Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 676 - Controlling The Economy

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Chapter 676: Controlling The Economy

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Olivia felt as if she was playing the game ‘Civilization’ as she developed Kaer Morhen as her base of operations. The game system seemed to have changed. She was no longer playing an RPG, she was playing a farming strategy game. Building up a new wonder of the world might even add to her own powers.

If she did not have the game system by her side, it would have been impossible for her to develop this otherwise poor and desolate Kaer Morhen into its current wealthy and prosperous state. The ‘autoplay assistant’ had done much

Of course, Kaer Morhen was nothing like the great old cities such as Vizima [1], the capital city of Temeria, or the Nilfgaardian Empire’s capital, the City of Golden Towers [2], or the Free City of Novigrad [3].

Novigrad was indeed a very prosperous and famous city. It was a free city, located within the boundaries of Redania. It was the largest city in the North, and one of the major ports on the continent.

The Northern people even coined Novigrad as the world’s capital. There was actually a reason for this.

The city had an astonishing amount of wealth, influence, and strategic importance. It was a city that was envied by multiple countries. Emperor Emhyr’s plans accounted for Novigrad as well.

People from different backgrounds and occupations filed into the city. It was home to almost 30,000 inhabitants, excluding the merchants and visitors who came to the city. Its main roads were paved with stone.

Novigrad had a harbor, many warehouses, four watermills, slaughterhouses, sawmills and an enormous shoe factory. It was home to all manner of craftsmen. It had coin mints, eight banks, and nineteen pawnshops. The only downside was that the city’s civilization had not yet been developed.

Within the city’s spectacular buildings and business facilities, there was a cult called the Eternal Fire [4]. The local Reverend and temple guards had forced a rein over the city’s head and had forced it to move to their liking. They used superstition to control the city’s citizens, their jurisdiction only growing day by day.

It was strictly forbidden to wear any other symbol of Gods or to preach and perform rituals of other religions. The citizens in Novigrad were only allowed to believe in the Eternal Fire. Anyone else was a heretic. By law, they would be put to the torch.

All in all, the Eternal Fire cult had enormous power over the city. They built the Great Temple of the Eternal Fire on an island, naming it ‘Temple Isle.’

As the citizens often said, “You could find anything you want in the city of Novigrad. Zerrikania [5] spices? We have it. Swords cast by ancient dwarfs? Not a problem, buy one, and you get another for free. Toussaint grape wine? Whatever you want, we have it – As long as you have money, the more, the better.”

As a free city, its City Council had created its unique form of currency and measurement units. By this, Novigrad could guarantee its position as a trading center in the continent.

As the North and South clashed, the economies of all countries were severely impacted. Now, the most valuable currency out there was the Novigrad’s Crown [6].

Novigrad was not a country, but as a city with free trade, Novigrad had a flourishing economy. The Crown’s value became grossly inflated. Now, it was the world’s only universal payment method. Whether it was the merchants, nobleman, townspeople, and farmers from the North, or the Nilfgaardian quartermaster, dwarf bankers, prostitutes, and of course, witchers, all of them traded with Crowns.

At the moment, Olivia sat in a luxurious carriage, heading towards the free city of Novigrad to wrap up some business dealings.

After a few years of growing up, Olivia was now a drop-dead gorgeous beauty. She had long, silver hair that flowed down to her waist. She always wore fashionable clothes that she had designed herself. Not only did they match the world, but no other designer would also be able to come close to their artistic value…

She invented new forms of jewelry. By using technology to create ‘glass,’ she sold this jewelry like it was gold. Of course, she was ripping off every one of her customers. She relied on the very fact that she was the pioneer – the one who had discovered it and many others.

In conclusion, the costumes designed by the ‘Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms,’ Princess Olivia, became a favorite brand across the world. Its consumer base mainly consisted of those wealthy aristocrat ladies. Apparently, they did not cost much to make either. However, as a brand, Olivia reaped in vast volumes of profit.

Initially, Princess Olivia had wanted to become an Empress Regnant. She had first used up the savings of the witchers from the School of the Wolf to start a business. She had planned to have it serve as the source of her funds. Little did she expect her business to pick up and grow into an empire of its own. The allowances that she gave the witchers from the School of the Wolf was enough for them to live their entire lives without hunting monsters anymore.

This was not entirely unexpected. No matter which world or era, if someone monopolized or even created a new sector in the market, could anyone even compete?

Some businesses would resort to unethical practices to go against Olivia’s business. Unfortunately, Olivia was just not their match. The witchers were determined to protect Olivia’s business interest. After all, they were major shareholders of the business.

Furthermore, Olivia was Geralt’s adopted daughter. As they had lived together in Kaer Morhen for such a long time already, they were practically family. Now that she brought such major change to Kaer Morhen which directly improved the lives of all witchers from the School of the Wolf, they were incredibly grateful towards Olivia, as they did not have to risk their lives hunting monsters.

Now, to all the witchers in the School of the Wolf, hunting monsters were just a hobby. It was just like shooting animals. It was not something they had to do to survive.

From what she had read in other fantasy novels, Olivia became inspired to kick-start a legendary ‘mercenary union.’ She divided its members into groups and squads, and gave out tasks accordingly.

Hiring mercenaries was nothing like the professional army that she had in mind, but at they served their purpose well enough.

Olivia was in Novigrad to strike a raw materials business deal. Kaer Morhen, which had grown into an industrialized city was in need of all kinds of raw materials. She would not reject any iron ore, copper ore, coal or wood. It was time to expand the influence of Olivia’s business to Novigrad. She wanted to control this free city through economic means!

Once this goal is achieved, then Olivia would never be short of money anymore!

Translation note:

[1] “Vizima” (维吉玛) is the capital city of Temeria, one of the Northern Kingdoms and the seat of king Foltest at the intersection of important trade routes.

[2] “City of Golden Towers” (金塔之城) is the capital to both the region and empire that grew to conquer all foreign lands south of the Yaruga. The city itself is located on the lower side of the river Alba, in the core of the Nilfgaardian Empire.

[3] “Free City of Novigrad” (自由之城诺维格瑞) is a free city within Redania and is therefore not subject to the rule of that kingdom.

[4] “Eternal Fire” (永恒之火) is a religious cult that had many followers among humans of the Northern Kingdoms.

[5] “Zerrikania” (泽瑞坎) is a land with hot climate located in the south-eastern part of the continent and connected with other human states by Elskerdeg Pass.

[6] “Crown” (克朗), also known as the Novigradian crown, is a monetary unit which is used in some Northern Kingdoms.