Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 592 - Various Types of Pursuers

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Chapter 592: Various Types of Pursuers

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Qiao Fei’s idea had actually started off well. Whenever leaders made a mistake, it was normal to see them off-loading the blame to subordinates that bothered them. Smart leaders would push the responsibility to unpopular ones. A foolish leader would pass the buck without putting much thought into it. In doing so, one day, they would ultimately lose the support of others.

Qiao Fei was not a brilliant leader. After all, she was just a university girl who had yet to set foot in the real world. She had the talent for leadership, but she truly lacked the experience. Even so, she was no match, compared with the pretentious and skilled Lady Zhao.

Qiao Fei did not like Bai Yunshan. She was not the only person. Many found it hard to get along with the “strict and demanding” Bai Yunshan. On the other hand, Zhao Youyue knew just how to accommodate her. After an extended period of interacting and doting on her, Zhao Youyue had successfully won the heart of the ignorant, straightforward Bai Yunshan. After that, she encouraged Bai Yunshan to continue being herself.

Zhao Youyue was intrigued and impressed by that girl’s strength of character. If she wanted to be like Bai Yunshan, she would have to activate a character card. She could never set her mind so firmly on a path. She truly saw the beauty in such sincere straightforwardness.

Undoubtedly, Lady Zhao was protective of Bai Yunshan. Therefore, she firmly changed the look on her face and said, “President Qiao, you’re too much. How could you say such a thing? I think that the disciplinary member named Bai Yunshan is excellent. She’s very responsible, and she has a great sense of justice. I think she deserves a promotion. Let her be a clerk for now.”

Zhao Youyue had just condescendingly dropped an order upon Qiao Fei. She seemed to have won the President of the Student Council position, instead. None of the big bosses spoke up. As she had been humiliated, Qiao Fei’s face turned green, and then red. She was just as confused as she was furious. Had Lady Zhao seen through her? Was Lady Zhao telling her not to shirk her responsibility? Didn’t people say that children of the dignitaries did not care about small fries? Didn’t they vent their anger on anyone they wanted?

Qiao Fei could only put her pride aside and express her agreements. She would promote Bai Yunshan. Well, this was also another good idea. She could show her subordinates that she had a “sharp eye for talent.” She would never turn a blind eye to capable disciplinary members.

Little did Qiao Fei know that Zhao Youyue could not be any less bothered about the entire matter. She was just emphasizing her importance. It was a warning to everyone present to stay out of her way.

Lady Zhao had nothing against anyone. On the other hand, none of the so-called big bosses present at the scene were of any importance to her.

All in all, the dinner went rather well. Han Leng had watched everything happen from the sidelines and felt an inexplicable sense of excitement growing in his chest. He finally realized how terrifying a furious Lady Zhao could be. Nothing held up against her. It was not blind, brutal violence. It was more like a weighted, huge net that came down and smothered everyone, blotting the sun out. The more they struggled, the tighter the net grew. She did all this with a smile on her face.

Of course, what banquet would be complete without the typical immature troublemaker who did not know his place? Indeed, there was Cao Chuanguang, the guy who wished to be the next President of the Publicity Department. As the previous President of the Publicity Department, Zhu Yongnian was now the President of the Student Council, his old position had been vacated.

As annoying as Cao Chuanguang was, he was highly competent. There were no two ways about it, he was definitely going to take over the position. His next step would be to run for President of the Student Council. He would be Lady Zhao’s direct opponent…

Cao Chuanguang’s competence overlapped with his annoying factor the most when he pursued Zhao Youyue. Nobody knew where he got Zhao Youyue’s contact information from. Every day, he insisted on sending text messages to Zhao Youyue, wishing her “good morning,” “goodnight” and the like. He seemed to believe in the saying, “complete sincerity can affect even metal and stone.”

Initially, Zhao Youyue had not paid him much heed. She had taken him as just another regular pursuer. She had grown very experienced in swatting these flies away. She could make most men retreat on their own accord, without even attempting to confess. It was better for the both of them. They could walk with the pride intact, she would not be disturbed.

Of course, some brainless guys would blurt out confessions from nowhere. Zhao Youyue would not even have the chance to give them the “good person card” or the “friend card.” She only gave these cards to Han Leng. Haha. Zhao Youyue would put these guys down. She would tell them that they certainly did not like her, they just worshipped her. She allowed these guys to get to know themselves better. If they still pestered her, the only thing she could do was to directly block them.

In her normal state, Zhao Youyue was gentle and had a warm personality. Naturally, she seemed to be an easy target. However, if she turned cold, she could freeze people to death. She could become extremely bad-tempered if she wanted to. People would not even attempt to approach her.

When boys took the initiative to pursue Lady Zhao, many of them could not help but ask, “My Lady, why is a goddess like you, perfect in all aspects, single?”

Zhao Youyue often sent these boys back with a few words. She would downplay herself by claiming that she was just too shallow. She just wanted to study hard and get a doctorate. Then, she would jokingly ask the boys whether a special girl like her – who wanted to be a “female Doctor” – too boring.

Of course, these boys would say no. They would wish for Lady Zhao to continue her elite scholar journey. They would walk away from the conversation, feeling all the more inferior. This girl was beyond them. They were not worthy of her. They definitely would not be able to get a girl like her, so they would take the initiative and retreat.

Of course, others would think that this was a blessing in disguise. Those boys have voluntarily retreated, this was their chance now, right?

The joys of fantasy. Zhao Youyue herself could hardly imagine ever falling in love with a boy. She might have many male friends, but when it came to having a boyfriend or a husband even, forget it.

Girls, ordinary girls, or rather, most of the girls in the world, including precious daughters like her would have no choice but to marry someone once they reach a certain age. However, she had the “Two Dimensional Gate,” and this changed the game. She could override the norms.

After Zhao Youyue learned that her persistent stalker was Cao Chuanguang, she tried to scare him away. However, even after her real identity was exposed, Cao Chuanguang did not back off. She resorted to unceremoniously blocking him. Goodbye, sweet, good night and good morning text messages.

Undeniably, these persistent suitors were very annoying. Even so, after Zhao Youyue revealed her true identity, Cao Chuanguang was no longer as aggressive as before.

Cao Chuanguang had even made a name for himself – the “wildest pursuer of Lady Zhao from the Journalism Department of Jiangnan University.” He did not seem to run out of ideas, like arranging candles in a heart shape and lighting them up at night. That video certainly became rather viral on the internet. Of course, luxurious cars and fresh bouquets were no exception…

Coupled with the fact that Cao Chuanguang was actually pretty good-looking; some girls on the internet who did not know the whole story would feel their own hearts fluttering. This talented guy was just too sweet and affectionate. It was so touching!

Boohoo, QAQ[1], Lady Ah Yu, just say yes to him. Date him already, Will you?


Translation note :

[1] “QAQ” is an Eastern emoticon, similar to that of :\'(, meaning crying or sad.