Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 683 - Happy Cooperation

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Chapter 683: Happy Cooperation

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In the beginning, Prince Kistrin was undoubtedly very flattered. He even could not help but start imagining things. Was this “Northland Pearl” interested in him who was once her fiance? Unfortunately, he had fallen victim to yet another political marriage, albeit one far less desirable. Even so, he could not help but made the most of his imagination, such as what he and Princess Olivia could have named their child…

Guys were like this. A girl could so much as flash a smile in their direction, and they would claim it to be an act of fate. They would be led into the most outlandish of fantasies. So, why were girls getting so much flak? Well, they gave off far too many false hints, didn’t they? Gentle girls were particularly guilty of this crime. Their gentleness was not only limited to one guy, but to everyone around them. Thus, such kindness always got guys on a wild goose chase.

The elder sister Cirilla stood beside Olivia and let out a cold snort. Prince Kistrin jolted, as if he had just woken up from a dream. When he saw Cirilla, only did he suddenly realize how valiant and vigorous this “Lion Cub of Cintra” was. Her entire person exuded a “strangers stay away” kind of sense. Her eyes gazed down at Prince Kistrin as if she was looking at a toad.

Thanks to Olivia, her elder sister Cirilla had also gradually earned fame in her own right. Plainly put, Olivia had been able to achieve so much today thanks to her sister’s aid. If not for their bond, Olivia might have already been long dead.

Both sisters had been relying on each other during the most challenging moments. When they came out of the woods, they were closer than ever. It was a sight that left many amazed. Such stories were retold in the form of poems, articles, and even short paragraphs. “The reason the two of them were able to have such a good relationship due to the teachings received in their youth —— Breaking one chopstick was easy, but as long as they united, a bunch of chopsticks would not be easily broken.”

Of course, from another perspective, if a bunch of chopsticks was easily broken as well, this story was telling us that when we united, we would be easily be caught in the one same net. Never put all your eggs in one basket…

Actually, Cirilla and Olivia were not merely ‘sisters.’ They were totally in love. They were both into females. It was precisely because they never gave up on each other during the most challenging moments, and had shared rich, pleasurable moments together that their love reached this point. It was beyond the control of any third party.

Cirilla’s repulsive glare shook Prince Kistrin to the core. His mind snapped back to reality. Something told him that Cirilla’s gaze just now was as if she was looking at her rival in love, fearing that he would steal Olivia from her.

Let’s not forget that Cirilla was once very dissatisfied with this fiance. Also, he was the prince of Verden, the traitorous neighboring kingdom. She could not see the reason for her sister meeting this prince of a pitiful kingdom.

Due to being inseparable from Olivia, Cirilla had grown fast and sharp. Nothing escaped her gaze. Within her eyes, her sister was a figure who could talk and laugh together with the leaders of those great kingdoms within the Northern realm. This Prince Kistrin was clearly some trashy figure.

Kistrin was just as well aware of his place. He adopted a more business-like tone and inquired the reason for this meeting.

“I think that the king of Verden is truly muddleheaded and incompetent. That should be changed. You must have been bored of remaining a prince. I’ve decided to aid you in your cause. It is time to claim your throne.” Prince Kistrin was stunned.

He immediately started to deny her words. How was Olivia reading him like an open book?

No. He could not involve her in this. His plans did not account for her. Besides, the King of Verden would not simply abdicate his throne, just because Olivia said so.

Even so, his mouth moved on its own. He replied Olivia in two short, brief lines, indicating that she was right. The king of Verden – his father, was beyond saving. He had actually sought protection from the Nilfgaardian Empire by “welcoming its great army with joy,” yet he said that being a vassal was how one formed an alliance. He even claimed to have saved the people from unnecessary bloodshed. The Kingdom of Verden might have experienced its own rendition of “The Verden Massacre.”

Prince Kistrin cut himself free. He let his tongue flap loosely and confessed to Olivia about his dissatisfaction. He had also expressed his apology. If he was the king of Verden in the first place, he would definitely have lent Cintra a helping hand.

Olivia listened to him passively. She was not Cirilla. She had no feelings for Cintra. In its place was Kaer Morhen which she had built with her own hands. It was like one of those specially built “City of Great People” within civilization games. Great people frequently popped up in the city. At the same time, Olivia also wished to raise all sorts of architectural wonders within Kaer Morhen.

The architectural wonders in the real world most probably amounted to commercialized tourist attractions. On the other hand, architectural wonders within games actually provided “buffs” of their own. For example, Kaer Morhen was located on barren land. It had low food production. It was even surrounded by gobs and deserts. Under such circumstances, let’s build the “Ancient city of Petra.”

Building Petra, 18,000 yields per mu was no easy matter. Those who utilized this Petra strategy knew just how effective it was. On this continent, no one would attempt to seize architectural wonders from Olivia. Besides, they did not even know what purpose these architectural wonders served.

Prince Kistrin had initially planned to search for a great merchant in Novigrad who could aid him in his cause. To plot a rebellion, money was highly necessary. If possible, he needed a merchant who could sell him all manner of ordnance and supplies.

He had not expected to meet the legendary great merchant Olivia even before entering the city. It was almost fated. He did not doubt her sincerity. Olivia had all reason to be dissatisfied with his father as well. Of course, she would be supportive of his rebellion. This marked the start of a great partnership.

Prince Kistrin was just as quick-witted as he was brave. As long as his rebellion went well, he would do so and so. Olivia’s chamber of commerce would also be able to run unimpeded within the kingdom of Verden, enjoying tax incentives. Therefore, Olivia’s behavior could be wholly considered some form of investment…

“Those who committed small theft would be executed, yet those who robbed a kingdom would rule over it.” Olivia was just like the legendary merchant Lu Buwei during Ancient China. Only a merchant who had power over the state could be called a genuine merchant!

“To a fine rebellion,” said Olivia, shaking hands with the passerby Prince Kistrin.

At that moment, Prince Kistrin considered not washing his hand again, ever – even if Princess Olivia always donned silk gloves.