Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 590 - Ever-changing Styles

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Chapter 590: Ever-changing Styles

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Han Leng no longer knew the girl beside him. At times, he even suspected that Lady Zhao had actual multiple personality disorder. How else did she pull off these different faces on different occasions, at different times? Studying, reading, performing, she was never the same person.

Baseline Lady Zhao was rather easy to approach. She was the warm, cheerful girl next door. She did everything slowly and calmly. Sometimes, she would be a little playful and adorable. She loved to tease the people who were close to her heart. Whenever she got bored, she would always be looking at her phone, as if she was addicted to it.

In her normal state, Lady Zhao was indeed a side-character. In this world, almost everyone had this “girl next door” personality. She was also rather bland as a person. She was nothing like those 2D girls who had distinctive moe personalities.

Zhao Youyue was very much aware of this. Hence, whenever she was not using any character cards, she would put up a pretentious front and get strangers to take notice of her. She was the missy who had just walked out of an Anime. Everywhere she went, she took a luxury car. She would be covered in handmade, luxury branded items from head to toe. She had also trained herself to carry out tea ceremonies with precision, or at least pretend to. Anyone who drank her Darjeeling tea would sigh, “so this happens when Missy herself personally brews this tea.” In actuality, they were just imagining things. Imagining that the Darjeeling tea truly carried the touch of a true missy.

Additionally, she did not pay using channels such as Alipay, WeChat and the likes. She only wielded a single, legendary black card. Of course, this was only when she was deliberately pretentious. Otherwise, how else would she be able to recreate the stereotypical Anime Missy?

However, Zhao Youyue was too lazy to put up an act in front of familiar faces. It was much better to be a mobile phone addict. Didn’t phones occupy everyone’s attention at the dinner table?

Han Leng had taken a liking to observe Lady Zhao play pretend quietly. For example, previously, as the President of the Food Research Department, she had appeared “fully armed” as she dealt with the normal students and student leaders who wanted to know more about the society. She would always act like an extremely noble missy. She was almost telling the students, “Since you commoners have come onto my territory, you must kneel down and show your respects…”

Then, a routine tea ceremony would be carried out, and she would showcase her amazing tea-making skills. Her visitors would feel intimidated and pressurized in equal measure, as if they had just experienced the story of a lifetime —- —-

It was a beautiful afternoon. I was fortunate enough to have tasted the Darjeeling tea made by a true noble firsthand. She was a Lady, and she showed me what a perfect tea ceremony was. To this day, I can still taste the tea on my lips!

Having tasted the iconic Darjeeling tea made by a Missy, I can now die in peace!

It was not just tea. Sometimes, Lady Zhao personally cooked some dishes. Naturally, her cooking was nothing like those famous chefs, but with the “handmade by a missy,” label, they became extremely popular!

This was why Lady Zhao was so famous at Jiangnan University. She was really too much of a missy. “Missy” was a noun, but she had turned it into an adjective.

Other missies on the same level as Zhao Youyue could never play pretend in such a refreshing and unconventional manner. On the contrary, they would appear just like other ordinary people…

Missies were nothing more than ordinary girls with additional privileges, and these privileges were often optional. They would not deliberately pursue ultimate luxury items and such. When average people looked at a real missy, they would not be able to tell that she had a great background.

These missies hid in plain sight, especially when they were of the high school student age. On the surface, it seemed like nothing was surprising about them. People would assume that they were from a regular family. However, during graduation, they would finally learn how wrong they had been. That person was actually a child of a rich and powerful family!

Such a thing often happened between girls. Even after being classmates for several years, they would never suspect a thing. Later, they would discover that their friend was actually the real deal.

Undoubtedly, Zhao Youyue’s past experience as a side-character stood as a testimony. However, her side-character attributes were definitely way higher than others. Her classmates of several years did not even know her name. That had been truly frustrating. It was no wonder that Zhao Youyue would start proactively upgrading herself. Without being pretentious and deliberately seeking for attention, who would know that she was a missy?

It was the only reason her Food Research Department had been able to attract such a crowd. Her fan club at Jiangnan University had also officially established. There were more female students than males. Even so, Lady Zhao stood head and shoulders over them.

The fan club did not exactly please Zhao Youyue. She always thought that it was a little unreal. In essence, she was obviously an ordinary, unremarkable side-character. How did she even become a campus idol?

Zhao Youyue begrudgingly accepted the role. She was acting like a stereotypical missy, anyway. She had grown highly proficient at it. Her acting was not as smooth and natural as compared to a character card, but the commoners obviously did not care. They loved her this way. Otherwise, how could she be considered a missy?

Han Leng originally thought that Zhao Youyue would carry out her usual stiff, stereotypical missy act. He never expected this change of style. At that moment, she was no longer a missy. She was a superstar walking on the red carpet. People were actually taking photos with their phones!

It was a bizarre sight. Even Zhu Yongnian, the newly-appointed President of the Student Council had joined in. As they snapped away, mouths started chattering —- —-

“This is why I say Zhao Youyue is really well-deserving of the school flower title among this new batch of freshmen. I’ve run into her on campus before, but I didn’t think that she was worthy of the title at that time. Among the freshmen, there are still other girls who are as pretty. However, now that I see her again, I finally understand everything! The most important thing is still temperament!”

“You call that a missy? She’s a freaking superstar. She’s the Empress-level actress who has been to countless big occasions and has seen it all!”

“When I think about how I once had dinner with a girl like her and how I’ll be able to raise my glass to toast her, I can’t help but think of how I’ll recite this tale to my grandkids. It’s such an honor!”

“Damn, this entrance… I have no words for it! Does she really have to steal the limelight like this? I really feel bad for all the other girls here; it’s like they’ve lost their beauty!”

“This trashy school is not a stage for her at all. Her stage should be the entire world!”

Obviously, Zhao Youyue was simply making her way to her seat. She was taking consistent, even strides. It did not really take her long, but this moment seemed to last for a century.

Han Leng escorted her as modestly as he could. Of course, this did not spare him from the murderous looks of the other boys. This Han Leng is a piece of shit. He’s always so close to Lady Zhao. Damn it, I envy and hate him so!