Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 586 - Why Not Enjoy Ourselves

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Chapter 586: Why Not Enjoy Ourselves

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Han Leng had braced himself for a rejection. He had even prepared to comfort Lady Zhao with a line like, “How could a Lady stoop so low as to go sell her face and body?”

Of course, Han Leng would never doubt Lady Zhao’s capabilities. His gut-feeling may doubt her acting capabilities, but his heart refused to believe it. She may be a terrific musician, but nobody could have so many talents in so many fields. Even so, he did not express these thoughts, as it would be akin to directly slapping Lady Zhao in the face.

Slapping Lady Zhao in the face was slapping your life away…

However, Han Leng did not expect Lady Zhao to agree. She even had that pumped up, animalistic look on her face. Where exactly did her courage and self-confidence come from?

Something told Han Leng that he was going to regret this. Entrusting his beloved daughter to Zhao Youyue was going to bring him a lot of trouble. What was he thinking? He was crazy to believe that Lady Zhao would be able to act as Chu Luoxun. He should have listened to the internet – the extent of their trust in Lady Zhao’s abilities had ended at the musical aspect.

Han Leng hesitated. ” My Lady, are you sure about this? You have to know that being the heroine of a film would not be easy. This isn’t just a cameo; you’ll need to consider other things… ”

Zhao Youyue smiled at Han Leng’s frantic gibberish. With her ridiculously confident smile, she said, “Of course I know what I should do as the heroine of a film. Don’t you worry. More than anything, you should be worried about getting me that spot…”

Indeed, that was the only thing that did not have her confidence. Although In any case, Han Leng was already a legendary, best-selling author. Even so, he did not have complete control over the matter. At most, he could drop a few recommendations and nominations. After all, no matter the film, investors had full control.

When Han Leng learned that their positions had been reversed and the Lady was doubting his ability to keep her in place, he intrinsically agreed. The truth was cruel. No matter how talented a writer was, he still had to bow before the source of capital. Some writers did fund the movies themselves, but that was a different story.

Such situations were so sporadic that they were not even worth mentioning. Adaptations were risky. You could never tell if they would succeed. If he did not participate in the project, he would still earn some profit due to copyrights. The investor would be the one bearing the full risk.

Zhao Youyue narrowed her eyes, almost staring into Han Leng’s soul. She had some fresh ideas. It was time to seek for Ding Yuncong and Zhao Hao’s help. They could easily pull the strings and put her in the Chu Luoxun role.

“Beautiful April” was not going to be a major project. It did not have a particularly high budget either. It did not even seek to win any awards. A decent reception would already be good enough. One could easily intervene in such small projects. On the other hand, billion-dollar projects would be almost incorruptible. They could not risk having one weak link ruin the entire show.

Anyway, Zhao Youyue was not here to answer Han Leng. She was here to reassure him. Her reputation meant nothing to her. She was here to defend Chu Luoxun’s image.

After that, Zhao Youyue indulged herself in some relaxing music. Han Leng stood beside her, fidgetting worriedly. He worried that this self-confident Lady was going to roll over. The entire might shun and ridicule her.

Han Leng could only think of bearing the pan himself —— It was his fault for being too stubborn. What was he thinking, having the newbie Zhao Youyue undertake the highly demanding task of playing Chu Luoxun? This would doom the entire movie! He had taken advantage of the sincere Lady Zhao who had enthusiastically offered to help him…

That’s right. Han Leng thought that Lady Zhao was going out of her way to help him. Little did he know that she was there for her wife. Boys will always be boys. A girl could do something as simple as a gentle bow, and boys would fantasize about the girl having a crush on him.

Of course, Han Leng had placed himself at the bottom of Lady Zhao’s favorability. His expectations were realistic, to say the least. Even so, he was now convinced that Lady Zhao was actually betting on her own reputation for his sake. If this was not love, what was…?

All in all, Zhao Youyue was doing this for her wife, and Han Leng’s upsurge in loyalty was a bonus. Lady Zhao already occupied a vital position in his heart. She was his first love. Later, he came across the shocking revelation of her being the 3D incarnation of the most perfect girl he could ever pen out. After that, Lady Zhao had forgiven his transgressions time and again, while providing more aid than ever. How could he possibly free himself from Lady Zhao’s bondage?

It was time to stop resisting; he should just lay down and enjoy himself, fighting for more opportunities to write more books to please his Lady Zhao. He could think of no other way to repay her.

Of course, Jiangnan University’s greatest concern as of late would be the general election of the Student President. After all, almost half the semester had passed. Zhao Youyue was deeply involved in the entire affair. The candidates had to take the initiative to run campaigns and earn voters. It was not as simple as handing out a sheet of paper with the chosen candidates’ name on it.

The most promising competitor for the Student President position this time would be the head of the Student Council’s Propaganda Department, Zhu Yongnian. He seemed to be a highly sociable fatty, and had been hungrily eyeing the position for a long time. He did not just limit his campaigning to the school forums – he had even shown up at crowded places to give speeches during recess. At the same time, he had hunkered down to visit the presidents of large clubs. After all, many members were still very obedient to their president. If they voted as per their president’s request, they might be able to acquire more club funds.

As a celebrity and the President of the Food Research Club, Zhao Youyue most certainly was in Zhu Yongnian’s visitation list. If only he could get Lady Zhao’s support. She could single-handedly give him the Student President position.

On her end, Zhao Youyue needed to introduce herself to other big figures and learn more about them. After all, she would require a great deal of support and approval from the Student President to be his Vice President.

The President of the News club, Cao Chuanguang might succeed the Presidential role of the Propaganda Department in this general selection, inching towards his dreams of becoming the Student President.

Thanks to Lady Zhao, Cao Chuanguang’s dream would remain a dream.