Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 631 - Tragic Ending

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Chapter 631: Tragic Ending

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Cirilla could not stand another second of Hjalmer’s arrogance. Thus, she decided to teach him a lesson. She had complete confidence that she would protect her sister’s first kiss.

Of course, Cirilla was also longing for the prize. She could not help but stare at her sister’s pale pink lips which seemed to seduce her soul.

The only thing Hjalmer had going on for him was strength. He would overpower Cirilla, due to the simple fact that he was older. Fortunately, ice skating depended on one’s dexterity, not strength.

Such a sport would be similar to “Short Track Speed Skating” in the real world. Unlike the real world counterpart, the lake had not been built for professional competitions, and there were substantial safety risks in participating.

This frozen lake was littered with debris and uneven surfaces. Skating on it would not be as easy as a professionally built skating rig. If one were to slip and hit an icicle, it would likely be fatal.

Hjalmer lived to exemplify bravery. The mere threat of death would not give him the slightest pause. At the same time, Cirilla had immersed herself into protecting her sister’s purity, and would not back down.

The pair got into their skating shoes and waited for Olivia to give out the signal. They had already agreed on a route. It would not have any straight lines – that would be too simple. As the judge of the competition, Olivia would head straight to the finish line and wait for the pair to reach.

As Olivia counted the numbers down, the two racers went ahead without wasting energy on any unnecessary movements.

Both of them had perfect starts. Olivia stood at the finish line, her line of sight placed approximately between the two racers. She could tell that they were moving as swiftly as possible, especially when it came to those sharp corners they had agreed upon. They practically leaned against the ground to counteract against the centrifugal forces. Their glove-covered hands slid across the harsh, uneven ice. They barely lost any speed around the corners.

It was an astonishing sight. However, one could not call this an actual skating contest. Due to the unpolished rules, they would often fight over the inner, faster racing line, which often resulted in them crashing into each other. There were no accidents yet, but Olivia was getting rather nervous…

Olivia had expected to be watching a heated pair of Short Track Speed Skaters, but she was now watching Violent Skating, thanks to those two.

She started to regret this. The further they went, the wilder they got. They started tussling and shoulder checking each other. During the whole time, they only gained more speed, if that was actually possible.

There was only victory in Cirilla’s eyes. Noticing that she had nothing to gain from crashing into the heavier Hjalmer, she started looking for a better tactic. She noticed some small debris in the inner route that could easily slip past one’s gaze. She decided to trick Hjalmer into taking the inner route.

The hot-blooded Hjalmer thought that Cirilla had given up and took up on her offer. His mind became clouded by the thought of receiving Olivia’s kiss.

The moment he lined up his paces, he kicked off with all his might. The debris was all that was needed to send him flying. Cirilla took the oportunity to widen their distance. She may have the makings of an assassin.

Cirilla did not expect Hjalmer to actually capitalize on the bait. Taking the bait was one thing. Being deceived and going full force on the bait was another.

Hitting the debris at high speed sent both his feet flying off the ground. He struck the ground hard and slid across the unforgiving, rough ice.

To make matters worse, the ice gave way. His head went beneath the water.

Cirilla did not look back. She fully expected the little barbarian to get back to his feet. Hjalmer was a hot-blooded oaf who did not enjoy losing in her mind.

Olivia had witnessed the entire thing and thought that her sister had taken it too far, or rather, she had performed just as expected. Nevertheless, she had caused a great deal of destruction!

Olivia could not remain unconcerned about that crash. Hjalmer was a brother to her, albeit hot-blooded. He was a very obedient brother, which in her case, was very useful from time to time. Due to what that happened at the isles, Hjalmer had many fans.

When Cirilla noticed Olivia rushing to the scene and helping Hjalmer out of the water, she was shocked to see that the water had been dyed red. She hurried to help Hjalmer out, only to find that his face had been cut open by a long scar, and blood was dripping non-stop.

His body was covered in road-rash as he was too masculine to put on any protective gear.

No matter how you looked at it, Hjalmer would not be walking away from this unassisted.

Fortunately, Olivia was a well-versed sorcerer, where basic medical knowledge was a must. She also carried potions with her at all times. Some of the potions could even alleviate blood loss by some method that defied basic laws of physics.

Olivia fed Hjalmer some red potions and quickly took her first aid pack out, bandaging his wounds to stem the bleeding, before allowing his guards to take him away.

At that moment, Cirilla skipped over gleefully, shouting “Olivia! I won! I won!”

She subconsciously moved closer to the lips of her sister’s that she longed for.

“Oh, sister… You may have won, but we have caused a huge incident…” Olivia said helplessly.

“What happened?”

Olivia told Cirilla what happened to Hjalmer, and before Cirilla could say a word, she added “You don’t need to explain much, it’s my fault. Don’t worry, I won’t let the adults blame you.”

“Olivia! I won’t allow that! It was obviously my fault! You have no reason to take the blame!”

“Don’t be dumb, sister. No matter what, I have good connections with the people on this isle. I would walk away from this. On the other hand, Hjalmer has always been at loggerheads with you. They would surely think that you deliberately did that.”

Cirilla was silent. She really did try to push Hjalmer into a trap, but she had not expected it to be this serious.

Naughty kids were truly terrifying. The damage they caused as children would only multiply as they proceed into adulthood.