Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 667 - All Eyes On Her

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Chapter 667: All Eyes On Her

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In the eyes of many, Zhao Youyue who was no longer laying low only seemed to stand out more than ever. It was a radical change!

In this world, Jiangnan University was the best university in the entirety of Jiangnan Province. It was on par with the two most famous universities in the North, which was Capital University and Chung Hua University. Some majors, such as the Chinese Department of Jiangnan University, were second to none in the whole of China and even the whole world… despite their lack of practicality.

All in all, Jiangnan University had a deep heritage with oriental roots. Foreign students from vassal states like Japan and Korea hoped to further their studies at Jiangnan University, while Western students preferred to go to Capital University or Chung Hua University.

Zhao Youyue was a student at Jiangnan University, and she had not been specially recruited. She had earned her place as the top scorer in the Jiangnan Provincial Liberal Arts College Entrance Examination. Her hard work and determination pretty much left the other students speechless. If she had made a backdoor deal or something else, she might not have been so respected. Moreover, as a child from a powerful family, she might have been further subjected to more prejudice.

Lady Zhao’s academic performance was impeccable. If she were to compete in the national scholarships, she would have won every single year. Her image as an outstanding student had been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people…

Naturally, with such a reputation as her foundation, her aura could incinerate those who came too close to her!

At that moment, her driver Uncle Liu opened the car door. She stepped out, in a fresh set of luxurious clothing that might not see the light of day again. It was like a celebrity turning up at the red carpet!

In addition to that, she still had the crystal staff in her hand. She was not just a missy, she was a staff-wielding, cane-walking noblewoman…

At first, many people might assume that Lady Zhao was suffering from sophohigh syndrome. However, as time went by, she would appear incomplete without it. Sometimes, they would even see Lady Zhao sitting on a four-wheeled scooter. This was probably the modern version of a bicycle, but it was fully motorized. It could be pushed by others, but it was also capable of self-propulsion.

Perhaps this Lady Zhao had poor health and she could not move around conveniently. Perhaps she was just playing around, which was actually the case.

She may be playing around, but such traits only appeared in childish tales. Even so, many had accepted her as she was – nothing abnormal about that. If their gut feeling still told them otherwise, they would resort to self-deprecation —- —- Poverty has most likely limited my imagination.

Many students stopped to gawk at her. Some of them had even produced their mobile phones and started to take pictures excitedly…

Some have heard of Zhao Youyue’s name, but they did not know her, until now. They were looking at a real celebrity!

However, it was clear that almost no one had the courage to go up to her and ask for an autograph. Only a few classmates did, and even when they did, it was in a joking fashion.

For example, there was Liu Dan from the dormitory next to Zhao Youyue’s. It appeared that she had bad-mouthed Zhao Youyue to one of her roommates previously, saying that other than her good looks, Lady Zhao had nothing else. Well, now you’ve seen her talents, what can you say about that?

Now, she happened to meet Zhao Youyue, who was getting down from her luxury car. She became like a cat that smelled fish. She went up and pretended to be familiar with Lady Zhao. She said, “Zhao Youyue, the movie “Beautiful April” that you acted in is awesome. You brought the character Chu Luoxun to life. I became your fan. Can I please have your autograph?”

However, when Liu Dan went forward, two burly men in black suits and shades appeared out of nowhere and got in her way. Unless instructed otherwise by Lady Zhao, they would never let anyone get near her. It was their duty.

As Zhao Youyue grew more and more like a missy in every sense of the word, round-the-clock bodyguards became compulsory. She was not deliberately using them to add on to her grandeur. It was for her safety and convenience. When she really gets surrounded by crazy fans, how else could she escape?

If Zhao Youyue did this when she first entered university, people would most frown upon her. She was making a big deal out of nothing and flaunting her wealth for no good reason. Now, nobody had a problem with such precautions. Instead, they approved of such actions —- —- Can’t you see how terrifyingly popular she has grown, now?

Zhao Youyue recognized her coursemate, even if it was Liu Dan. She got the bodyguards to move aside before responding with a smile, “Thank you for supporting my movie, but forget about the autograph. I really don’t consider myself as a celebrity or anything. I’m an ordinary university student, just like you. There’s nothing special about me. It has been a great honor to be able to attend an average school like Jiangnan University with you.”

Firstly, Zhao Youyue shook her hand, then she patted Liu Dan on the shoulder. It was as if she had already ascended to the position of the President of the Student Council. However, not many people thought that she was putting on airs. Instead, they felt that she was most certainly easygoing and approachable!

Liu Dan was very excited and honored, as if she just had an interview with one of the national leaders. She did not know what to say. She even felt that she did not need to wash her hand again!

When the other onlookers saw that Liu Dan had earned the “favor” of Lady Zhao, some of them that were eager to know more about Lady Zhao but did not dare to approach her went up to Liu Dan instead. They were now extremely curious about everything related to Lady Zhao…

However, as Liu Dan was “sharing her honorable experience” with others, she realized that someone else had already gotten even closer to Lady Zhao. It was He Weiwei, Lady Zhao’s trusted roommate. She still had the same, dazzling blonde hair. Lady Zhao’s sudden change of identity did not seem to bother her one bit. She still regarded Lady Zhao as the innocent and simple girl who had taken the initiative to clean the dormitory when they had first moved into the dormitory. Therefore, she still wanted to protect Zhao Youyue. This was how He Weiwei treated all of her friends.

Liu Dan’s euphoria quickly turned into frustration. Why is she not Lady Zhao’s roommate, instead?