Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 610 - Inferiority Complex

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Chapter 610: Inferiority Complex

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Zhao Hao had lost his soul. On the other hand, Zhao Youyue, the perpetrator of the disaster was jubilant. The taste of victory was sweet, it was delicious!

She suddenly felt that she should get herself a sports car, such as a “Zhui Dian.” In this case, whenever she got bored, she could go have some fun on the mountain road. It was therapeutic.

Zhao Youyue finally switched off the character card. In actuality, “Zhao Xiaomei” and herself shared more similarities than one might think. After all, Zhao Xiaomei was a fictional version of herself. She had earned her status as a highly popular character. The manga was already rather popular, to begin with. Also, who else would think of such an elegant lady driving so violently.

Whenever Zhao Youyue activated this card, changes in her personality would be minimal, unlike her other cards.

At that time, Zhao Hao was frantically solving his physiological issues in the toilet. He had not yet been scared shitless. Impressively, he had retained most of his bowel control. Right now, he was “releasing water” in front of the urinal. Both his legs were still shaking. But his entire person seemed to have completely come back to life, as if he had regained a new lease of life…

Chen Yilong and Xia Hai hesitantly approached Zhao Youyue. Both of them looked at Lady Zhao as if they were looking at a monster. Even the “face-blind” Xia Hai had been mentally scarred for life. Her face would be the object of his nightmares for a long time!

His defeat did not upset him much. He had given his all. He had even surpassed his past self. That alone, was worth being happy about.

Zhao Youyue did not become arrogant in victory, as she knew that she had ‘cheated.’ Xia Hai was the one with true capabilities. He had put up a very good fight against a fictional character. One day, she might come across a racing kind of source-world through “Altair’s card..” That world might host racing deities. They would scoff at driting like it was child’s play. More awesome techniques like “Gutter Hooks”[1] would also be considered menial. Their techniques should involve stuff like cars backflipping and stuff.

Fantasy competitive types of works were still prevalent in recent years. For example, the skill to be able to get a 100% “buff from the striking of a gong,” to the “catching of the moon from the bottom of the sea.” Mahjong was truly fun!

Now, Zhao Youyue could also experience the fun of racing. Little did she know that Zhao Hao, once a diehard fan of drifting, had been traumatized for life. He had completely lost interest in fast cars. It was better to sit in a Rolls Royce or Bentley. Screw you, supercar…

Wait, this was a win-win situation, wasn’t it? The brother did not want anything to do with his supercar anymore, so he would hand it down to his sister. That’s the natural order of things, right?

Xia Hai was a stiff man of few words. He uttered an uncharacteristically long sentence. “You’re strong. Hope we have the chance to race again. No matter which mountain road it is. As long as you come, I would race you. Come find me if you really treat me as a fellow racer!”

Xia Hai had not been discouraged by this loss. He was not an anime character. Before he had received the title “King of the Mountain,” he had experienced countless failures. He did not have Chen Yilong’s backing in the past. All he had was his trusty, self-modified car. He was already accustomized to the taste of defeat…

Sometimes, a gap in the performance of cars would not guarantee the outcome of a race. Sheer skill could conquer it all.

While Xia Hai had remained entirely calm, Chen Yilong was staring at Zhao Youyue with a far more passionate gaze. If it was not for his sexual orientation, he might have already been thoroughly conquered by Zhao Youyue!

Who was this Lady exactly? Not only was she good at gaming, singing, playing the violin, she was a mountain racing queen. She was some sort of real life glitch…

“Zhao Youyue, you’ve successfully caught my attention!” said Chen Yilong, trying to hold back his smile.

Zhao Youyue’s impression towards Chen Yilong was rather neutral. Zhao Hao would not stop reminding her that Chen Yilong was a scumbag. He relied exclusively on his handsome appearance to play with female hearts…

Even so, Zhao Youyue did not find any part of him to be particularly annoying. Zhao Youyue could not help but throw a jab, “Are you now cosplaying as an overbearing president?”

“I thought that all girls like my type? To gain your favorability, I can only try my best to arm myself like so,” said Chen Yilong, a slight smile on his face.

“Well, you’re not wrong. They definitely love that type. You could probably tell that I armed myself similarly, no?” said Zhao Youyue. She seemed to be more vocal about her preference towards beautiful and gentle girls.

“Tsk… I did not expect us to be kindred spirits, My Lady. Interesting, interesting…” Chen Yilong seemed to have understood something.

As Chen Yilong and Zhao Youyue chatted away, Zhao Hao finally returned. He saw Chen Yilong and Zhao Youyue chatting happily, and his heart froze up. He shoved away the jelly that still remained in his knees and hurriedly cut in. He was afraid that his sister would also fall victim to this scumbag, Chen Yilong…

Most people these years judged people by looks, no matter the gender. Generally speaking, no matter how much of a scumbag a handsome guy or a beautiful girl was, someone would always be willing to accept them. They all would have the same thoughts, “I’m the one. I’ll be the one who turns this scumbag over a new leave, and we’ll live happily ever after. For the sake of such good looks, I don’t mind wearing the hat of forgiveness.”

When Chen Yilong saw Zhao Hao, he quickly turned to tease him. “Boss Hao, why did you rush to the toilet? Did you actually wet yourself? I’m pretty sure I saw you throwing up. What a drama queen!”

Zhao Hao jumped like a monkey that had been stepped on by the tail. He stomped the ground and roared, “Bullsh*t! It was a most exhilarating experience! I was in heaven! I love drift racing!”

Chen Yilong smiled. He helped Zhao Hao adjust his messy clothes, and cooed, “Why not we sit in your sister’s car together, the next time? I truly want to experience those drifts myself…”

Zhao Hao’s face turned even whiter.

Where was my phobia? Come back here, phobia!

Translation Note:

[1] Gutter Hook – A technique by Takumi Fujiwara in “Initial D.” This is the one Takumi is most known for and has been used multiple times when racing on Akina. It’s an entry-oriented method that doesn’t let the driver understeer at the entrance. The inner tires are dropped into the gutter to withstand the centrifugal force of the turn. It allows the car to turn beyond the grip of its tires.