Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 687 - Like this place so much

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Chapter 687: Like this place so much

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Was this truly that shabby, old castle?

Memories of its original interior flashed through Yennefer’s mind. She realized that even the exterior had been restored, only that its ancient image had been deliberately preserved. It spoke of a tale, to have magic run rampant and modernize the city, or to maintain the sentimental practices of old…

The first thing she saw upon entering the castle was a huge garden. A portion of it was dedicated to Geralt. Herbs that were ingredients to select key potions were among the plants. They had the money to afford specialized individuals who ensured that their respective facilities were well cared for. The interior of the castle had grown into an exquisite, stylish villa!

Geralt had grown filthy rich from the single act of adopting a great merchant as a daughter. He was no longer as thrifty when it came to slaying demons. Potions, decoctions, alchemy bombs, you name it. The monsters he cut down would be retrieved by specialized clean-up teams. Every part of these monsters’ bodies was a treasure of its own.

After all, several monsters were spawns of celestial convergences. Some even came from different worlds. Through the anatomical study of these monsters, they could also learn a little about other worlds.

Geralt no longer troubled himself over regular demon hunting missions, unless it was in passing. His reputation was at its peak. Only those with real power such as Foltest, the King of Temeria could personally seek for his aid.

Yennefer could no longer call this an ancient castle. It was a royal inner city. This was beyond any of her expectations!

Olivia had arranged for everyone to stay in the same building. After renovations were completed for the interior, she and Cirilla would be living together in an indoor cottage, within this indoor city. She had also provided individual cottages to the others. If they wanted to dine together, they could do so within the central castle. Banquets would be frequently conducted.

Well, a banquet could be held just about anywhere. It was just extremely nice to have one in an indoor garden. Still, it would take some time before the world accepted it. Perhaps it could wait for a bit.

Yennefer often claimed to knowledgeable and experienced. Even so, the brand new Kaer Morhen left her dizzy and curious for more. Only when a Geralt who was clad in gorgeous and handsome formal attire appeared did she recover from her consciousness. She cracked a satisfied smile.

She did not think much of the lavish attire. She had seen him in far worse. But she did appreciate how Geralt had taken the trouble to please her. She took it that Geralt had gained completely understanding over their relationship. Previously, Geralt would never wear such frilly formal attire unless asked.

Geralt was a specimen of a man. Muscles rippled over his perfect structure. He would look good in just about anything. It was most probably how he had seduced all those sorceresses from all over the world.

Little did Yennefer know that Geralt had changed so much because of this adopted daughter Olivia who she had so many doubts about. Olivia was a “Master Girl Hooker.” She seemed to be very eager in helping Geralt pick up fascinating sorceresses from all over the world. She seemed particularly happy when they settled down in Kaer Morhen, adding bricks and tiles onto the advanced magical technology industry of Kaer Morhen.

Geralt’s supermodelesque figure proved particularly helpful at this point. Many sorceresses found their share of pleasure from Geralt’s massage stick. Kaer Morhen was heaven on earth. They could wield magic freely and unrestrained, while also discuss about the arcane in open daylight, no longer having to whisper. On top of it all, Geralt, the wonder specimen of a man was there to ease their loneliness. What’s there not to love about this place!?

A mage who went by the name of Che Guevara had claimed that she would never possibly become a palace mage. Never in this lifetime. She would never head out to the battlefield and slay enemies like a tool. She would rather work here in Kaer Morhen. That White Wolf was dashing to look at. The young and pretty Olivia’s speech was pleasing to the ears. This place was just too wonderful!

When Geralt saw Yennefer, he was pleased. After an exchange of words, they started smooching up a storm, throwing in some very deep kisses along the way. The next moment, they were both blown away once again. Very elaborate fireworks had started booming, not too far from them. By then, the sky was already turning dark. It was a sight that all in Kaer Morhen could enjoy!

The two of them embraced and kissed, their conjoined bodies reflected in the dazzling light of the fireworks. Such textbook romance scene was obviously Olivia’s doing once again…

Yennefer thought that it had Geralt’s idea. When they finally extricated each other from the embrace, she leaned into Geralt’s arms. She gazed at the fireworks in the sky, saying, “It’s gorgeous! Thank you, Geralt!”

Geralt could only smile and accept her appreciation. Within his heart, he certainly gave his daughter a “like.” He did not know how his daughter was able to have knowledge of so many impressive girl-hooking tricks. She was able to turn the elegant and cold Yennefer into a little girl…

Geralt had to admit that this side of Yennefer was rather charming as well. When a tough, independent woman reveals a more vulnerable side of herself, it was a fatal blow to the hearts of men across the globe!

Olivia and the others remained hidden in the shadows. They did not intend to interrupt the two of them. It was unclear if Triss was aware of Yennefer’s coming, but either way, she had conveniently made herself scarce for the past few days. Anyway, Geralt and Yennefer was the original pair. As Yennefer’s good bestie, Triss eventually fell in love with Geralt as well. She was not like the other sorceresses who only came to Geralt for his flesh. She had truly fallen in love with Geralt. No matter how you looked at it, she was guilty of being a “third person.”

Regardless of it all, Triss was a kind soul. Even as a “third person,” it was hard to dislike her. Even Yennefer might end up forgiving her. One was her most beloved man, the other was her bestie, a comrade who had fought side by side with her. How could she possibly split her hair to fuss over this matter?

Sorceresses were not ordinary girls who fussed over every stone on the planet. They shared things very well.