Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 691 - Intense Battle

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Chapter 691: Intense Battle

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Olivia remained as aloof as ever. Some might think that she was just being lazy. Others might believe that it was her blind faith in Cirilla’s talent and strength. Olivia made no sign of taking the initiative just yet. However, a small, delicate magic staff flashed in her hand. At the same time, a ring that enhanced the power of her spells appeared on her fingers…

Olivia now wielded two sets of luxurious equipment. One set was used for magic alone; the other was for the legendary “Close Combat Mage.” As a close combatant, she was most probably on par with the iconic character, “Gandalf” from The Lord of the Rings. Gandalf was a powerful, noble wizard. He only ever used light spells to dazzle or concuss an opponent here and there. When left without a choice, he would draw his sword and start hacking away.

After years of improving herself by trial and error, Olivia had optimized and polished her skills. At the moment, the weapon in her hand looked like a staff, but it could change shape to her will, taking the forms of “Soul Greatsword,”[1] “Soul Spear,”[2] and the like. Her combat magic was best described to be similar to that of those mage builds in “Dark Souls.” Playing as a mage in Dark Souls made things far easier.

Naturally, Olivia was at her deadliest when it came to close combat. With the combination of Jane Doe Su and the high-leveled sorceress Olivia, she was nigh-unstoppable.

In this continent, individuals who were great at both magic and fighting were extremely powerful. In contrast, specialists like Geralt and Yennefer would be far outclassed. They did not stand a chance against Vilgefortz. If they ever wanted to defeat Vilgefortz, they would have to rely on good luck and the routine that justice would always prevail over evil.

However, Olivia had neither been noble, nor fair. To her, evil can only be defeated by sheer power, not luck, not friendship, none of those rainbow glitters.

Look at how she was so determined in advancing the technology of her realm. She would never stop trying until she achieved her goals. Currently, her focus was on climbing the technological tree and finding the top. It was rather terrifying to watch. When it reaches a certain extent, all those schemes and intrigues would all grow insignificant, in the face of the absolute power of such a significant force!

When against someone like Olivia who continually improved herself, your best chances were to kill her as soon as possible, denying her the opportunity to live on. If she ever returned, she would be unstoppable…

Probably her most powerful asset was how everyone would underestimate her at first sight!

She had way too many tricks up her sleeves!

As Cirilla took the initiative to attack, Vilgefortz had placed all his attention on her. Prior to this first exchange, he had been in his comfort zone. Now, in the face of Cirilla’s ridiculously swift “blink” that required no pauses or intervals, Vilgefortz was actually taken aback. He was never going to break her leg in two moves, like what he did with Geralt. Cirilla was simply too fast, too precise. He would have to predict her next “blink,” or he would only be swinging at her afterimages!

Vilgefortz was horrified when he realized that Cirilla seemed to have developed the potential of the “Elder Blood.” When such power was combined with swordsmanship, it became as deadly as it was beautiful!

Vilgefortz no longer held back. He prepared spells that could accurately lock onto a target or temporarily seal time and space, preventing Cirilla from using her “blink” ability. Otherwise, he had no idea how to capture this precious guinea pig.

Indeed, Vilgefortz’s purpose was not to kill Cirilla, but to capture her and research on her “Elder Blood.” If Cirilla dies, then his research dies with her.

Whenever Vilgefortz fought Geralt and the others, he could use his full powers without fear. However, when it came to Cirilla, he had to be really careful. He could not afford to risk killing her.

However, it’s always harder to capture a target alive than kill them.

Vilgefortz masterfully calmed himself down. He began to cast a spell. His gestures were fast and precise. One could tell that he was an absolute master of his art. He intended to attempt stunning Cirilla in her tracks. It was just an attempt to gauge how tough of an opponent she would be.

To his annoyance, Olivia fired a spell at him before he could prepare himself. She had a pleasant smile on her face. Gracefully, she said, “Teacher, I seem to be a little quicker than you are.”

Those words were truly infuriating. Olivia could instantly cast a skill by pressing a single button in the game interface. No mage could surpass that!

Vilgefortz could not deny that he was unnerved. He now regretted laying down the magical foundations of this highly intelligent woman!

Olivia, the girl with trashy blood energy that he thoroughly underestimated could now cast spells faster than a powerful battlefield mage like him. What went wrong here?

Vilgefortz sneered. There was no reason to hold back when it came to Olivia. It was time to show his insolent disciple her place. He started speed casting a “chain lightning” spell. A thick lightning bolt shot out of his staff, but he was surprised to see Olivia accomplishing the same. In fact, she had been a second sooner than he was!

Well, the truth was now clear. The rebellious apprentice Olivia had surpassed her master!

Their spells clashed – as if it was now a contest of strength. Little did he know that Olivia’s “inventory” still contained lots of blue potions and other items. She would never lose in a battle of attrition!

Even so, she had no need for potions in this fight. Was Cirilla not fighting at her side?

When Cirilla saw the two mages locked in magic combat, she pounced. One blink later, she appeared behind Vilgefortz and attempted to stab him in the ass!

Vilgefortz had no choice but to dodge. His battle instincts and experience went on overdrive. It was time to change tactics.

He would have to get close to Olivia and take her out first!

Translation note :

[1] “Soul Greatsword” – a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2.

[2] “Soul Spear” – a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2.