Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 690 - Master vs. Apprentice

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Chapter 690: Master vs. Apprentice

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This coup sounded chaotic, but it was simple in nature. In short, the sorceress Philippa Eilhart had joined forces with Redania’s head of intelligence, Sigismund Dijkstra, and they planned to kill the sorcerers in Thanedd Island who were secretly supporting the Nilfgaardian Empire. Due to this, even Francesca Findabair, the one who led the Scoia’tael was deemed a traitor. Originally, the coup went down successfully. However, some started retaliating. As a result, the magical spells that prevented the use of magic in the tower was removed, and chaos broke out in the academy… everyone soon became involved in battle, whether they wanted it or not.

This coup was also the event that triggered the second war between the Nilfgaardian Empire and the Northern Kingdoms.

As the leader of Kaer Morhen, Olivia had always remained neutral. She remained so during this battle, plundering Thanedd Island in various ways. She almost forgot that her sister Cirilla’s “Elder Blood” was something that many ambitionists desired.

However, Olivia had her game system. It would always alert her whenever quests were released. To her, quests that involved her own sister took precedence.

Olivia did not think that she would meet Vilgefortz, who was considered to be the final boss this soon. Interestingly, he was her former teacher.

Geralt had managed to limp to the scene. He became highly anxious when he saw Olivia standing off against the formidable sorcerer. He had originally thought that Olivia would be safe. How did she walk right into the trap now? Against Vilgefortz too, no less!

If there was no Olivia in this world, in another world line, Geralt would have formed a small squad of brave people to take down Vilgefortz!

In the assault on the Stygga Castle, Vilgefortz had encountered Geralt, Yennefer and the vampire Regis. Yennefer was quickly beaten back by superior spellcraft. Regis was burned into a pile of glass. Geralt had been almost helpless…

Of course, Geralt had the protagonist aura and eventually defeated the biggest bad, Vilgefortz.

However, Olivia was in this world line. Everything would change. Cirilla would not be forced to use the portal to escape and once again experience bitter exile. This second exile would have broken her. She would also meet her homosexual partner, only to have it end tragically.

Obviously, Olivia would not let this happen. At that moment, she stood alongside Cirilla!

Vilgefortz saw the grown-up Olivia and matched her smile with an equally cold smile.

As a source sorcerer who believed that blood energy was supreme, he had always looked down on Olivia, a sorceress with mediocre blood energy. In fact, he had been rather unwilling to be Olivia’s teacher. If not for Emhyr, he would have regarded Olivia as a side-character.

In the eyes of Vilgefortz, only the “Elder Blooded” Cirilla could give him actual power!

“Olivia, you’ve grown so much in the blink of an eye. To you, it has certainly been really long since we last saw each other, but for me, it has not been long at all. Well, if you’re smart, you should be wise and step aside. As your teacher, I’ll be willing to let you live. I’ve heard that you’ve developed Kaer Morhen rather well and it is said that you’ve found another way to use magic. However, in my opinion, all of that is just a gimmick. The mystery of magic is not something someone with average blood energy like you can ever grasp!”

Just like many villains, Vilgefortz always felt that he was invincible, so he started to chatter away in a monologue. He did not believe that the sisters could pose any threat to him. Now, he only wanted to capture Cirilla back and have her blood flow. He intended to turn his own blood into the “Elder Blood.”

Vilgefortz was a mad scientist of his time. Or rather, he was the type of big villain that had his own ideas. Such villains had their firm beliefs. They were far more difficult to deal with, compared to those small-time ruffians.

However, Cirilla was nothing like the Cirilla of old. In this worldline, thanks to Olivia, this Cirilla was just as capable as the other Cirilla who had to endure near-death situations and hardships to gain power.

What was the future Cirilla like?

Of course, it was the Cirilla in the “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” game. She had passive HP regeneration. While others jumped or tumbled to dodge attacks, she could “blink.” She could also use an ability similar to “Octaslash.”[1] She could appear behind others and stab them in the back. She might even give Geralt a run for his money!

This was how powerful the “Elder Blood” was. She was “The Gate of the Worlds” and could easily traverse space and time. A certain race also used her blood to find new worlds and conquer them…

Unfortunately, Cirilla was not famous enough yet. Otherwise, she would have found herself on Gwent. Her combat ability would definitely be 15 points, the highest possible. Her quotation was —- —-

“Know when Fairy tales cease to be tales? When people start believing in them.”

Cirilla did not plan to run at all. She had intended to keep Vilgerfortz away from her wounded papa. Now that even her golden partner, her younger sister had arrived, she stood her ground!

As long as she kept Vilgefortz away from her younger sister as they slowly whittled his health away, one from a distance and one in close combat, wouldn’t he eventually falter?

Cirilla no longer hesitated. She drew the sharp sword that her sister built for her through a combination of magical craftsmanship and modern technology. She took her stance and charged forth!

The cripple Geralt was more anxious than ever. A legendary witcher like him had been quickly taken out by this broken character. He had not even cast a single spell. Cirilla was young, and she did not have much combat experience. How could she possibly be any match for Vilgefortz?

On the other hand, Olivia had adopted a role of a commander who commanded her subordinates from behind the scene like Emperor Emhyr and King Foltest. What was she doing on the front lines? It’s suicide!

Any father in the world would most probably underestimate their children. It could not be helped. Little did they know that their children had actually surpassed them…

Translation note :

[1] “Octaslash” (八刀一閃, Hattō Issen, lit. Eight Blades in One Flash) is one of Sephiroth’s trademark attacks. It consists of a swift sequence of sword slashes, though despite the name it is not always comprised of eight hits. Sephiroth is a fictional character in the role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII developed by Square, where he is the main villain.