Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 685 - City of Miracles

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Chapter 685: City of Miracles

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In Yennefer’s memory, Kaer Morhen was relatively desolate. Thanks to Geralt, it gave her some comfort. This place still gave her lots of wonderful memories.

Yennefer hailed from a poor family. She was rather accustomed to hardship. She furthered her education at the Aretuza Sorcerer Academy on Thanedd Island. Talent alone was not enough to rectify the hefty tuition fees.

Yennefer was a diligent student, earning respect from other students and teachers. Upon a successful graduation, she crafted her reputation, step-by-step, eventually becoming a known alumnus.

Yennefer did not have particularly high hopes in life. She was nothing like the pampered, high-maintenance Keira, and life of the upper aristocracy. Yennefer was more down-to-earth. She pursued more sincere sentiments, such as heartfelt affection.

Perhaps many would not believe that Yennefer cared for Geralt that deeply. She always seemed put off and cold. Her tongue was also particularly harsh, unlike the gentle and considerate Triss who lay upon his shoulder like a little bird. In fact, Yennefer was actually the more willing of the two to bear Geralt’s child. She was constantly researching for more methods of conceiving a child. She was also more than willing to confront hardship with Geralt and live a life that others sorceresses would never wish upon their most bitter of enemies…

Women who took hardship to the gut like champions were far better than women who only came around when there was pleasure to be given. When a woman refuses to abandon you even when you are at your lowest, that was true love.

Such love was highly scarce. To most, it was an outlandish thought. No one could possibly end up at the bottom in such a way and still have someone stick around with them.

Besides, nobody could completely dismiss status, wealth, abilities. Some dark corner of your heart would still call out to them. You can’t purge these traits out of your life and then say that pure love was all you needed. At most, they sounded like sweet nothings when uttered in epic ballads and poems. Yes, love a guy, even if he was dirt-poor, or bound to be the dirt beneath the figurative heels of dirt. If a turn of events actually occurred, we’ll see if any traces of this so-called “pure love” actually remains.

When a person loses everything, he would see how pure his relationship really is, or if things had been of a more… materialistic nature.

Some weirdos might be turned on by how “she did not love me.” Who knows, all this while, they had merely gone through the motions of an actual couple, only to realize that neither one of them actually loved the other. When they tired of the pretense, they would eventually break up.

When Yennefer arrived at Kaer Morhen, she immediately started wondering if she had taken a wrong turn somewhere along the road. These roads to Kaer Morhen seemed to be far too well-paved. Horses and chariots would find such routes highly convenient. As she closed in on the ancient castle, she found the area to be densely populated. Was this truly that desolate Kaer Morhen, not the Free City of Novigrad?

It was not like Yennefer had never heard about the rumors surrounding Kaer Morhen’s massive change. Obviously, she had dismissed such rumors to be exaggerations. She could never imagine such a desolate, dilapidated relic develop into a free City within so short a time.

When the “City of Miracles” finally appeared before her eyes, she doubted no more. That’s right. Poets had called it the “City of Miracles.” Cities loved being called names such as, “The City of XX,” such as “The Free City of Novigrad,” “The City of Golden Towers.” Now, Kaer Morhen was called “The City of Miracles.”

Raising such a beautiful, great city within such a short period of time with magical dark technology – what was not miraculous about it?

This city was already the holy land to some mages. It was akin to a big, new door to many of them —— Magic could actually be used like this?

Of course, some purists and conventional mages might find such methods of using magic to be controversial at best, taboo at worst. Magic was far too noble to be used on commoners, not to mention inanimate constructs and buildings. It was an insult to magic.

Olivia had no respect for these stiffnecks. She would not grant them the undeserved preferential treatment either. She believed that all mages had endless potential. As long as they were willing to learn, they might accomplish far more than the scientists of the other world.

The scientists within the modern world relied heavily on various instruments. On the other hand, sorcerers only need turn their thoughts inward unto their bloodline to gain an understanding of what things were, and why they were so. They could go far further than scientists. Revolutionalizing the world would be possible in a snap of their fingers.

Olivia would only give “Chosen Ones” and “Elder Blooded” like Cirilla special attention, regardless of their attitude. Their potential was limitless. Otherwise, even formidable forces like Triss would pale in comparison to some of her modern technology!

Olivia intended to train sorcerers like scientists, not like soldiers. She was probably the only person in the entire world who had that idea. This was also the sole reason why her Kaer Morhen had grown into a one-of-a-kind station of power.

Yennefer was shocked by how “The City of Miracles” had been built around geometric aesthetics. Words could not describe the precise calculations that have taken place in its build. She could only confirm that the rumors were not exaggerated accounts of the truth, as she had once thought. After all, seeing was believing.

If this was the case, the legend of the “Northland Pearl” Princess Olivia might not be untrue either. It now made sense why Geralt’s name had shot up to such an extent. Geralt was now probably the most famous witcher throughout the entire continent.

Perhaps even Geralt himself had not expected to “have this many daughters” one day. After all, people only “had many fathers” these days. What was the purpose of “having many daughters”?

Yennefer was finally curious about this adopted daughter…