Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 662 - Bow to the Overlady

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Chapter 662: Bow to the Overlady

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Back when Han Leng was still during his high school, the school flower, Lady Bai Yunshan had barely left him any impression. Bai Yunshan had initially been just another student who only knew how to study. If anything, she had a name of being a rather effective snitch. How did such a person end up as Lady Zhao’s bestie…

Han Leng could not care less about any of Lady Zhao’s besties. Be it Jiang Qing the booby chatterbox, Su Li the old hag, or even the icy-cool Bai Yunshan. they mattered little to him. He only remained courteous with them for the sake of Lady Zhao.

After all, he was supposed to be the first. He was the one who wrote reviews on Lady Zhao’s behalf. He even wrote entirely new books for Lady Zhao. But why? Why was Lady Zhao still treating those girls more intimately?

Was it because of his gender?

Han Leng drove through the night. The radio was playing, “Wukong.” At one point, the speakers had garbled out, “What do I want for this iron rod?” Wow, that made perfect sense. This is a good song!

Obviously, Han Leng obliged to Lady Zhao’s request. At the same time, he had eliminated an idle fantasy of his own making. It’s best that he remained a coward. He may not progress on his relationship with Lady Zhao like her besties, but at least he was the only male in Lady Zhao’s circle. That was good enough for him.

Han Leng booked three tickets via phone. Lady Zhao would be taking the middle seat by default. Bai Yunshan and he would be her bodyguards on each side.

At the same time, Han Leng received yet another of Lady Zhao’s orders. “Go and fetch Bai Yunshan, for I don’t feel like leaving yet.”

Lady Zhao stood before her wardrobe, wracking her brain. She had to pick a matching handbag for her clothes. Her collection would constantly be updated with the latest models of top quality luxury brands.

Of course, luxuries were but a fleeting moment that quickly passes. Of course, any ordinary plebian would grab hold of any article from the room and cherish it for the rest of their lives. But to Lady Zhao, these were merely disposables.

On the other hand, the branded handbags served no practical function. They were not meant to hold and carry items, they were meant to fill Zhao Youyue’s idle hand.

The so-called saying, “no second use of a piece of clothing, or a pair of shoes” was not untrue, not when it came to Lady Zhao. Her choices were endless, unless. Lady Zhao reverts to her past addiction to school uniforms…

If this past is even uncovered, it might even be turned into a running gag, “The Lady who loves school uniforms.”

Ordinary people were only able to enjoy switching outfits within games. Rich people did so in reality. By that simple logic, did that mean that rich people were happy? You’re wrong. You’re not even close to picturing what happiness means to the rich. Poverty has closed your mind…

The militaristic Lady Bai Yunshan was nowhere as exquisite as Zhao Youyue. It would be an even further cry for her to be as extravagant and wasteful as Lady Zhao. But sometimes, even she would end up as Lady Zhao’s “Miracle Nikki”[1] toy. Lady Zhao would put Bai Yunshan through the most extreme of makeovers, turning her from beyond average, to that of a Goddess. Then, she would force Bai Yunshan into clothes that she loved, and set her on her way to be the center of everyone’s universe. It served as the rare source of entertainment in her world.

Han Leng drove into the military base to pick Bai Yunshan up. Of course, his entry did not go unnoticed by Bai Yunshan’s father. He gave Han Leng a “friendly” glance that sent a chill running down his entire body…

Han Leng was still remotely aware of how humans worked. He immediately alighted and offered a cigarette to the older man. Han Leng did not smoke himself. Now that he was a rather known writer, such PR encounters would be unavoidable. Cigarettes were the most basic of bargaining chips.

Bai Yunshan’s father only seemed to grow even “friendlier.” He placed a heavy hand on Han Leng’s shoulder and left it there for a long moment. Finally, he said, “Treat my Shan Shan nicely.”

Han Leng quickly tried to set the misconception straight. He was just carrying out Lady Zhao’s order. Uncle, you have really misunderstood…

Before Han Leng could even speak, Bai Yunshan’s father had already stepped back to survey the lad. He let out a reassured sigh. His daughter has pretty good taste. She was now a university student. It was time for her to start finding love.

Of course, Bai Yunshan remained unaware of this incident. She got into Han Leng’s car, indifferent as always. She did not even spare Han Leng a glance, the famous writer that he was.

Bai Yunshan was probably the only person who could appear far colder and composed than Zhao Youyue. However of the two, Zhao Youyue would still be the more unapproachable.

Zhao Youyue was the type who appeared warm and reliable. She treated you like you meant the world to her, and even took you out to have fun. Obviously Zhao Youyue treated these ‘friends’ no differently from how she treated luxuries, they were disposables.

Eccentric characters intrigued her the most. The more creative, the better. Only such people would be worth her time.

Han Leng told of his encounter with Old Man Bai. Bai Yunshan only responded with a frown. Who said that she should start finding love in university?

The University was also a school. It was a place for studying. Love had no place there. She had more important things to worry about, like her Student Council duties…

Bai Yunshan learned that she was moving far too slowly. Zhao Youyue was already the Deputy Head of the Student Council’s Department of Literature and Art. By the next half semester, she would already be in the position to contend for the Student President’s throne. Wasn’t that a little too ridiculous?

Becoming the Student President in her first year? Zhao Youyue was truly unbelievable!

Bai Yunshan had intended to be a match to the Overlady Zhao Youyue. Even so, something told her that she was going to fall into Lady Zhao’s hands once again. After all, when that woman gains the power of the Student President, she could move things in the university with single gestures, right?

Once again, Bai Yunshan saw Zhao Youyue’s train of thought, and shuddered. She had initially thought that she would have been able to climb up the ranks more rapidly…

Han Leng finally pulled up at Zhao Youyue’s mansion. It had not been long since their last meeting, but her appearance bewitched him as always. She was moving like a real royal princess. What exactly, had she experienced during these days?

Zhao Youyue greeted Han Leng with a smile. Then, she sat in the back seat and joined Bai Yunshan. She seemed to enjoy teasing the cold and elegant Bai Yunshan, forcing the rigid exemplar of justice and integrity to bend over. The paladin was bowing to the Overlady.

The sounds of laughter coming from the back seat elicited a twitch from Han Leng’s mouth. At that moment, his radio chose to play, “A Little Happiness” —— “I heard the raindrops falling on green grass…”

Translation Note:

[1] Miracle Nikki – A mobile game about dressing up and development, created by Suzhou Stack Paper Network Technology Co., Ltd., Tencent Games as the exclusive agent.