Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 677 - Good Father

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Chapter 677: Good Father

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Of course, Cirilla came along. As she did not like dressing up, she did not seem that different from a few years ago. She was not that pretty, but she was far more talkative and sociable.

After years of living a carefree and happy life with her sister Olivia and adoptive father Geralt in Kaer Morhen, she had slowly walked out of the psychology trauma caused by the ‘Massacre of Cintra.’ However, the love she had for her sister remained the same, if not stronger.

Cirilla believed that the only blood relative left in this world was her sister, Olivia. She did not know that both her grandmother and father were still alive.

Cirilla had the guidance of Triss, and had even picked up Olivia’s scientific magic. As a Source who had the ‘Elder Blood,’ her powers had increased exponentially. Cirilla, who possessed a main character template, was highly proficient in martial arts and magic. She had learned how to use magic, and had even mastered the sword skills of a witcher.

If Olivia was the leader of the force of Kaer Morhen, then Cirilla was Olivia’s biggest trump card. If Olivia was not with her, then Cirilla could have never gotten this powerful.

The two sisters sat together in the carriage, silently appreciating the companionship. They had gone through it all, life, death, ups and downs. No one could ever separate them.

Cirilla, who seemed strong on the surface, would appear to many as the dominant partner in the pairing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Well, she did spoil her sister a little too much.

Cirilla was willing to do anything for her sister. She even felt that her relationship with her sister was perpetually in the sweet honeymoon phase…

Olivia thought that her sister had blossomed into womanhood. She had been an ugly-duckling in her youth. Her hand-painted portraits could be evidence to this. However, now that the power of her blood was slowly developing, her freckled face was slowly becoming smooth and fair.

Most fascinating was the increasingly apparent heroic spirit of Cirilla, which was nothing like the delicateness of an average girl. Cirilla appeared to others like a female leopard. Powerful, yet elegant and charming at the same time.

In any case, Cirilla was once a royal born Princess of the Kingdom of Cintra. Even if the Nilfgaardian Empire had conquered Cintra, she should be considered as first in line to inherit the Kingdom of Cintra. Emphyr had never succeeded in entirely stemming the rebellion.

To quash the rebellion, according to the practices of this era, Nilfgaardian Empire’s Emperor Emhyr most likely had to marry the first-in-line heir, Cirilla. This way, the rebellion would subside on its own. Those rebels in Cintra would have no reason to rebel anymore. They were even thinking about the future when Cirilla gives birth to a son who would inherit the Nilfgaardian Empire. Wouldn’t he be the King of Cintra and the Emperor of the Nilfgaardian Empire?

In the end, the people who rebelled in this world were not the people from the bottom of society, but instead, they were aristocrats. The western people’s spirit of resistance was from an entirely different world when compared to those of the eastern people. They did not know of the saying, “Does birth give kings and nobles their high status?”

There was this belief that once there was a rule of law, and when one has obtained titles and achievement, then only could the rebellion be quelled. It was odd, but it worked.

However, the crux of the matter was that Emperor Emhyr was the biological father of Cirilla. Must he really do that?

No monster would do this. Was it possible for Emperor Emhyr to marry his own daughter to quash the Cintrian rebellion, when he was the one who did not want to admit that he married Princess Pavetta? This was quite the predicament.

Since Emperor Emhyr was certain that no one knew of his relationship with Cirilla, why couldn’t he marry her?

This aged Emperor was nearing death. He had most likely gone completely mad. He had been looking for Cirilla till now, but the one who was gradually making a big name for herself was the ‘Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms’, Olivia. Her businesses were flourishing, be it in the Nilfgaardian Empire, or the North!

Emperor Emhyr had always expected much from his daughter, Olivia. His youngest daughter had been a genius. She mastered everything in an instance. She even seemed to be a natural at political acumen.

From the very beginning, Emperor Emhyr had been very keen to bring Olivia back to the Nilfgaardian Empire to educate her there. Now, in his infertile condition, he felt that it was the perfect choice to have Olivia inherit his throne.

After knowing that Olivia was still alive and even became the leader of the exclusive group of witchers, Emperor Emhyr grew fascinated and curious. He did not ask for Olivia to be brought back to the palace and announce to the world that she was his first-in-line heir. Instead, he began to pay attention to his daughter. He wanted to see how far she could develop Kaer Morhen.

Even though Emperor Emhyr killed his wife, destroyed Cintra, slaughtered its citizens, desecrated graves, and also wanted to become a deadbeat father who would not stop at marrying his eldest daughter Cirilla, he was still a good father to Olivia. Why was Olivia’s business allowed to be in the Nilfgaardian Empire without any obstructions and even looked after by government officials? Well, obviously, the Emperor had something to do with this.

This could be considered the rare spark of kindness that was offered by the harsh and merciless Emperor Emhyr. He never thought that there might come a day where Olivia would not give any face to him.

Inheriting the vast Nilfgaardian Empire in the South?

Olivia did not see why she had to. If she wanted something, she would obtain it through her own hard work and efforts. She did not need to rely on her father!

Even if she had to rely on her father, her father was the White Wolf Geralt, who was miles better than Emhyr. Geralt had even got Cirilla’s approval as a good father. The legendary witcher was indeed a very reliable man. His charming personality was far better than Emperor Emhyr’s.

Geralt was still communicating with the sorceress he had fallen in love with at first sight, Yennefer. He was hoping that she could come over to train Cirilla. He wanted her to bring the girls to the Aretuza Academy in Thanedd Island to further their studies….

Geralt had squeezed all he could out of. Now it was Yennefer’s turn.