Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 680 - Rebellion

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Chapter 680: Rebellion

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Prince Kistrin was neither fat nor ugly, but he was far from Vilgefortz’s and Geralt’s looks. The former was Olivia’s teacher in her childhood. The latter was her foster father in her adolescence. Anyhow, regarding looks, he had already lost.

If Prince Kistrin was a character in a novel, then he would be nothing but a cameo. Unless the Gods granted him a “golden finger” and allowed him to transform from a side-character to a protagonist, one step at a time, he would amount to no more than a cameo.

Even so, as the heir to the Kingdom of Verden, he was far more talented than his cowardly, weak father. This prince was known for his great courage and valiance.

Of course, all this paled in comparison to his status as a once-fiancé of the “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms.” He had earned the envy of many bachelor aristocrats from all over the Northern Kingdoms.

The legend of Cintra’s little Princess Olivia’s beauty had spread throughout the North. At the same time, her artistic talent in music and painting had also drawn admiration from elders and celebrities alike. For nobles who took great care of their reputation, if they hoped to bring this perfect vase home and enshrine her. It was just like a crown that had been inlaid with pearls. She was the peak of beauty. Having such a beauty in their court would earn them due credit!

In the end, no one expected Calanthe, the Queen of Cintra to actually betroth Olivia to Prince Kistrin of Verden, in the hope that the Kingdom of Verden would ally itself with Cintra. Perhaps, the two kingdoms could work together and hold off the mighty Nilfgaardian Empire… During then, that vast empire from the South was already putting a lot of pressure on the other kingdoms.

It was probably the most that Prince Kistrin could ever amount to. As an immature brat, he had spared no opportunity when it came to showing off how he had been engaged to the “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms.” At the same time, he had the unquenchable desire to prove his spot —- —- What could prove his sincerity more than him leading the Verden army and fending off the army of the mighty Nilfgaardian Empire?

He may be a side-character, but he still had to prove himself!

Although the marriage had not yet been set on paper back then, he was already acting out his role, doing everything in his power to defend the independence of Cintra as the son-in-law of the Queen…

Oh, how he shone back then. His reputation had started off well, but it had been reduced into ash and soot. As Olivia’s lucky husband, it was no wonder that certain simple-minded folks became unhappy with him and started spreading all forms of rumors. Even Olivia’s sister Cirilla joined in and circulated erroneous rumors.

Prince Kistrin had indeed been wronged. Still, as he was able to get involved with a “peerless beauty” like Olivia, why would he think of retreating?

Sadly, after enduring so much slander, at the end of it all, he did not even manage to win Olivia’s hand!

His cowardly father had to be blamed for it. His father had started off in favor of the marriage between the two kingdoms. Let’s not even mention how Olivia was the “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms.” If she married into Verden, that would be something to boast about…

However, as the pressure from the Nilfgaardian Empire grew, the King of Verden lost his spine. He discovered all methods of delaying the engagement date. Finally, when the Kingdom of Cintra fell, and there was no way for the grounded Prince Kistrin to go save his dear fiancée.

Kistrin was even more dissatisfied by the fact that when the Nilfgaardian Empire invaded the Kingdom of Verden, his father had quietly “welcomed the Emperor” and immediately submitted himself and Verden as a vassal state of the Empire. The massacre of Cintra across the river had left the hearts of countless aristocrats in the Northern Realms comatose.

After completely losing touch with Olivia, the “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms,” Kistrin lost his heart. At the same time, he gained deep, intense hatred towards his weak father. One day, he would raise a flag of rebellion, usurp his father, and then personally rule Verden.

The reputation of the Kingdom of Verden had now sunk to the depths of the Northern Realms. Well, it could not be helped. The Kingdom of Cintra had gone down fighting, while the Kingdom of Verden had simply surrendered without even lifting a hand…

Emperor Emhyr was not a madman who slaughtered people indiscriminately. He showed due mercy to those who “knew their places,” such as the Kingdom of Verden. In short, he had accepted the Kingdom of Verden’s identity as his vassal state — for now. Who knows, the Kingdom of Verden might just become a part of the Nilfgaardian Empire, and people would be led to believe that it had been this way since the dawn of time. Proficient rulers knew how to quell the unrest. Create your own history. Make up false declarations and jurisprudence.

The King of Verden had grown complacent in his false security. He had made the absolutely right choice. He had retained his throne and saved his people from massacre. There was no way he was going to be like the “Lioness of Cintra” Calanthe who did not know her place, right?

In the eyes of Prince Kistrin, his father was absolutely useless. His father did not know the first thing about ruling. His act of “welcoming the Emperor” had set the kingdom down on the path of a slow death. He only had his peace now as the Emperor had his sight set on more pertinent matters.

Obviously, Prince Kistrin had disguised himself as he was preparing for his rebellion. He never expected to bump into the girl that he once dreamt of every day…

From Kistrin’s “character information bar,” Olivia learned much about him, such as his strong desire to rebel. Interesting.

In any case, Prince Kistrin was the crown prince of the Kingdom of Verden. Sooner or later, he would be King. Why start an uprising now? How much had he gone through to be so reckless?

This was the first time Kistrin ever laid eyes on Olivia. His prior imagery of her had been that of his own fantasies. He had relied on several paintings to supplement his imagination. The more he fantasized, the more he believed that the “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms” Olivia was way too perfect. If he was married to such a person, he could die a happy man!

Sadly, harsh reality dealt him a cruel blow. Now, he was already attached to a ball and chain that he had no feelings for. He was also able to convince his spineless father that he had “settled down.” No one would even imagine the lava that churned within his soul!

Unsurprisingly, a new sidequest popped up in Olivia’s journal. Help Kistrin succeed in his rebellion, topple the King of Verden — the traitor to the Kingdom of Cintra.