Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 564 - Stubborn Refusal

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Chapter 564: Stubborn Refusal

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In fact, among the freshmen, some of them were actually fans of Ah Yu. The problem was that they only knew Ah Yu. They did not know Zhao Youyue…

The truth has come to light!

Those who originally came up with the rumors quickly changed their minds, and various arguments started rising up —- —-

“If Zhao Youyue is Ah Yu, riding a luxury car is normal for her. It’s meant to be. She’s an actual, big missy after all! I love watching her spend tons of money on games during her live streams. That’s the African thrill!”

“Lady Ah Yu is probably the most wonderful live streamer in history, ever. She has never once encouraged the audience to send her gifts. In the beginning, she did not even thank people. Later, she started doing it out of courtesy. Well, the income she gets from her streams is probably just some pocket money to her, right?”

“Man, those who started the rumors are really seeking death. Everyone knows that Ding Yuncong treats Ah Yu as his godsister. Her cousin seems to be Zhao Hao Zhao Ritian, the guy who loves car racing and crashing his cars. Each crash probably costs around ten million yuan. For rich second generations like them, it’s just a drizzle out of their pockets…”

“I think that rumors should only spread when Ah Yu actually stops riding in a luxury car one day. That would be big news!”

“It can only be said that the quality of a small number of students in top universities is worrying. They would make up some rumors, based on their own imagination and spread it without investigating Zhao Youyue’s true identity in detail. Really disappointing.”

“They are all blind. Those idiots even doubt if Ah Yu has the qualifications to enter Jiangnan University. Don’t they know that she’s the top candidate in Jiangnan Province’s college entrance examinations? Or, is it a norm for top candidates to go to Capital University or Chung Hua University? Is that how it is?”

“As a junior in Jiangnan University and the Head of a certain department of the Student Council, I’m very saddened by the fact that my little female freshman has had to undergo such an unpleasant experience. I’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to run as President of the Student Council and seek justice for Miss Ah Yu!”

After the highly talked about rumors reached their peaks, they were promptly crushed by Zhao Youyue’s identity. Those who created those rumors were almost driven to insanity. How could they have been so stupid, so blind?

The military training came to an end, but the topic was far from over. Zhao Youyue had been proven innocent. She was unanimously awarded the title, “military training role model.” This was most ironic, for this role model stayed out pretty late at night and did not even fold her blankets… xxx

However, Lady Zhao had gone through a heapful of filth. Is there any possible recompense for this? She had remained strong and positive throughout the military training. Moreover, she had claimed victory for her company through song and dance!

Zhao Youyue’s sense of presence and popularity in school skyrocketed. Many already knew of Ah Yu. The real name of Miss Ah Yu was now imprinted in their minds. However, calling her by her real name was so awkward. “Ah Yu” really sounded a lot more affable.

After the military training ended, Zhao Youyue no longer had to don the unsightly camouflage clothing. However, she did not continue to wear her old set of clothes, which was what ordinary university girls wore. Instead, she started wearing her “Missy” set of clothes. It was the type of luxury clothing that 500 words could not fully flesh out in those classy novels. Once again, she put on the mask of “the iconic Missy character that only existed in fiction.”

She no longer had to pull her car up a distance away from the school gates. Some naysayers might just complain, it would be strange if a missy like her rode in a luxury car that was worth less than five million yuan, right?

Zhao Youyue no longer tied her hair up into a student ponytail. Instead, she returned to the fiercer, imposing “black, long, straight” hairstyle. The goddess version of Lady Zhao has finally made her University debut, in full force!

It was time to use her heroine form to expand her horizons and claim her domain!

Now, she only needed one more person before she could bring her conceptualized “FR Society” into fruition. FR Society was short for Food Research Society. It sounded a little too serious, so she could not really turn it into an “afternoon tea place where people gathered after class.” That would be really embarrassing. After all, societies had to come up with real things to do. Students were supposed to feel that societies existed for a reason. During on-campus carnivals and festivals, societies would be there to please the lecturers and students…

Zhao Youyue wanted to use her identity as a Society President to run as Student Council President. That throne was hers to claim. On the other hand, she felt that “FR Society” was an excellent idea. In the future, she could open a food store in the university and get the students addicted to her food. If anyone was opposed to her being in the Student Council, she would deny them her cooking!

Currently, the four members of the FR Society were Zhao Youyue, Han Leng, He Weiwei, and Zhou Cai. Zhou Cai was only recruited by Zhao Youyue to pull up the numbers. Zhao Youyue had agreed to grant her credits without having to attend meetings or participate in activities. It ws impossible to turn down such a deal!

A girl like Zhou Cai might not be able to bring Zhao Youyue any help, but at least, she was not a troublemaker. That was good enough.

Zhao Youyue did not spread the news about her new society. If she did, their applications would be overloaded. After all, she was now a veritable campus idol. Many bold boys wanted to approach her in various ways.

Since Lady Zhao was not yet taken, there was no harm trying to pluck her petals, right?

University was not like high school, where people could reject pursuits by saying they did not want to date yet.

Therefore, Zhao Youyue had to tread carefully and seek out members who met her requirements. Then, she thought of Du Hang, the autistic boy who she now affectionately called “Big Teacher Du.” He was lonely and unapproachable. Even his roommates found it hard to approach him, let alone strangers.

The military training had just concluded. It was only natural to find many wandering freshmen not yet in any societies of their own. Of course, someone like Du Hang would not see the need for societies. They were a complete waste of time. It was better to use the time to revise and write stories.

What of credits? Participating in societies was not the only way to get credits. It was not necessary. At most, it was an effortless way to obtain credits, but there were other social practice activities to make up for those lone wolves.

Du Hang had done his research. He was more comfortable working alone to obtain credits. He could do it all by himself.

When the new, transformed Lady Zhao, glimmering with an entirely different temperament stepped up to Du Hang with a smile and told him that she wanted to be alone with him, Du Hang’s whole mind came crashing down. Various looks from the other surrounding students also made him feel as if he was sitting on needles…

Du Hang did not like the feeling of being watched at all. He would rather be invisible.

Many in this world might be eager to be the protagonist, but Du Hang, who was too “woke,” was not such a person.

Protagonists experienced the excitement of being a protagonist, while supporting roles would be all the more unhappy. In Du Hang’s case, he would be pleased to be a narrator.

So, when facing the perfect smile of the goddess Lady Zhao, he used both of his hands to form a big cross.

In short, I refuse.