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Chapter 694: Slaying the Mentor

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Vilgefortz was a true antagonist. Now that he realized that he might be in trouble, he did not hesitate using one of his trump cards. With Olivia, he had to play the card of love.

There was no love between him and Olivia. In the pursuit of power, love was nothing but a burden. Instead of educating Olivia by himself, he had tossed her to Lydia, his personal assistant, and friend with benefits.

Love was merely a tool for him to manipulate others. He knew that Lydia loved him with all her heart. She did not even need him to return her love. Hence, he used her affection to bind her to his will and do his bidding…

Vilgefortz was aware of how close Lydia and Olivia were. Lydia cared for Olivia, more than anything else.

At this moment of life and death, he had to create a stopgap measure. The arrogant master was insulted by the need to use such a despicable tactic to escape. It was the most humiliating day in his life!

He swore on his life that once he made it out of this battle alive, he would avenge his dignity by torturing Olivia most painfully! Never underestimate the destructive power of a source mage!

The mention of Lydia had clearly gotten to Olivia. Vilgefortz came up with more poisonous words. “Lydia and I were close to each other, and I am your first mentor. Could you show me mercy?”

Olivia took a long sigh. For the first time in the battle, she seemed uncertain. Her movements started to dull as she talked about how much she did not want this and how much she missed the past…

Vilgefortz could finally catch his breath. He became less alert to his surroundings and started chuckling to himself. His apprentice may be stubborn, but she was emotional and tender. When he claims his revenge, she would learn that her actions today have been a colossal mistake!

“As your mentor, I am obligated to give you the last lesson, which is …. Uh!” Vilgefortz was just about to lecture his apprentice on how her generosity with mercy would one day turn around to bite her.

Before he could finish his sentence, Cirilla “blinked” to his back. While he was distracted, she had thrust her sword out!

It went straight through his heart!

Olivia had convinced Vilgefortz she was letting him go, yet it was just her award-winning actress card doing the talking. Her enchanted staff had transformed into a soul reaping broadsword. It cleaved through the neck of her enemy, separating head from body.

The soul reaping broadsword could harm both the body and soul. It was common for great mages to phase out of their bodies and possess another vessel. Upon regaining their strength, they could return as a demon or something.

The cold Olivia would never give her mentor a chance to possess another medium. Not only would she destroy his body, she had to ensure that his soul was eradicated. Then only then could she be at peace.

That’s right, the game system told her of a character’s fate. Olivia could confirm the fact by reading through the updated information…

As a child, Olivia had never once trusted the visionary Vilgefortz. Be it power or wealth, he had never once failed to get anything he wanted. Being so ambitious himself, why would he spend so much effort in helping the Emperor Emhyr regain his crown?

Olivia had always kept her guard up around him. From the moment she met him, she had consistently updated herself with his “Character Information.” He was always obsessing himself over the “Elder Blood” which could increase his already vast powers!

In this case, “Elder Blood” meant Cirilla. Cirilla was her only sister. They had grown up and powered through hardship together. They only had each other to depend on. Olivia’s journey would have ended earlier on if not for Cirila….

Therefore, Olivia would never allow anybody to harm Cirilla, nor use her as a test subject. No matter how strong Vilgefortz was, or how close he was to her, Cirilla was the line that he must never cross!

Vilgefortz’s head rolled on the ground, his face presenting a mask of shock and horror. As his sight slowly left him, he realized that Olivia had only been acting. He was the naive one to believe that emotions would actually get to Olivia…

How could he be blamed? Olivia’s ferocity had worn him out. Plus, he never once tried to understand Olivia, all the while assuming that she was a righteous, pure soul. He had never expected Olivia to be even more devious than he was!

It was like a hostage situation where the officers had no concern for the hostages. They pretended to negotiate with the criminals, edging into the position to take their lives. Who cared about the hostages?

It was Vilgefortz’s life that Olivia wanted. Right after his death, a series of notifications rang in her quest journal. Apparently, he was one of the core characters in the world. His death brought change to the lives of several others!

Originally, Cirilla would have been captured by Vilgefortz and sent away through a portal. There, she would suffer for the rest of her life, enduring torture after torture. Geralt would set off looking for her. Along the way, he would gather a small but powerful party. They would eventually defeat him in a drawn-out battle…

But now, Olivia had just slaughtered her great mentor without batting an eyelid!

The great Lord Vilgefortz who had reigned the land for years would never once imagine falling to the blade of Olivia!

Vilgefortz’s death spread across the land, from the Northern Kingdoms to the Nilfgaardian Empire, bringing shock and awe. They all knew of his crimes, but he had been untouchable!