not help but bow deeply to the empress from another dimension.

The bullet screen went bonkers.