Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 628 - Release My Sister!

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Chapter 628: Release My Sister!

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Regardless of the outcome, Olivia got to befriend this Witcher. He looked to be in his mid-thirties, but was chronologically over 100 years old.

That’s right, because she had officially met up with Geralt, the system’s “Character Information File” updated itself accordingly, and she got to learn about Geralt’s past.

Geralt was thought to be the son of the warrior Korin and the sorceress Visenna. Upon birth, Geralt had been abandoned by his mother at Kaer Morhen, a castle that belonged to a witcher.

This was where his teacher, Vesemir found him. From thereon, he accepted the Trial of the Grass and the devilish training of being a witcher.

The Trial of Grass made him a superhuman by giving him immerse strength and mental capabilities that ranged from superhuman speed and strength to insane healing abilities, but as a side effect, he lost his skin color and fertility.

It was said that the Trial of Grass would take away one’s emotions; however, that statement had not yet been proven. Geralt often used this as an excuse, escaping any questions tossed at him.

Although his full name was “Geralt of Rivia,” but he was not actually from Rivia, but from the monster hunter castle Kaer Morhen, located in Kaedwen.

To hide one’s identity, young witchers would create a fake name for themselves, such as Geralt’s Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde. When he chose his name, his teacher Vesemir had found it to be silly and convoluted. Due to that, Geralt was limited to his current name, “Geralt of Rivia.”

At that moment, Geralt had already lived for a century. He had traveled across most of this land, accepting bounties to carry on. In his travels, he met the poet Dandelion, and they became the best of friends. It was also through Dandelion that he was able to befriend the sorceress Yennefer who would later become his lover, as unstable as that relationship was. As a witcher, Geralt had to get himself involved in multiple events while remaining as neutral as possible.

At some point Geralt had received a mission from Queen Calanthe. He had been commissioned to slay a monster during a matchmaking session that Pavetta was attending. Eventually, he ended up saving the “monster”–”Hedgehog” Duny, contributing to the marriage between him and the princess, while also dispelling the curse that had been placed on him. Upon doing so, he had invoked the Law of Surprise as repayment, and from there, Geralt learned of Cirilla.

His visit to Cintra was mainly to determine the link between the Law of Surprise and his connection with Cirilla.

What Geralt did not expect was to bump into her sister who was a year younger, Olivia. And just like that, he started fighting side to side with this young genius who had already mastered magic at such a young age.

Although she showed disapproval from time to time, the hundred-year-old Geralt could easily tell that she did not dislike him. If anything, she respected him, but wanted to remain the leader of the duo.

When it came to tsundere lolis, it was best to let her have her way. Geralt may not be a father, but he had the talent of being a stay-at-home dad. Within a short amount of time, he had mastered the method of pleasing Olivia.

Little did he know that Olivia had planned all this out. With the help of the “Character Information File,” Olivia felt that he was an ideal role model for main characters. He had experienced many lifetimes of one-in-a-lifetime events while possessing a sense of justice that regular monster hunters lacked. It was best to gain the favorability of such a person. This was why she had acted as so—the tsundere princess Olivia who constantly badmouthed the White Wolf, yet actually believed that he was a reliable person.

Unbeknownst to her, Geralt might end up becoming life-sworn enemies with her teacher Vilgefortz. Would justice triump over evil, or would it be the other way around?

Being addicted to the stay-at-home dad play, Geralt could not stop himself from unleashing his head patting techniques. Olivia was just too cute!!!

As Geralt continued to pacify the little princess, a gang of uninvited guests arrived, their leader being the head princess Cirilla, with her entourage of royal guards.

Naturally, Cirilla was there in search of her sister, as her sister had been out for a long time. Cirilla was extremely fond of her precious sister after all; if her sister ever went missing, she would be extremely worried.

Cirilla – having just passed her 11th birthday was not particularly tall, but her physique was not one of a child either. She had that same old look, although her face was now peppered with freckles. She was nothing like the doll-like Olivia, although one could immediately tell that the two of them were related. Just being around her could put one at ease.

Cirilla’s title, the Lion Cub of Cintra had already settled down in the hearts of many. They thought that she had a bright future. She was exactly like her grandmother Calanthe, and she was Queen of Cintra material.

Cirilla rode skillfully, clad in her warrior outfit. Since young, Cirilla had despised beautiful lady clothing. When she was younger, she had been forced into a frilly gown, which made her go crazy. Her sister had even recorded this scene with her brush with glee.

With her grandmother Calanthe’s care and love, she finally escaped the hell of female clothing and started dressing up like a man. She felt awesome and free. She was finally different, compared to her sister. While her sister left her hair long and beautiful, she cut hers short. It was at that moment when she completely discarded her feminine charm.

All that mattered was her sister.

Due to this, the sight of her sister getting head-patted by a white-haired, scar-riddled gruff stranger invoked her fury. Her sister’s torn gown and mud-stained face only made matters worse.

That was the final line.

“What had you done to my sister, you bastard?!! Release her right this instant!!!!” yelled Cirilla in a fit rage, charging at Geralt. Fortunately, she did not remove her sword from her scabbard, but instead she swung the horsewhip in her hand at the “pervert” before her.