Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 701 - Fall of An Empire

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Chapter 701: Fall of An Empire

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Olivia had finally experienced what we call “receiving troops with food and drink.” Her enemies no longer had the fight left in them. It was mainly because they were terrified beyond belief. Olivia’s forces wielded magical crystal cannons that could destroy everything within a 10km radius. This Empress Regnant had already unified the Northern Kingdoms — why even bother resisting?

Footsoldiers lost their morale, almost losing their marbles. Stubborn nobles even attempted to fund their private army to hold the Empress Regnant back. It was no surprise to learn that they were absolutely decimated!

They were not resisting a revolution or any of that sort. They had far simpler, selfish reasons — retaining their privileges. They did not want to be nobles with just honorary titles. However, Olivia wanted to take back everything for the country by doing land reforms. She would slay anyone who opposed her…

As a dictator, she could do anything she wanted. As long as she had cash and steel in her hand, her enemies were nothing but paper tigers!

Public opinions were damned. The loudest voices did not always come from the citizens. Now, as long as she pleases the real citizens happy, what was there to worry about?

Olivia enforced her will upon the world, making changes at a speed that others could not keep up with. It was not a society of equal rights — it was an elitist society. However, everyone had equal rights to education. Hard work and talent still determined once’s final position. Those who slept would naturally be at the bottom of society. Nature would slowly discard them.

Although the Empire established by Olivia appeared to be cruel and cold, it was far better compared to the feudal Kingdoms. Anyone could rise to any position if they tried hard enough. It was a land of freedom and opportunity.

In the previous system, only noble descendants could be the Kingdom’s ruler. They had the title, the right, and they were born of noble blood…

So in a sense, Olivia had liberated those who would have been slaves and servants to the nobles for the rest of their lives, giving everyone a relatively equal starting point. On the other hand, absolute equality was not yet obtainable with her current resources. Those who had strong family backgrounds would always have the edge.

The liberated citizens at the bottom of society were highly supportive of this radical Empress Regnant. She was the saint that they did not know possible!

Ironically, Olivia’s overwhelming steamroll had allowed Emperor Emhyr to use the fear of her name and solve various problems in his Empire. Rebels had no choice, but admit that Emperor Emhyr was not that bad compared to Olivia, who had killed so many people in the revolution. Furthermore, Olivia did not give a damn about the nobles.

Olivia was simply going against the entire world. It was a fool’s notion, but she had an overwhelmingly advanced technology, an unstoppable military presence, and listened to the voices of the masses!

Emperor Emhyr had put so much effort into researching about his chosen heir but never got any of his questions answered, only growing increasingly envious as new questions arose!

Olivia had realized the ideal nations of his dreams!

He detested nobles just as much as she did. It was perfectly reasonable for an Emperor to pursue absolute dictatorship over his Empire. However, nobles would always attempt to constrain and oppose him. Such insubordination truly hindered his will. Even some of his goodwill would lead to various complaints as a result of being taken the wrong way…

“Troubles are all caused by traitors, the Emperors are innocent” was an apt statement. Any Emperor with a healthy, functioning mind would only wish for peace and stability for his country. If anything, he wanted to be heard by the citizens at the bottom of society. On the other hand, nobles be damned with their power and wealth.

It was alright for Emperor Emhyr to be envious of Olivia, but he would never allow the Nilfgaardian Empire to fall. He began to further inject fundings into his military, hoping to give his daughter’s advancement some pause. The Heavens were cruel. During Olivia’s birth, this scenario had never once crossed his mind!

Faced with the possibility of losing their personal interests and benefits, the reactionary forces of the nobles quickly banded together. As Olivia clearly opposed the fiefdom system, the nobles from the Northern Kingdoms had all the cause in the world to despise her. They could not wait to sink their teeth into her flesh and grind her bones to dust!

The nobles had even spent a great deal of money to hire some mysterious individuals. One such faction was the “Ladies of the Wood” [1] or something like that. According to legends, they were three powerful witches. However, against the extremely powerful and talented Olivia, they did not stand a chance. Furthermore, there was Cirilla, who had established herself as a highly successful witcher.

When Olivia’s unstoppable army arrived at the Nilfgaardian Empire’s capital city, the City of Golden Towers, Emperor Emhyr stood on the palace’s walls. He faced Olivia, the Empress Regnant who had personally led her soldiers to war…

A great painter had captured this historical moment on canvas. The resulting painting went on to be a great masterpiece.

In the painting, Olivia’s expression was indifferent and cold. It was as if she was playing a strategy-based game. During the early stages, no one had interrupted her. Then, she had slowly made her way up the technology tree. After conquering her neighbors with this highly advanced country, she had used the combat power of the industrialized country to crush all the agricultural-based countries. You could even refer it to the time when the western powers overpowered the ‘Qing Dynasty.’

There was only one problem — Olivia was too lazy to sign some treaty that attempted to put her on the lower ground. She did not intend to spare of the countries from annexation. It was just like playing a civilization game until the end.

Emperor Emhyr was perplexed. One could say that he was both relieved and embarrassed. He never expected to have his Empire passed over to his daughter’s hands in such a manner.

According to his plans, he should be the one to unify the entire continent. Having blown the entire world away, he would claim the title of ‘First Emperor.’ Then only would he pass the Empire to Olivia. He never expected to be the one conquered, by his own daughter at that too!

Emperor Emhyr did not put up much resistance. The bustling City of Golden Towers was liberated without much incident. Some nobles who overestimated themselves attempted the impossible, only to end up having their heads lopped off!

Of course, Emperor Emhyr was allowed to live. However, he seemed to have aged in a single night. He was better off dead.

The Nilfgaardian Empire had fallen.

Translation note:

[1] “Ladies of the Wood” (林中夫人) are three witches who live in a cabin in the swamps of Velen.