Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 706 - Subconsciously Ignored

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Chapter 706: Subconsciously Ignored

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Sometimes, Lady Zhao did things in poor taste. She loved watching people pile up their hopes to the sky, only to send it all crashing down with a nudge. The higher they are, the greater the fall. Perhaps she took delight in the morbid satisfaction as a fraulein of the schadenfreude.

Zhao Youyue was already well-prepared for the elections. Her team was assembled, her programme finalized. most importantly, she was everyone’s idol.

The surprise gem from “Beautiful April’s” film adaptation was a determining factor behind this. As the actress for “Chu Luoxun,” Lady Zhao’s acting could not have been any better, even by the standards of the harshest critics. Many fans of the legendary female celebrity Zhang Guorong have agreed that Lady Zhao was her reincarnation.

Zhao Youyue had breached the entertainment circle in a most dramatic fashion. From live streamer to movie star!

Everyone knew that movie stars sat at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry!

Zhao Youyue already had several loyal fans, to begin with. Now, she could boast about having actual movie stars among them. Of course, several of them would be students of Jiangnan University…

One could only imagine that when Lady Zhao announces her running for the student president, fickle elements like election slogans, programme, campaign teams would be completely unnecessary. She would wipe the floor with the so-called competition.

In the past, Zhao Youyue might have always doubted her leadership. Now that she has lived as the legendary Empress “Olivia,” things have changed. If she could govern half the world where demons and sorceresses roamed, what trouble could a campus pose?

Besides, the student president within this parallel world was a figure of great authority. In Jiangnan University which was comparable to the top famous universities such as the Capital University — Chung Hua University, this power would be amplified a thousandfold. Even so, no matter how great the authority, the student president was free to do whatever he wanted. There were still teachers, administration staffs, and of course, the headmaster within the campus…

If there the power of a student president ever exceeded the headmaster, pigs would fly.

But we are talking about Zhao Youyue here. She would give the impossible a try — and her chances were solid. Who knows, she might even gain sole authority over the campus. After all, she only had to win the current election and the subsequence re-elections. She could perpetually retain that position for God knows how many semesters. Nobody said that the maximum term for a Student President was two years.

Unfortunately, nobody had even come close to breaking that limit. The pressure came not just from above, but from below. Countless others wanted that position for themselves. Who would not cave into those demands?

Zhao Youyue had made up her mind. She would submit her application as a candidate just before the deadline. She was looking forward very much to seeing Qiao Fei and Cao Chuanguang’s expressions when it happens…

Zhao Youyue truly disliked the both of them. Qiao Fei was the biggest hypocrite she had ever know. On the surface, she was fair and just, but she probably had more backdoor dealings than China’s most corrupt. After learning of Lady Zhao’s background, her Discipline Inspection Department no longer checked on Zhao Youyue’s dormitory. Clearly, they were attempting to lick her boots. From the beginning, Qiao Fei’s odds had been huge. A mere word from Lady Zhao that favored Zhu Yongnian had brought her dreams crashing down.

Of course, Zhao Youyue appreciated the just and fair. Take a look at her bestie Bai Yunshan. Of course, Lady Zhao had educated her well. Now, Bai Yunshan was constantly whispering in Lady Zhao’s ear — correcting the goddess who has “gone astray.” Even so, her actions have always been in line with the Lady’s wishes.

Zhao Youyue found Qiao Fei to be an absolute hypocrite. She was pretentious and childish. She might seem completely normal to her peers. To Zhao Youyue, these were paltry mischiefs.

Qiao Fei aside, Zhao Youyue disliked Cao Chuanguang even more. He no longer harrassed Zhao Youyue, but Zhao Youyue found him utterly disgusting. Even so, she remained inactive. She was just waiting for the best moment, the best spot to plunge the blade in.

Cao Chuanguang valued his position within the campus very much. He was pleased with his hard-earned position as the deputy head of the Propaganda Department. Now, he had set his sights on the Student President’s seat.

Now, all he needed was to propel Chen Ye up. When that favor gets returned, wouldn’t a single penstroke place him at the top of the Public Relations Department?

Once in that position, he would be able to claim his throne…

Now, Cao Chuanguang had the power to determine Chen Ye’s fate. This was his election as much as that man’s. Therefore, he had invested a lot of time, energy, and money. Now, he had grown complacent, thinking that he was just one step away from success.

Qiao Fei and Cao Chuanguang had both acknowledged each other as equal rivals. Currently, he was attempting to uncover Qiao Fei’s dark past, hoping to deliver her a fatal blow at the opportune moment!

Both Cao Chuanguang and Qiao Fei seemed to have forgotten about Zhao Youyue’s existence. Perhaps that little Deputy Head of the Literature and Arts Department was just worlds apart from their positions. Besides, what could this insignificant mean to that great Lady?

Regardless, whoever ends up as Student President would definitely need to keep Lady Zhao satiated. How else would you ensure a smooth-sailing tenure?

Both thought that Lady Zhao was not one bit interested in the position. Still, there was much to do. Even without her in the way, they had a long fight ahead of them.

Lady Zhao was too lazy to go through all this trouble, wasn’t she?

Even Zhu Yongnian, the current president did not expect Zhao Youyue to see. It was not until when Lady Zhao handed her application form to him in person when his jaw dropped.

“My Lady, are you really doing this?”