Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 606 - Similar Aura

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Chapter 606: Similar Aura

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The first person who Zhao Youyue and Zhao Hao met was in fact that aforementioned “Ex-Racing God of Mount Qilin.” He may have lost, but he still brought along the heavily modified car, courtesy of Zhao Hao. If all went to plan, this would be Zhao Youyue’s car of the race.

This was nothing like a stock Lamborghini. The “Ex-Racing God of Mount Qilin” was famous for showing off with massive drifts during his races, but he only did this to rile the crowd up. During the race with Xia Hai, he had been forced to be as serious as possible – not pulling off a single drift, unable to overtake Xia Hai during the bends.

Zhao Youyue considered this racer to be a side character in a manga. Some has-been who never got to flaunt his power – because the story was not about them. It was sad but true.

It may be due to his loss, or he may be subdued in nature, or he was never the wild kind. Either way, he was in a dejected, foul mood.

He did not even bother looking at Miss Zhao.

Zhao Youyue had dressed like a Missy as usual. She looked like one of those cultivators from Chinese mythology. If one had been following the latest issues of “Fast Tracks: No Limits,” they would learn that Zhao Youyue had unknowingly cosplayed the wild missy, Zhao Xiaomei from the manga.

Zhao Youyue got straight to the point. “Let me get used to both the car and the route first, shall I?”

Zhao Hao was hesitant. Was his own sister really challenging the Heavenly King Xia Hai? She may have bitten off more than she could chew.

As he stood there like a statue, Zhao Youyue had already grabbed the keys and adjusted her seat. The interior of the car was rather conventional. As she revved the engine, things became apparent. The engine had been heavily modified.

Zhao Youyue once again activated the “Zhao Xiaomei” character card. It was time to go all out and tear up the road.

Zhao Youyue gave it another vroom and sped off in a cloud of tire smoke. Zhao Hao felt his jaw strike the ground.

The Ex “Racing God of Mount Qilin” turned as pale as a ghost. Barely able to keep his voice steady, he managed to utter “Boss Zhao, is that your new racer? Don’t you think she started off a little too ferociously?”

Zhao Hao only shook his head and replied, “That can’t be it. She’s a very gentle, refined driver. The horsepower might have been more than she’s used to…?”

The Ex “Racing God of Mount Qilin” could not see how she was gentle or refined. “My car might not be as crazy as Xia Hai’s, but I’m nobody just hops in such a car and goes flying like that.”

As the competition had yet to truly start, the cameras around the technical bends had not yet been set up, and there were no drones in the air yet. Even so, the rumbling of the tarmac did not escape their ears. The screeching of tires that threatened to leave the road were unmistakable. It was both equally excruciating and addictive.

Zhao Youyue was beyond jubilant. This was her first time experiencing such speeds in real life.

If anyone had been sitting beside her, they would have wet the seat. She took the corners at 180km/h without even drifting. The car could tip over at any moment.

Even so, Zhao Youyue had already entered another realm. This was something like Chu Luoxun’s “Music of the Soul.” It projected a new world into the minds of onlookers, and people would be so entranced that they would not even question the reality of what they saw before them. At that moment, Zhao Youyue became one with the car. The Gods took hold of her soul, guiding her over bends in the most outrageous methods possible, while still keeping her safe.

Zhao Youyue as if she was no longer in full control of her body. It tore through the law of physics like a pinata.

As Zhao Hao and the Ex “Racing God of Mount Qilin” started speculating about her lap times, she had already returned from the other direction. Onlookers finally recognized the car, but they could not see its driver.

Sadly enough, the racing god’s reputation had already taken a huge dip since his loss. Someone asked, “Is the Racing God of Mount Qilin planning to claim his revenge on the Heavenly King Xia Hai?”

“You’re being delusional. Didn’t you see how Xia Hai left him in the dust? He has no chance, whatsoever!”

“Wait a minute… Look who just got down, that’s not the Racing God, it’s a pretty lady!”

“Eh? A woman wants to try out mountain racing? This must be a joke right?”

“She probably wanted to have some fun, since she did not have to worry about crashing into others while going down the mountain!”

Zhao Hao rushed to the car and looked at his sister in shock and contentment. He did not have a stopwatch in his hand, but his instincts told him that she had just slain the course. He was now confident enough to bet on her skills.

He also wanted to ride shotgun and experience a full-speed run, just like what Chen Yilong did with Xia Hai.

Even if his sister could drift, she had the sense to hold the car steady in a serious race.

At that moment, Chen Yilong and Xia Hai finally arrived. The two bastards immediately attracted a crowd.

Chen Yilong was the handsome bastard with a princely aura around him. He flashed his signature smile and drew all the “kyaaas” from the girls. On the other hand, Xia Hai lurked about like a necromancer. With his long, unkempt hair and unshaved chin, he gave off a domineering aura. He was not handsome, but he was most definitely cool.

There was no mistaking it. Such was the aura for someone with the title, “Heavenly King.”

Chen Yilong caught sight of Zhao Hao, and could immediately tell that the one next to him was Zhao Youyue. His original impression of Zhao Youyue had been that of a pure, kind and talented girl, but she had turned out to be completely different.

Chen Yilong could sense an aura coming from Zhao Youyue that was similar to Xia Hai. It was the aura of a racer, and not just any run-of-the-mill racer.

The usually cool “Heavenly King” Xia Hai also sensed Zhao Youyue’s presence. His mind did not register the beauty reflected in his eyes, only an overwhelming foe.