Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 593 - Storm Is Coming

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Chapter 593: Storm Is Coming

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Every human could be distinguished individually by the way they process thoughts and react. However, when human merged together and formed a crowd, they were no smarter than a herd of sheep. Especially it is a crowd of females-only.

Girls with pretty faces had to be good at something, right. Even if they were not smart, everything they did was adorable.

In either case, the less intelligent the girl, the easier it would be to deceive them. It was easy having them walk into the traps of their own idolatry. Predators did not even need to lift a finger.

They tended to act impulsively, instantly swapping the last few bits of intelligence left in their brains with stupidity.

There were plenty of beautiful girls in this world, but very few of them have been born with a soul passionate about something. Perhaps these girls only existed in the world of a novella.

Talented authors such as Han Leng were victims of this cruel world, cursed to be alone for the rest of their lives. Their thoughts were too sophisticated to be comprehended by ordinary girls. It was meaningless to date a girl and always be at an impasse, their words never reaching the other.

He would rather discuss the philosophy of loneliness with Du Hang than date these girls.

Han Leng was aware of how some pretty faces supported Cao Chuanguang’s pursuit of courting Zhao Youyue. When they saw Cao Chuanguang’s old-fashioned confession with love-shaped candles arrangement, they vigorously shouted “Together! Together!” Who was Cao Chuanguang confessing to? Them? Disgusting!

Since the day Han Leng set foot in the university, he looked forward to finding someone who shared common topics with him. Disappointed by the girls he met, he was certain that no other girls, besides, Lady Zhao was worth his time.

He should have known earlier. Du Hang had once told him that people did not need a valid reason to hate someone. Just the thought of them would elicit an inexplicable sense of anger and disgust.

There was no doubt about it. Han Leng finally realized what he hated most was women.

Perhaps he was looking for someone to blame for his frustrations. Yes, he had no doubt that Lady Zhao would hold her own without trouble. That did not mean that he had to accept their primate-like aggression.

What else could he do? All he did was remain silent and watch Cao Chuanguang continue making a fool of himself.

Somehow, he was impressed at how many girls bit into Cao Chuanguang’s bait. It was no surprise that Lady Zhao would remain unaffected, but look at those little fishes go!

Could you possibly blame these pretty faces? That was how the world worked. His ideal world could only exist in his story.

Cao Chuanguang’s confession videos spread across the internet. Zhao Youyue regarded it as a passing bug. Together with Su Li in a full-body treatment, Lady Zhao was in a high-end beauty center, chatting about comics and games.

Zhao Youyue intended to start a cuisine comic with Su Li as soon as possible. First, she would bring Su Li to eat various, exquisite cuisine in the city. Then she would share her past experiences with the iconic food that she once tried. This should be sufficient inspiration for Su Li!

Su Li had learned a lot from her work with “Himegoto.” capable of producing a remarkable comic on her own. She had done the right thing by mixing with the right people.

Fortunately, Cao Chuanguang had not attempted to tape a recording of him confessing to Zhao Youyue in person. She might have ruined her flawless image by dumping a bucket of water on his head. How could a man be so shameless? Why was he still breathing?

He was a stubborn, disgusting fly that would buzz around incessantly until you swung a sledgehammer at it. Worst of all, he had an ego that the world could barely contain. If rejection was enough to dissuade him, how else could he get his sincerity across the room?

People only give up if they were insincere!

Well, this was not always true or false.

A confession that does not end up in rejection only occurred if two people fell in love at first sight.

If one side had to work alone, he or she was merely demanding the other to obey his or her wishes. The other party was only enjoying the attention of being desired. No one hand can form a clap on its own.

Therefore, it was wise to give up at the moment of rejection. Those who rejected people because of too shy to say yes should be matched with those who would not give up easily. They were made for each other! Despite their true feelings, their characters were somehow compatible with each other.

Nothing was right or wrong. People were forced to do things they did not like just to get out of single life.

Waiting for the one true love in our lives was hopeless. Instead of waiting, we should just strive for our dreams and live our lives the way we want to.

Han Leng admired Du Hang’s stubbornness, even if he doubted Du Hang’s definition of true love. Nevertheless, they shared the same ideals when it came to potential spouses.

Han Leng was just as stubborn. He had absolute faith that Lady Zhao would never give up on her dreams for some paltry, puppy love. Lady Zhao was not a slave to her own flesh!

Unfortunately, he could not help Lady Zhao chase off this Cao Chuanguang.

Lady Zhao finally came across the video of Cao Chuanguang’s confession. It only put a cold smirk on Lady Zhao’s face. Futile, how futile. Cao Chuanguang had tried to leave an impression of “being the loyal, dedicated one” in the heart of the students. It served as a great pitch for the next election.

Zhao Youyue had held back. She had no intentions of resorting to underhanded tactics when it came to gaining support for the next election. Apparently, someone had forced her hand.

Lady Zhao may be pretty as an angel, but she sure was not one.

Cao Chuanguang was a narcissist who cared about nothing but his fame and glory. When Zhao Youyue gets elected as the new President, he would be given the boot off the stage. He was fighting to remain in the limelight. To him, this was war, and wars are ugly.