Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 612 - Social Activity

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Chapter 612: Social Activity

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January came to a sudden end. Zhao Youyue’s first half semester of her first year was just about to end. Her reign as the Deputy Head of the Student Council’s Literature and Art Department, and her appearance during the New Years Literature and Art Evening Party had most certainly been a great success. At this rate, she was more or less the queen of the University.

Well, not exactly queen. She was already a campus idol even before entering the Student Council. Therefore, during her successful appearance at the Literature and Art Evening Party, the Student Council quickly learned to respect her. They had taken her request to be a Deputy Head lightly. Now, they were caught in a mixture of regret and awe. Within their hearts, they had said, “As expected of Lady Zhao Youyue. She’s impeccable in almost every aspect!”

Zhao Youyue’s “accomplishments” within the Literature and Art Department had undoubtedly led her one step closer to the throne. During the first week of the second half semester, the war for the Student President’s seat would kick off.

As long as Zhao Youyue became the Student President, peace would befall everyone. She did not think that anyone would be able to usurp her.

Winter holidays were looming close. For a hacker like Zhao Youyue, the final exams did not faze her one bit. She would go claim her free scholarship, as usual.

Zhao Youyue’s dormitory mates would take it almost as easily. After all, all of them had broke through the entrance exams of Jiangnan University. Besides, the learning atmosphere of top universities was nothing like those general universities. Also, they were all girls. It was the male students who often failed due to fooling about too much…

By the time the exams arrived, they had given up trying altogether. They were even bothered to “microprint” any of their cheat sheets. If they did not fail their exams, who else would?

Nobody had gone home for the holidays yet. Thus, the nosy Yu Xuefei had suggested that they had dinner together and a Karaoke session. Wasn’t it wondering to socialize?

Obviously, Yu Xuefei had not ended up as the class rep of the Chinese Studies. That spot had also been taken up by Lady Zhao Youyue. It was not like she even wanted the position. She was not that ambitious. She only had the Student President position in her eyes. Well, nobody asked the class to nominate her.

Zhao Youyue was not only the so-called “Goddess of the Military Training,” she was also the model of the military training. She had also shocked the entire audiences during the Literature and Art Evening Party with her violin skill during a performance. It was at that moment, when the counselor mentioned that Zhao Youyue was the top subject among all Arts students within the Jiangnan Province. She should be the class rep. Who would dare protest?

Such a person did not exist!

Naturally, Yu Xuefei had tried all methods of tormenting the class rep. Even so, she could not seem to make her budge. Even so, Yu Xuefei was not frustrated by her lack of progress. She was basically a Class rep herself. This was because it was very much a trait of Zhao Youyue to have others to be at her beck and call. Everything that the counselor had her do, she would off-load the tasks to Yu Xuefer…

This was most certainly not coercion – she was merely giving a capable person the tasks and responsibilities that befitted her. This was the art of leadership!

Yu Xuefei was very concerned about her standing within the campus. She wished to be loved and respected by the students within the faculty. She wanted to brag all about it back home. Most importantly, she could rely on Lady Zhao’s name to oppress and intimidate others.

Yu Xuefei quickly realized that the key person on campus was Lady Zhao. Therefore, becoming Lady Zhao’s… no… handling some of her affairs was an absolutely worthwhile investment!

In fact, after many learned that she was Lady Zhao’s assistant, they started treating her with reverence.

Yu Xuefei was also another fresh face who earned herself a spot in the Student Council in no time whatsoever. She had opted for the Health Department. However, she had not been as fortunate as Bai Yunshan. Now, she was a member at the lowest level within the Health Department. Of course, she had placed herself at Deputy Head Zhao Youyue’s disposal. She even wholeheartedly supported Lady Zhao’s decision to participate in the general elections…

Evidently, Yu Xuefei had a thorough understanding of the fundamental nature of things, “when a person gains power, his or her subordinates would similarly raise up the ranks.”

As a person who was an incredible performer and actress, Zhao Youyue had always replied with the same words —— I’m just a Year 1 student. How could I step out of line and fight for the Student President position? I would not humiliate myself like so. I’d rather be the Head of the Literature and Art Department.

Upon obtaining the acting queen – “Zhang Guorong’s” character card she could lie and convince anyone with a straight face. Of course, she intended to be the Student President. However, her daily behavior, words, and demeanor all seemed to be clear about the opposite —— I don’t want to become the Student President. Please look for someone else, I don’t intend to step on anyone’s toes…

Even Yu Xuefei was deceived. Even so, she truly hoped that Lady Zhao took the position. Similarly deceived were the head of the Discipline Inspection Department, Qiao Fei and Cao Chuanguang, the newly-elected head of the Public Relations Department who had made himself an enemy of Lady Zhao. They had let their guards down and were now researching other competitors.

Yu Xuefei successfully invited a significant portion of the class to this get-together. It was a given to have dinner gatherings before holidays. She had even successfully invited male students from other faculties, namely the Computer Science faculty.

This was only possible because some male students from that faculty were interested in her. She was not interested in males, but the idea of being desired and pursued was a very pleasant one. It would be even more fun tantalizing them. How could a Goddess and elite scholar like herself walk around without a few manservants?

Vain girls all thought the same. On the other hand, the world had an abundance of naive men who always failed to see past beautiful faces. So what if she’s a bitch inside. She has a pretty face, that’s all that matters, right?

Thus, she had turned this dinner party into a fellowship session between the students of the Chinese Studies faculty and Computer Science faculty. Also, since Lady Zhao had honored them with her presence, the male students were pleasantly surprised…

When He Weiwei caught sight of two particular faces, her expression darkened. She pulled Yu Xuefei aside and hissed, “Why did you invite Zhong Xiaoli and Liu Dan to the dinner party? Have you already forgotten how they slandered Zhao Youyue in the first place?”

“Silly Wei, can’t you use a little more of your brain? I’m trying to find more reliable tools for Lady Zhao. Don’t you know that guilty conscience is a very effective motivator?”

“Bitchy Yu! Don’t you dare call me silly again! Of course, I know that! But their ass-licking is a little too disconcerting!”