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Chapter 669: A Dinner

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Zhao Youyue was not interested in anything related to love. It was commonly known that relationships took time to maintain.

A couple falling in love with each other was just an act of two lonely souls who pretended that they cared about each other. They wasted a lot of time and effort to express their artificial hearts and untrue feelings.

If only everybody knew about this unspoken truth…

Anybody who took the time to observe a couple would quickly see through the falsehoods and fractures. When love comes, intelligence fled. Everything would make sense, no matter how irrational it sounded. Of course, if an observer was drawn into this game of love, they would soon learn how sweet these empty words raelly were, and how they had the power to pluck the stars from the sky.

Nothing was real, as long as both of them were happy. It’s great to be happy.

If a relationship was unhappy, torturous and painful, perhaps it should be ended as soon as possible. Being single was much better than a one-sided love.

Such had convinced Yu Xuefei that no love was true, and relationships were something fun to play around with. She did not mind fooling around with a guy she had no feelings with. All she needed was his charm and fan, and his readiness to please her anytime she wanted.

One must not mistake ambitious females such as Zhao Youyue as ordinary ladies. She would never waste any of her precious time on these pointless interactions. Generally, love ended with the same thing – procreation. After all, humans were still mammals. They did it like how animals did it on Discovery Channel.

As technology advances, humans may no longer need contact between males and females. One may even be capable of self-division.

One might be passive at starting a relationship, but he or she could not avoid having others trying to find them a suitable partner. Being born with high status, Zhao Youyue would often be dragged into some date with a man of similar stature.

It was yet another PR event. Since both of them were equal in status, it would bring no harm to see if she could be interested in that guy.

During the day, Zhao Youyue was busy preparing for the presidential elections. During her free time at night, she went into source world of “The Witcher” and played with her sister Cirilla.

Zhao Youyue, or Olivia, “The Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms” established her own chambers of commerce. With her alchemy products, her business became widely known across the world. Meanwhile, the Old Fortress of Kaer Morhen was rebuilt into a famous fortress. Travelers started pouring into Kaer Morhen from all directions!

It had been Olivia’s ambition the become an empress, yet now she was a great businesswoman. Even the witchers of The School of Wolf did not need to spill their blood on their weapons during a dangerous hunt. [2] They could simply buy the potions and bombs they needed.

Such was the power of money. Now Olivia had all the fundings she needed. She began to build her own army, equipping them with firepower.

Kaer Morhen and Olivia’s chamber of commerce had now made a name as a neutral party. Some interested parties often hired them to handle some dirty situations. None of the missions failed, yet.

These side missions appeared in her minimap as a question mark. Zhao Youyue did not have to handle it herself – the system could arrange a solution for it.

The only thing she wanted to do now was to accompany her beloved sister Cirilla…

Zhao Youyue polished her business skills in the source world’s enormous market. In reality, she used the same tactics to manage a few subsidiaries of her company. A new magnificent CEO was building her own reputation!

It had been quite some time since Lady Zhao was called CEO Zhao…

However, as Zhao Youyue pierced her way through the path of greatness, her parents dragged her to dinner.

It was a typical Chinese dinner in a reputable restaurant. The ceiling was decorated with elegant crystal chandeliers, and a roundtable was placed right beneath each of them. When dinner was served, the tables rotated by themselves.

Zhao Youyue was still the adorable, obedient girl in front of her parents. It was only courteous to do so since they respected and granted Lady Zhao the freedom of choices in life. Most of her parents’ dinner was accompanied by close friends and families, hence she would definitely honor her parents by showing up.

Since young, Zhao Youyue had attended many dinners such as this. All she had to do was to toast her parents and finish her own meal. After all, she was still a young girl, alcohol was not a necessity.

She began to realize the hidden agendas behind every dinner and grew tired of it. Despite her feelings, she was obligated maintain a good relationship with the elders. The attendees were as close as her immediate family, perhaps it should be called as a family dinner.

If it was a business dinner, nobody would bring their family members along.

Zhao Youyue drove her luxury car to attend the dinner. That was when she realized that she might have earned more than her parents!

It was not impossible. Her dad was merely an owner of a private hospital, and her mother was a lecturer in university with a salary of a professional…

Of course, that was just how it appeared on the surface. As a Zhao family member, they were given large amount of dividends, from time to time. They would have to lay low.

Nevertheless, Zhao Youyue was beyond compare. Nobody at her age could catch be her match!

Zhao Youyue could not possibly carry a staff to her family dinner. She put on an elegant dress and some light make-up, and stepped out of her car with the style of a noble lady. The goddess has arrived!

As she stepped into the restaurant, a pretty waitress welcomed her presence. The buff man with black sunglasses behind Zhao Youyue reassured the waitress of Zhao Youyue’s status. Without hesitation, the waitress inquired for a name.

Zhao Youyue gently replied that she came along with her father, Zhao Jiayi. She was then guided into a spacious and luxurious dining hall for her dinner.

Translation Note:

[1] Kaer Morhen (凯尔莫罕古堡) is an old keep where witchers used to be trained. The name is a corruption of the Elder Speech name of Caer a’Muirehen, which means “Old Sea Keep”, so named for the presence of fossilized sea creatures embedded in the stones on which it was built. It is located in the mountains of the kingdom of Kaedwen, right off the Gwenllech river.

In older times, witchers trained and underwent mutations here, but fanatics who considered witchers an abomination attacked the keep and killed most of the teachers and students. Vesemir was the last known witcher to live in the keep, although other witchers sometimes rested here between their assignments, often during the winter, after which they set out on The Path again.

[2] School of the Wolf (狼学派), known in Nilfgaard as the Order of Witchers, is a school of witchers headquartered at Kaer Morhen in Kaedwen.