Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 692 - Terrifying Close Combat Strength

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Chapter 692: Terrifying Close Combat Strength

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The two sisters fought on. With their tacit cooperation, they demonstrated that two heads were definitely better than one. After all, they have been together since young. At a single glance, one of them could tell what the other was thinking. They almost shared a telepathic bond.

They have fought alongside each other since youth. Cirilla was confident about leaving her back to Olivia. They absolutely trusted each other. Cirilla would never have to worry about being taken by surprise. Even if there were one, he or she would be stopped in their tracks. Olivia would burn them to a crisp.

Cirilla had also resolved to defend her sister, ensuring that nobody could get close to her sister. This would allow Olivia to act as a remote turret and do what mages did…

With her sister by her side, Cirilla felt that nothing was impossible. Now, even Vilgefortz seemed like a distant threat. Before her sister’s arrival, Cirilla had been in mortal fear. Even the formidable Geralt had been taken down like a toddler. She wanted nothing more than to flee. Now that her sister was here, she became emboldened. Now, she had someone to protect!

Even so, Cirilla still underestimated Vilgefortz, who was a master of his emotions. Vilgefortz had quickly learned of their near-perfect synchronicity and how difficult they were to deal together. The most sensible option would be to take one of them out first…

The more vulnerable and expandable of the two would be Olivia. Vilgefortz had never treated Olivia as an actual successor to his skills, so he had no problem cutting her down. Olivia had wounded his ego and pride. It was time to pay with her life!

Vilgefortz quickly predicted Cirilla’s next attack. After dodging her attacks, he charged at Olivia with horrifying speed. The girl still seemed to be reveling in her victory. He grinned triumphantly. Olivia would never have the skills or resources to dodge his fatal blow!

When Cirilla realized that Vilgefortz was headed for her sister, she started fearing the worst. First of all, her sister was her heart. She could never live without her. Secondly, she was already used to being the hated one. Very few ever turned their ire towards Olivia. Also, Olivia was usually surrounded by an entourage of elite knights. This was not the case at the moment.

Well, even if they were around, nothing could be accomplished. Against a final boss like Vilgefortz, they would only get in the way…

This legendary source sorcerer was a cheat. Anyone who knew his name would flee upon sight.

Among the people present, only Geralt remained calm. Geralt could never forget what Olivia did as a child. She had actually created a wind blade out of nothing and revealed swordsmanship that left even him in awe.

In fact, Geralt had always remained curious to see more secrets that this mysterious daughter of his would eventually reveal.

If anything, Geralt was puzzled about this master and apprentice matchup. They were clearly master and apprentice, but neither of them seemed to think that way. On one side, Olivia was shamelessly humiliating Vilgefortz. On the other end, Vilgefortz was unhesitatingly attempting to end her life…

Were they truly master and apprentice?

Cirilla was at a loss. Even with the “blink” that she relied so heavily on, she would never be able to stop Vilgefortz’s attack. Vilgefortz was far too close to his target!

And why was her sister not doing anything about it? As a sorceress, wasn’t the first rule of things be to create a distance between her and her opponents? Was she actually planning to meet a close combat master like Vilgefortz in his comfort zone? The same combat master who managed to cripple Geralt in two moves?

The smile on Vilgefortz’s face had grown feral. It was as if he had already seen himself pulverize Olivia’s brain. He saw her flesh and blood flying in all directions!

Olivia greeted his smile with a smile of her own. She even licked her lips in excitement. The magical, spellcasting rings on her fingers have all been replaced. It was just like how players cycled through different sets of equipment at a single click. Now, rings that enhanced her strength, agility, and speed sat on her fingers. Indeed, she wanted to beat the continent’s champion in melee combat!

This might be the instinct deep within Jane Doe Su’s bones calling out to her. She had once fought the “Sword God” Li Xiye. It had always been her desire to fight the strong!

As Cirilla stared on in shock, Vilgefortz’s eyes widened in horror. The staff in Olivia’s hands actually morphed into a soul sword. It looked just like one of those lightsabers in “Star Wars”!

Then, Olivia finally sprung to action. She looked nothing like the fighters of this continent. Her art was a combination of eastern martial arts and magic!

Vilgefortz was the aggressor, but Olivia drew first blood. She had been far too cunning. Wounded, Vilgefortz attempted to back away and recollect his thoughts!

He was more confused than ever. How could a sorceress be this skilled in close combat? She was not even a source sorceress. What exactly was going on?

Vilgefortz did not even have the time to analyze the situation. He could hang on and defend himself. His fear only grew as he realized that she was completely at home in a sword fight. Was this even a sorceress?

How much more did she have hidden up her sleeves?

Vilgefortz had been played a fool. Deep, hot anger that he had long lost in his youth rose up in his heart!

Even so, anger could only do so much. Olivia was just as skilled as he was, if not better…