Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 658 - The Source World's Temporary Closure

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Chapter 658: The Source World’s Temporary Closure

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Olivia’s silver long hair that covered her entire back stood out like the sun. Along with her perfect face, she was simply like a real Barbie doll. Her clothing was exquisite and unique, which one at a glance could tell – had been custom tailored – probably self-designed. It was a relatively compact mini dress. She was like the most qualified heroine there…

At this rate, the witchers were basically acting as her servants. Most oddly, they seemed very willing to become servants. After all, Olivia had revealed some of her grand plan to them, convincing them that even witchers could live more comfortable lives, and they now had a chance for a better future.

Thanks to Olivia’s careful planning, Triss had experienced a most satisfyingly warm welcome. Her first impression towards this very famous “Northland Pearl” Princess Olivia was good, to say the least.

The only awkward matter was Olivia’s identity as Geralt’s daughter. Was she to treat Olivia as her own daughter as well?

Triss was not yet interested in becoming a parent. Therefore, she considered herself as an elder sister. Olivia and Cirilla would be her younger sisters.

Triss had no interest in giving the White Wolf a child. She even believed that having a child would disrupt the world of two lovers.

But when she saw that Geralt valued his two adopted daughters so dearly, she also started treating them nicely. Her love for Geralt had extended to his daughters.

That night, Triss spent a good night with Geralt. This was the happiest day she had spent with him, throughout all these years. The renovations definitely played a part in that!

Per Olivia’s arrangement, the room where Geralt and Triss spent a good night together, had been decorated to such a romantic, intoxicating extent. Even the bed was extremely comfortable…

Setting the mood for a sensual girl was extremely effective. Let’s not even talk about Triss, who was highly particular about emotional appeal. Of course, she was not yet as picky as Keira. But she had her standards. After all, they were both court mages within the Kingdom of Temeria.

Originally, Triss had not been overly fond of Kaer Morhen. She would never come to the place, if not for Geralt. Now, it was far more welcoming. She could even consider settling down here with Geralt.

Of course, it was only but a fleeting thought. After all, Kaer Morhen transformation could be easily undone. It was also way too far from Temeria, where she could accomplish so much more…

Unless the Kingdom of Temeria fell, Triss would always be a court mage of one the strongest kingdom in the north first.

Sometimes, kingdoms may seem indomitable, but the God of destiny always made fools of the people. No one could truly tell the future.

Perhaps one day, Vizima, the capital city of Temeria might even serve as a vacation home for the Nilfgaardian Empire…

When that time comes, even the sorceress of the Northern realm would have no place to live. After all, the other great kingdom Redania of the Northern realm was never interested in creatures like sorceresses or witchers.

In contrast to that, the great Emperor Emhyr of the Nilfgaardian Empire treated all races the same. However, this also meant that they were his subjects, and had to obey him. If those sorceresses who stood against the Nilfgaardian Empire one day chose to serve Emperor Emhyr, he would gladly accept, as long as he was willing to provide them a roof over their heads.

Obviously, be it the Nilfgaardian Empire or the Northern kingdoms, they did not value the sorceresses’ power nearly enough. To be more precise they only valued power that could be instantly seen, not their long-term capabilities in improving the production line.

As incredible as sorceresses were, they were unable to hold back an army. But if they took a more backline role, they might be able to produce an army with modern weapons!

After all, magic represented dark technology. Sometimes, technology would stagnate. Sometimes, breakthroughs changed the entire world…

Therefore, only Olivia could see such a use for them, and thus was the only person who truly valued them.

The early stages would be slow and difficult. But as she advances, the snowball that rolled down the hill would gain more mass. Until that time, be it the Northern kingdoms, or the Nilfgaardian Empire, Olivia’s advanced army would steamroll over it all!

With Geralt the White Wolf’s skills, Triss enjoyed a pleasant stay in a very different Kaer Morhen. She could not help but write a letter to show off to Keira Metz who was also a palace mage, saying that Kaer Morhen was not as bad as what Keira thought.

Of course, Triss also took the opportunity to show off her man —— Geralt. She wrote about him like how Dandelion would. Even if he started off as “not romantic enough, never understanding of her feelings,” he was definitely “upright and honest.” Of course, Geralt was nothing like that. His nickname as the “Sorceress Pile Driver” was not entirely baseless.

In this world, some names may not be entirely accurate, but they were never falsely given.

After reading the letter from Triss, she believed that Triss had lost her mind. It was alright for Triss to overstate things, all lovers did so. Anyway, if she had the opportunity, she, Keira Metz wanted a taste of the White Wolf as well. What she could not accept was Triss actually saying that Kaer Morhen was perfectly comfortable during the winter?

That was simply out of the question!

That bunch of poor and pedantic witchers who had long passed their glory days. What place could they offer?

Keira did not buy it for one moment. Still, she had been stirred into traveling to this ‘homely castle’ to see it herself.

Soon afterwards, Triss discovered Cirilla’s identity as a Source. It was a most pleasing discovery. She vehemently stood against Vesemir who had intended to let Cirilla try the “Trial of the Grasses” to control her wild magic. Instead, she started studying together with Olivia, researching on methods that allowed Cirilla to unleash her innate power…

That’s right. When Triss learned that Olivia had accomplished so much on her own, even establishing her own form of magic, she had been amazed beyond words. At the same time, she taught Olivia more “traditional form of magic,” while learning more about Olivia’s “new magic” herself. This was science, taking the form of the arcane.

Triss became obsessed with this new stream of magic…

A few years passed in a blink of an eye.

As everything was now progressing steadily, Zhao Youyue flipped a switch. It was “Olivia’s” auto-pilot mode. This was considered as a built-in assist AFK system.

The source world temporarily came to an end. There were some matters in the real world which called for Zhao Youyue’s attention.

The screening of the movie – “Beautiful April.” Starring: Zhao Youyue, Nie Zisu, Liu Xingxing.