Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 614 - Western Fantasy Source World

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Chapter 614: Western Fantasy Source World

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“Altair’s Supernatural World Tour” was trash. The more vivid the descriptions were, the more it sickened its readers.

This was because humans were reading her work, and they would always stand on the side of human beings. The human beings in the supernatural source world were all domesticated animals kept in captivity by the monsters. Moreover, even the protagonist, Altair was just a spectator who could only stand and watch helplessly.

Zhao Youyue was merely recording every event in the supernatural world. Perhaps, only creators of supernatural works, wanting to be inspired would gain anything from her realistic masterpiece. Nobody would take this for real.

Of course, there was always the odd reader around. Whenever Zhao Youyue “ate” her own book, she felt as if she was eating some sour, refreshing ice cream. Ordinary ice-cream simply tasted like, ordinary ice-cream. This book sent a chill down your very soul. It was very creepy.

Perhaps the chosen individual might just stumble upon this book one day and share his new bible to the world…

Zhao Youyue appreciated this opportunity. Being able to record everything down with her pen and extending Altair’s travels was akin to prolonging Setsuna’s legacy.

She was also trying to see the extent of foodie Wen Qingyu’s use. This was one of the cards that she had considered discarding.

Nothing much happened during the holidays. Of course, Lady Zhao was the center of attraction wherever she went. It did not bother her, she still had a lot of fun. Other guys tried to pursue Yu Xuefei, cheekily asking Zhao Youyue for a way to contact her. Fun days, right?

As usual, after the meal, everyone went for their karaoke sessions. Zhao Youyue walked about with her staff. If a lowlife appeared in the KTV[1] during an iconic bridge of a song, she could use her “Su Shi” card and showcase yet another one of her talents.

Everyone had already gotten used to Zhao Youyue walking about with a cane. This was how an exquisite Missy acted. She was just like an aristocrat. It was a reference to “Fate/Zero.” Indeed, if ordinary people walked around like this, people would assume that they were suffering from sophohigh syndrome. However, when Zhao Youyue did it, she had style. This was a good time to play the song “We’re Different”[2]…

Unfortunately, throughout the karaoke session, no such incident occurred. People were far more civilized in the real world. This world simply did not give her any opportunities to use her powers!

Zhao Youyue was not that interested in singing. However, when she did sing a little to be a good sport, everyone’s souls flew out of their bodies for that moment.

The social gathering ended in harmony – just like that. When she got back, she eagerly used the fully-charged godly Altair card to select a new world at will.

The source world was paradise for her. She could freely use all the abilities of all her cards at once. It was the definition of freedom

This had motivated her to craft new iconic characters.

Just as Zhao Youyue was preparing to open a passage to the new source world, she received a WeChat notification. It was some guy from the Computer Science Department, which she had just met today during the social gathering. The remark was: Xiao Yiren.

How frustrating. She had courteously added them on WeChat, but could not remember who was who. It could not be helped. Among the boys in the Computer Science Department, no one really caught her eye.

“Today, I’ve had the privilege of eating with a goddess like you and hearing the voice of nature of a goddess like you. I’m the luckiest man alive!”

When Zhao Youyue saw this message, she just thought that this guy was probably trying too hard to get on her good side. She was not too fond of others calling her things like “school flower,” “goddess” and such.

Zhao Youyue always had a good temper. Every time a boy took the initiative to send her a message, she always told herself that he was just complimenting her – it did not mean that he was into her. However, in the end, she would realize that most of them only messaged her because they totally wanted her. After all, she was still single. They were already in university, so she was the fantasy of many boys…

Apparently, only Han Leng and Du Hang were pure, relatively speaking. The former could never get himself free from her grasp, whereas the latter was a firm believer in the philosophy of loneliness. Whenever Du Hang got himself cornered by Zhao Youyue, he would inevitably shove a significant portion of his pragmatic insight into her face.

However, Zhao Youyue found these two boys far more interesting compared to those who did nothing but sent her terrible flirtatious messages.

Even the self-proclaimed professionals had no chance when it came to Zhao Youyue. She was far too different. Lovey-dovey little exchanges only sent chills up her spine. Some of them even did couple selfies and gave each other special nicknames. It was downright nauseating for her.

It was way too disgusting. Zhao Youyue knew how to play a romantic character, but she was not one. She neither lacked love nor friends. She had all kinds of friends and a brother who doted on her very much. So, why would she need a boyfriend?

“I’m just a side-character. A goddess does not exist,” Zhao Youyue replied casually.

“Too modest! It’s not good for a goddess like you to be too modest. After all, you’re so beautiful. I don’t even know how to describe your beauty, even though, obviously, I could not stop myself from writing inappropriate novels over the internet,” Xiao Yiren seemed to be putting the chatting advice that was given to him by a professional girl chaser to good use. The advice was, keep flattering a girl to get on her good side.

This would not work on Zhao Youyue. Did she lack people who flattered her? Xiao Yiren’s toady flattering only came off as cynical to her, almost mocking.

However, Zhao Youyue caught on a particular word, “Oh? You write novels? What’s it about?”

“It is a web novel, some isekai nonsense… As for what it’s about, forget it. I don’t think it’s good enough yet. One day, when I become a god, then I’ll tell you!”

When that day comes, I’ll already be a Goddess myself! Zhao Youyue scoffed at him in her thoughts.

The two of them casually chattered for a bit. Of course, Xiao Yiren was very enthusiastic. He eagerly buttered Lady Zhao up with more praises. However, he clearly needed practice. Zhao Youyue found his flattery too explicit and exaggerated. It was too fake.

You need to be a born genius to chase girls, let alone Zhao Youyue.

If not for the fact that he was a web novel writer, Zhao Youyue would have probably ignored him long ago.

Zhao Youyue wanted to go to sleep, so she stopped talking to him. He actually took the initiative to wish her “goodnight,” as if “good night” could also increase her favorability towards him. In actuality, to Zhao Youyue, greetings were just a tedious formality. Only strangers needed to exchange greetings.

Zhao Youyue could finally focus all of her energy into the new source world. With Altair’s car in hand, she opened the passage…

She was a newborn baby girl!

She had a sister who was one year older than her. Her sister’s name was —- —- Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon. She was a princess. She was the daughter of The Nilfgaardian Emperor Emhyr var Emreis and the Cintra Princess Pavetta and granddaughter of Calanthe, the “Lioness of Cintra.”

This was the source world of Western Fantasy! Perhaps, the inspiration for many Western fantasy novels stemmed from this world…

Translation note :

[1] KTV means Karaoke Television.

[2] “We’re Different” (我们不一样) is a song by Da Zhuang (大壯).