Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 561 - Play and Sing

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Chapter 561: Play and Sing

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Han Leng knew the desires and interests of his Lady. If she had no reason to express herself, she would never budge. Anyway, the literature and art evening party was coming up next. She could pick her violin up and blow everyone away with a few strokes…

This singing challenge was nothing more than a speck of dust in her eyes. She would never see the need to step up. Even so, Han Leng was on the brink of nuclear fusion. He wanted to wipe the smiles of those pricks’ faces.

When Han Leng finished talking, the rest of the students in the company looked towards Zhao Youyue, who merely looked mildly surprised. They never expected Zhao Youyue to be good at singing. The company had held many talent shows in the past. Not once had she stepped up to the occasion. Well, if you were good at something, shouldn’t you be flaunting it? Why hide and selfishly keep it to yourself?

Some female students suddenly perked up, as if they were just about to watch a movie that they have waited for years. Among them were Zhong Xiaoli and Liu Dan from the dormitory next door. They were thoroughly convinced that Zhao Youyue was a hollow vase. They had even started to doubt if she truly had to qualifications to enter this University. If not why did she take off in a luxury car, night after night? It was too suspicious!

Naturally, they had been misled into thinking that Han Leng was trying to place Zhao Youyue in an awkward spot of humiliation. Thus, they started to “encourage” her, rousing the chant —— Sing, Zhao Youyue, Sing, Zhao Youyue!

Zhao Youyue was nothing like her shilly-shally roommate, Yu Xuefei. That girl knew her place and limits. She could even butcher the national anthem and tear the foundations of the stage down.

Which leads us to this “encouragement” culture. Many who had been highly “encouraged” had resorted to the national anthem to pull through the situation. It happened so frequently that an unwritten rule was soon established – “the national anthem is not an option during talent shows.”

The presumptuous guy from the Economic Management company was called “Wang Yin.” He was not satisfied with that name, and hoped that he could one day legally change it to “Bo Hu,” as he considered his talent to be comparable to the likes of Tang Yin and Tang Bo Hu from the ancient times.

It would come as no surprise if he knew of Zhao Youyue’s name. She had already been crowned as the “Goddess of the Military Training,” not long after training began. Countless female students were envious, jealous and hated her complexion that seemed to be immune to the powers of the sun. As time went by, she stood out like a stubborn nail, as more and more females got hammered down. Her beauty seemed to have been built upon the corpses of countless other female students.

It would have been fine if those rumors remained as they were, but they suddenly turned into a mess. Some version so fit made it seem as if she was the representative of the so-called “being a Goddess in front of people, but a b*tch behind the people.” Many have started shunning her, as a result.

Wang Yin never played any part in the spreading of the rumors. Sadly, after having submerged himself in the rumors for an extended period of time, his initial rating of 80% towards Zhao Youyue became skewed in the other direction. His heart started producing dark thoughts. Who knows, he could work a deal with her. She was such a beauty, he would be willing to spend tens of thousands for one night with her. What a waste of God-given beauty…

Men would have such thoughts when watching porn, lamenting the fact that such a beautiful girl actually chose to take part in such film.

Wang Yin saw Zhao Youyue being “encouraged” to face the challenge. He could not help but feel sympathy for Zhao Youyue. She was nothing but a hollow, beautiful vase, and yet this vase was being tormented by her own company.

Zhao Youyue stood up and walked onto the stage gracefully. She did not seem to be bothered about the mocking jeers at all, and she did not seem nervous being at the center of attention. Something told him that she had substantial experience in performing at grand scale events. She looked completely at home on stage.

Zhao Youyue would have to perform without an instrument. Even Chu Luoxun might not be able to treat it like a breeze in the park.

However, Han Leng produced an acoustic guitar from God-knows-where and handed it to Zhao Youyue. Now she could play the guitar and sing. A few strums would allow any song to transcend to the next level.

A person could be equally good at the guitar as he or she is at singing. The trick however, was doing both simultaneously. Young artists drew in fanatic worshippers with this technique. It was old-school, but it was timeproof. It was literally and figuratively, the classic method of picking up girls.

A great many male students might have an acoustic guitar lying about somewhere in their dormitories. They would practice some sort of beginner-level tune like “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” They would be able to satisfy themselves, fantasizing while hugging a guitar in a seated position, running their fingers across a few strings. No sound, let alone music might be produced, but they would be pleased in their happy little worlds.

Obviously, the guitar was one of the most popular music instrument of choice among university students. It was far too common, but could never be overrated.

Zhao Youyue casually checked the tuning of the guitar. Then, she spoke softly, “… Heed my call.” The next moment, she became possessed by Chu Luoxun, the true Goddess of music. Beside her, Han Leng sensed a chill running down his spine. Once again, his writings were coming to life, before his very eyes. He knew very well that Zhao Youyue stood before him. But for some reason, whenever she showcased her superb musical talents, “Chu Luoxun” would flood his vision. Her scent, her voice, her mannerisms.

As long as Chu Luoxun touches a musical instrument, her aura would flood over the surroundings in a way that words would never be able to describe. An optimistic and bright smile would appear on her face. Chu Luoxun enjoyed nothing more than to offer beautiful music to this wonderful world.

“Which song do you guys want to listen? Feel free to pick any song.” Zhao Youyue suddenly called out, her voice unstrained, yet loud and clear. They were suddenly attending a Zhao Youyue concert.

Zhao Youyue, or rather, Chu Luoxun, would most certainly know the popular pop songs of this world on an intimate level. She had sung them countless times during her livestreams, both as acoustic and full covers.

When Zhao Youyue finished speaking the aura only intensified. Those who had been wanting to see her make a fool out of herself fell silent. For a while, they did not know what to do. They had never felt so conflicted before, trying to convince themselves that she was just bluffing…

Han Leng saw the entire crowd being suppressed by Zhao Youyue’s Goddess aura. He was no stranger to such a phenomenon. Before everyone could react, he pounced on the opportunity and called out, “Sing the song “My Old Deskmate” by Old Wolf[1]. It is a classic campus song!”

This may be an alternate world where many golden songs had similar substitutes of counterparts, but some songs were simply irreplaceable, and the laws that govern time and space over parallel universes simply could not allow any alternate reality to miss out on them.

Besides, the moment deemed it ideal for Chu Luoxun to sing a cover of a song everyone knew, rather than sing an original composition. Sometimes, one would have to listen to an unfamiliar new track multiple times before it grew on them.

“Okay. “My Old Deskmate” it is. After all, we are just at the start of a new journey, the future holds the key to many more eternal memories,” said Zhao Youyue.

Fixed deskmates no longer existed in Universities. Even classrooms would change occupants swiftly. No single course remained in the same room for long.

The closest thing to deskmates might just be roommates, but even then, they might not necessarily be of the same course.

Translation Note:

[1] Old Wolf – The nickname of Wang Yang, a Chinese singer. There are two reasons why he has been given this nickname. One of the reasons is because his voice sounds like a wolf. Another reason is because he once sang the song “Wolf” by Qi Qin, a famous Chinese singer, during his girlfriend’s birthday. Before he sang, he had said that he was willing to accompany his girlfriend into old age and be an old wolf.