Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 599 - Meaningless Suicide

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Chapter 599: Meaningless Suicide

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Zhao Youyue never wanted to force her way through like this. But what choice was given to her? As a relatively unknown name, she would have never gotten the leading role like that.

All things considered, Xue Lu was still too much. She did not even give Zhao Youyue the opportunity to have a proper audition. Who knows, if she had taken it, the situation did not have to be this bad.

This had happened when Zhao Youyue attempted to dub for ‘Yu Shengfan.’ Nobody had believed in her. After all, she did not have any professional training, so how could she do a decent job?

At least the Animation Director gave Zhao Youyue an opportunity to perform. In the process of doing so, he became conquered by her perfect voice over. He confidently handed her the role. She created a whole new level of a fanbase for the character. Some even said that if they did not hear her insults for a day, they might drop dead…

As filming began, Zhao Youyue could tell that the director was still furious. She could try reassuring her with words, but the director would never hear any of it. Therefore, she could only attempt to win the director’s heart with her performance.

Actions spoke louder than words.

Whenever Director Xue Lu was interviewed by the media or carried out the usual promotional campaign, she never mentioned Zhao Youyue’s name even once. The focus was all on Liu Xingxing and Nie Zisu. She was certain that if fans learned that Chu Luoxuan would be played by some rookie actress who has never acted before – even fans of the original book might boycott this movie.

In conclusion, Xue Lu’s expectations towards Zhao Youyue were almost non-existent. She was even thinking of methods to get rid of this person who relied solely on her connections. She had her share of making backdoor deals. However, accepting someone who had never even been to an acting school was just ridiculous. Someone like her should just be a side character or cameo. How could she become the main actress instantly? What nonsense is this!

Unfortunately, no matter how unsatisfied Xue Lu was, she could only hold it in. At the same time, she was preparing her heart to go through the toughest filming she’s ever been through…

As Nie Zisu was an easy target for criticism, her haters started a riot, after netizens who paid close attention to the movie knew that she was about to play the role of Lin Meiyue. They were baffled at how Nie Zisu, the idol who always caused trouble and was almost always surrounded by scandals had been allowed to play the role of Lin Meiyue. It was completely unacceptable for her to play the role of Lin Meiyue, a pure character, the epitome of first love!

Nie Zisu was always in the headlines, everyone’s attention was fixated on her as she was always the subject of discussion. Naturally, Lady Zhao adopted a low profile to stay clear of the firestorm. She was a side character, once again. In contrast, she would be playing as Chu Luoxun, the most dazzling star mankind had ever known…

Zhao Youyue felt at ease knowing that Nie Zisu, a main tank [1] was there to draw all the hatred to herself. She would always use the ‘Zhang Guorong’ character card whenever she was around the cast and crew. Therefore, she looked like a quiet bishojo who stood apart from the world. She was just devoting all of her energy to her performance, hoping to act out the essence of Chu Luoxun. She was not disturbed by the public opinion outside, so she felt relaxed and happy. Maybe this was the desires of the legendary actress ‘Zhang Guorong.’

Fame meant nothing to her – she just wanted to perform.

It was because of this that Zhao Youyue could not help but have a favorable impression on Nie Zisu who was always criticised by her anti-fans. Well, main tanks were always likable.

On the first day of filming, Zhao Youyue had met up with the other two main characters. Liu Xingxing was playing the male character. He did not turn out as wild as the rumors said. Instead, he was very calm and collected. If anything, he treated Zhao Youyue rather coldly. He probably heard more than a few stories about her from his manager.

This was why Liu Xingxing kept Missy Zhao Youyue at arm’s length. At the same time, he could not help it but feel pessimistic about the entire movie. He had wanted a perfect opening for his debut in the main role. This was impossible, now…

Even so, Liu Xingxing was still a respectable actor. He performed most passionately. He would rather be called an actor, rather than a celebrity. No matter what, he would give his best!

Compared to Lie Xingxing’s estranged attitude, Nie Zisu, the viral celebrity who was rumored to have an arrogant attitude, seemed to find Zhao Youyue interesting. Since the beginning, she had been attempting to strike up a conversation with Zhao Youyue. Her first sentence was, “How could you have such a beautiful aura. Woah, I am so jealous of you!”

Zhao Youyue felt that Nie Zisu’s entire body emanated a goofy aura. It would be as infuriating as it is exciting, dealing with such a character. You would constantly find yourself flabbergasted, the level of unpredictability was off the charts…

“Ms. Nie, you’re cuter! I heard your group’s song, ‘Baby’ and it really is such an addictive song! People are even using the dance moves for group morning exercises.”

Zhao Youyue replied with a smile and even made a silent squeal, which made her look as if she was a fangirl of Nie Zisu. In reality, she had done her research about her for the past few days. She had also researched Liu Xingxing. Her lines had been well-rehearsed and could be blurted out at a moment’s notice.

Zhao Youyue had also been born with the ability to flatter people to the moon. As long as she was given an opportunity, she could use various methods to make someone feel good. You would never notice her trap until you have stepped deep into it.

Indeed, Nie Zisu was adorable. You could not help but be attracted by her round face and mesmerizing eyes. Her curly long hair and airy bangs was the finishing touch! At the same time, she possessed the demeanor of a top celebrity. No wonder she was the center of attraction, wherever she went.

Such an image made people wonder why such a cute girl would be continuously criticised by the netizens. Even more puzzling was how aloof she was about the entire thing. Reading the comments online would suggest that she did all this for the fame. It was so frustrating!

After Nie Zisu heard Zhao Youyue’s praises, her reactions were quite interesting. An average person would typically maintain their humbleness. However, Nie Zisu did not do so. She made a roaring laughter sound and slapped Lady Zhao’s shoulder excitingly. Then, she said elatedly, “You have good taste. Even I feel that I am cuter! Of course, I’ll admit that you are far more beautiful and elegant, compared to me! Come here! Where do you want me to sign for you?”

Zhao Youyue blinked in surprise. How many fangirls has she already given out her autographs to? Such fluid, practiced lines!

“Ah, I forgot to bring a pen. I would definitely ask for Ms. Nie’s autograph next time…” Lady Zhao, the drama queen, pulled off a regretful face. Of course, she couldn’t give a damn about it.

Zhao Youyue was such an egomaniac, why would she care for some random celebrity? If she wanted to idolize someone, that would be herself. She would never idolize anyone else. She should be the idol.

Nie Zisu went on without skipping a beat, and comforted her, “Next time, just bring your pen. I could just sign it on your chest, hehehe”

Her gaze lingered on Lady Zhao’s chest. She looked oddly hungry…

Zhao Youyue could not help but think about Nie Zisu’s fangirls. Nie Zisu was a girl. If she was a guy, her fangirls would most probably be her sex slaves.

It was a normal thing for male idols to have sex with their fans. It was a win-win situation. The fans would have the opportunity to ride their idols. It was an experience they could brag about to others.

“Oh yea, just call me Su Su next time. I heard that you came in through the back door. Nobody is going to believe in your abilities. Of course, that includes me. You should be careful when you perform in the coming days. My fabulous acting skills might crush you and traumatize you!” Nie Zisu added, mockingly. Perhaps this was the arrogance people spoke about. A regular person would never see it any other way.

She was probably like Bai Yunshan – as with herself and as she was with others. Not many could endure and tolerate them.

However, Zhao Youyue was no regular person. The scathing remark wooshed past her ears. She would use her own performance to prove herself.

The filming process went on uneventfully. This was not the legendary celebrity director, Manfred Wong [2]. Normally, it would take up to five outtakes to wrap up the filming process…

Zhao Youyue got over her scenes in single takes. Her cheatcodes left the entire crew and cast shell-shocked. Was she possessed by the ghost of some legendary actress!

Xue Lu was blown away. She profusely apologized to Zhao Youyue and handed out her personal contact. She hoped to work with her in future projects.

Liu Xingxing had distanced himself from Zhao Youyue. Her perfect performance had left him deeply impressed. He had even asked for guidance from Zhao Youyue and had learned a lot from it. He soon became fast friends with Lady Zhao. Taking part in this movie was the best choice that he could have ever made.

The egomaniacal Nie Zisu was crushed by Lady Zhao’s performance. This experience had traumatized her!

Well, she always got over her slumps – she experienced them on a daily basis. Give her a day or two, and she would be back to normal. Then, she would continue posting her beautiful selfies on her Weibo. Her selfies would receive a bunch of comments from her fans, praising her beauty, and she would feel revived!

After bouncing back to her feet, she befriended Lady Zhao…

Translation note:

[1] “Main tank” (MT). A main tank is first of all a tank. In a raid, the main tank does most of the pulling and keeps the hardest hitting or most difficult mob(s) on himself. In a broader sense, a main tank is the player in a party that concentrates on keeping the mobs attacking him and only him, while the other players pick them off.

[2] “Manfred Wong” is a Hong Kong radio personality, film producer, screenwriter, film director, and actor.