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Chapter 642: Plunder

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One who had not experienced war at close quarters would never be able to understand the cruelty of war.

On the surface alone, modern warfare had the Geneva’s Convention to make it seem remotely humane. However, in ancient times, regardless of whether in the East or the West, war was a brutal festivity for the victors. The soldiers could slaughter the people of the enemy kingdom arbitrarily. All manner of killing and robbing would happen; they could do whatever they wanted. If any general ever stepped in to prevent such activities, he would probably lose the morale of his army.

Of course, a professional soldier like Cahir was very clear about this. So, when the Nilfgaardian army successfully broke into the Cintra castle, he immediately led the elite squad into the sealed inner keep, where the Cintran King, Queen, and Princesses lived. Ordinary soldiers were prohibited from entering.

He did not care about the other places. The soldiers could do whatever they wanted there. However, to accurately complete the Emperor’s secret order, he had to do so. If the maddened soldiers accidentally killed the princesses, how would he explain it?

Cahir hoped that Queen of Cintra Calanthe would at least be a little self-conscious. Killing herself would be the best option. Otherwise, he would feel some remorse in slaying the aristocrat of an enemy kingdom. Even if he really killed her, he would tell the world that Calanthe chose to take her own life in dignity.

In recent times, marriages between various kingdoms happened quite frequently, and many kingdoms were closely related to each other. Therefore, even if there was a war between kingdoms, it was a customary rule that nobles were not to be killed arbitrarily. Otherwise, one’s reputation would take a fall, and they would be given the title “Kinslayer.”[1]

It was not that you could not kill nobles, but you could not kill them without reason. You had to have a high-sounding reason.

Cahir methodically searched for the two little princesses with his men. He also did not forget to visit the rooms where the members of the Cintran royal family lived, so that his men could plunder some luxuries for the Emperor. Keep what you find was also an unspoken rule.

He was dismayed to find that the Queen of Cintra Calanthe, who had put great efforts into building her kingdom, did not like to collect luxury goods. Everything she had was simple. Maybe, in her heart, the kingdom came first.

Princess Olivia was the one who liked luxuries. When she had nothing better to do, she would look for the best tailors in the kingdom. The tailor had customized a variety of beautiful clothes for her. Her “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms” title had been bolstered by her sense of fashion.

Princess Olivia would also communicate with various artists from all over the world. Many famous painters have had the privilege of drawing a portrait of her, and these portraits have all become famous paintings. Of course, when these paintings appeared on the market, Her Royal Highness Princess Olivia’s reputation could only soar to the skies.

Calanthe did not like her precisely for that reason.

However, this also became Olivia’s best form of disguise. Nobody could have imagined this princess to be so adept at concealing her nature.

When Cahir came to Cirilla and Olivia’s room, he was immediately stunned by the distinctive styling of their rooms. If the King and Queen’s room previously were too shabby and was incomparable to where the Emperor of the Nilfgaardian Empire lived, then the chamber of the princesses was extraordinarily unique and artistic.

It was rumored that the “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms” Princess Olivia was extremely talented in art. Even so, painting seemed to be the most unremarkable one, out of her many talents. It was her music that opened new realms to others. Nobles returned home from her performances, dazed and entranced…

Those who have never heard of it felt that the nobles had most definitely been bribed to say so. By coin, or by the princess’ beauty, one could only imagine. As the saying went, “if you love the house, you will love the crow sitting on it as well.” Of course, these doubts would be alleviated if one ever heard her music themselves.

It was a pity that only top-level dignitaries among the Northern realms had the right to listen to Princess Olivia’s performance. Anything lesser could forget about it.

There were so many beautiful girls in the world. Why had Olivia been given the title “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms”? Of course, first of all, she was Her Royal Highness. Secondly, she was talented. Finally and most importantly, no matter where she was, she always drew attention to herself. She had a strong sense of presence, and her peerless beauty was akin to that of a painting.

In this world, it seemed that she had been born a protagonist.

In the room, Cahir discovered two paintings that Olivia had painted for Cirilla. In one of the paintings, Cirilla seemed to be really angry because she was wearing a stupid princess dress; in another, Cirilla was extremely beautiful. This was the painting that she had drawn on a boat. The background was the boundless ocean. In the painting, Cirilla’s eyes had appeared to tender, so full of love. Was it because Cirilla was wearing Olivia’s clothings? Wearing a gorgeous dress wrapped in her sister’s scent, and then becoming her sister’s painting model, she was at the highest point in her life…

When he saw the two paintings, he could not help but order his men to keep it safe. The Emperor placed great emphasis on the two princesses. These paintings would most surely please the Emperor.

He also stashed away what he thought was important, such as Princess Olivia’s musical instruments. Perhaps, in the future, he would have a chance to listen to the legendary divine melody?

In actuality, Cahir still felt that the princesses’ room was still too shabby in comparison to what he regularly saw. A small kingdom was indeed just that. Simply too poor, and would never be comparable to the Nilfgaardian Empire in terms of wealth.

Cahir was gradually becoming anxious. Had the two Cintran Princesses slipped away to freedom?

If that was the case, then his head would hang. He was not worried about them leaving. He was worried that a dumb soldier would kill them by mistake.

At that time, Cahir suddenly received an urgent report. Her Royal Highness “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms” Princess Olivia was found lying unconscious at the edge of the tower, for reasons unknown. She was just one step away to falling to her death.

When Cahir heard the news, he was so terrified that he almost lost his soul. The Emperor had specifically ordered that Princess Olivia be brought back. She might even be a princess there, or better, an empress…

In the eyes of Cahir, Princess Cirilla was an extra. The Emperor was really interested in had to be the “Pearl of the Northern Kingdoms” Olivia.

When he arrived at the tower, he discovered that none of his elite knights had dared touch the unconscious Olivia. They were waiting for his orders.

Translation note :

[1] “Kinslayer” (弑亲禽兽) is one who slays his or her own kin; a parricide (rare, mostly in fantasy fiction).