Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 670 - Introducing her to Her Generation

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Chapter 670: Introducing her to Her Generation

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Zhao Youyue thought that it was supposed to be a common family dinner. The moment the dinner was served, she saw the difference.

When she entered the hall, she courteously greeted the elders one by one. Among them was some president of a state government and the owner of some multinational company. These were all close friends of Zhao Youyue’s father. They often spent time playing mahjong together.

Even before the dinner started, they were already playing mahjong too. It was a far better sight, compared to the thick smoke of cigars that kept people away from them.

Fortunately, she had her phone to keep her occupied until the last seat was occupied.

It was never her intention to be the topic of the dinner. Surprisingly, a reputable man named Xiao had been asking her a lot of question, such as which university she studied in, and if she was seeing any guys at that moment.

Unaware of his intention, Zhao Youyue told him she was busy with her studies. There was no space for a relationship.

Not far from them, Xiao’s wife almost acted as if on cue and started to brag about her son. His name was Xiao Yiren. He was studying in some ordinary university as a year three student. His enthusiasm for literature had driven him to write on the internet and earn some pocket money. Now, he did not need any fundings from his family for his daily life.

Xiao’s wife was obviously proud of her son’s talent. She emphasized that her son was a contracted author of Tencent group, where its editor’s office was in Beijing. With the income he was currently earning, he would not need to hunt for a job after his graduation.

With his family background, he could get a job in any huge company, just by saying hi to its CEO.

Nevertheless, it was better to say he earned his living through his talents, rather than getting a job with his family’s influence.

Xiao Yiren, seated beside his mother, gave an awkward smile. Yes, he was an online novel author. His pen name was “Drunk For Her.” Recently, he had published a novel called, “Shift! The Female Elite Scholar”

Xiao Yiren was not very proud of his novel. He had always wanted to write conventional literature, yet all of his drafts had been rejected.

Besides, he did not consider himself to be some great author. Writing novels was merely a getaway from the dull and boring life he had. Since he had been born as a man, he had chosen to write about a female protagonist to view the world from another perspective.

Anything that he had ever achieved in reality would never be written in his novels. He only allowed his protagonist to do what was impossible.

In reality, he was just another ordinary loser. The only romantic connection he had was with the “Female Elite Scholar” in his novel. Surprisingly, his novel became famous and earned recommendations from several reputable authors. He was still coming to terms with that fact.…

His novel fell under a rather unpopular genre. Due to its ridiculous and illogical contents, he did not dare reveal too much in his summary. However, his novel was full of a positive vibe. How could a novel about a hardworking scholar not be a ReadNovelFull of hope?

Still, it was highly unappreciated. At some point, others treated him as if he had written something bad online. Most of them were not aware that it was a novel of hope.

Xiao Yiren was like a trophy that had been brought onto the table for display, yet he did not stand alone for long. Another guy was placed on the same stage to be discussed as well. His name was Sun Wei, a son of some gigantic corporate’s owner. Sun Wei was a year two student at Beijing University, and had proved himself to be an all-rounder and earned his place in Student Union.

Unlike Xiao Yiren, Sun Wei glowed in confidence, even when he had not achieved anything like what Xiao Yiren did with his online articles. He was well aware that Xiao Yiren was his only competitor at the moment.

What were they competing for?

Do we even have to ask?

Of course, for Zhao Youyue – “neighbor’s daughter” Lady Zhao!

It had been a while since Sun Wei met Zhao Youyue. He was stunned by her beauty. The last time he saw her was during secondary school?

She looked like any passerby that nobody would care to look twice. Now the Zhao Youyue sitting right in front of him was so elegant and gentle, every gesture she made caught the core of the universe.

Sun Wei did not even dare gaze at Zhao Youyue. On the other hand, Xiao Yiwei was not impressed by Zhao Youyue’s beauty. Deep in his heart, nobody could be compared to his novel’s goddess, Wu Di!

Finally, Sun Wei gathered enough courage and took a peek at Zhao Youyue. When Zhao Youyue’s mother, Wang Hua mentioned that her daughter was involved in Student Union as well, he almost felt he was meant to be with her daughter. He started to elaborate on his great deeds in Student Union which had earned him the position of some deputy department leader. Also, he did not forget to mention his scholarship last semester…

Zhao Youyue was familiar with such people who were too proud of their small achievements. They disgusted her. Lady Zhao preferred pretty things, but even his appearance could not satisfy that. She could not accept any aspect of his. No matter how good he was, the ugly had no right speaking!

Zhao Youyue shut Sun Wei off with one casual line, “I will be elected as the president of Jiangnan University Student Union this semester. As a president, perhaps I could arrange an interaction meeting with the Student Union of Beijing University.”

Sun Wei face went blank.

Zhao Youyue finally understood the purpose of this dinner. Other than serving as bonding time for for the elders, it was for her to look for a suitable partner of a similar class. They were not rushing her to get married, but they wanted to acquaint her to understanding the progress and goals of her respective peers. If she found someone special, that would be great!

Zhao Youyue did not like the idea of such dinners. She could mix with Xiao Yiren as a friend. He was a good-looking author. It would be better if she learned of his potential. As for Sun Wei, he was just slightly better than an ordinary student. She did not want to waste her time with him.

It was Wang Hua’s turn to boast about her daughter, and boast she did. Her academic achievement, her various talents. Why would she need to talk about her beauty? Everyone could see that!