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Chapter 553: Rumors

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The last thing regular freshmen dared to do was to establish a group of their own in a hostile, established world. Why look for trouble when you could live your days out peacefully, and without incident? Even if they wanted to join a club, they had better find something suitable and safe.

Everything had an opposite, and these obedient slaves had theirs. Those individuals believed that joining clubs was a waste of time, they could get their daily fixes from gaming. Their dorm rooms would be their refuge, their bunkers.

Societies were not lacking in terms of variety, whether it was music, literature or dancing. There were so many types of music that there would be more than one society of it. Genre aside, their founders most likely had differing ideals like those who had the passion but lacked the talent, such as plump Ning Xia – Du Hang’s classmate.

With so many established societies around, there was no point in creating a new, redundant group. Even if your application gets approved, no one would really take notice.

Those who actually dedicated themselves to club activities were rarities. Why else would clubs work so hard trying to recruit new leaves at the start of the year?

Zhao Youyue quickly ran into another wall. She lacked charisma and the necessary connections. A society needed at least 5 members and 1 teacher advisor to be formed, even if the teacher advisor was just there for show.

Finding a teacher advisor should not be too much of a problem. Zhao Youyue would always have someone for that role, her mom. As for her members, there’s always Han Leng. She need not even gain his consent. Bai Yunshan was supposed to be available, but knowing her, she would definitely join the student council. That might be troublesome.

Zhao Youyue did not want to blindly drag any random person into this society either. This random society was nothing more than her ticket to the student council. Of course, she would want to drag her “members” in tow wherever she went, this case being the student council.

He Weiwei was a fine candidate, as the enterprising lady had already established several connections during the first few days of school. Of course, this only worked if He Weiwei had not yet already decided a society for herself.

Even if He Weiwei and Han Leng were no longer variables, she still lacked two. There was no choice. It was time to call for military support.

The Military Training was still going on as usual. All new leaves only had one mission, to memorize the school rules. They would be tested in the form of a written examination. Failing this examination meant a cumbersome, unnecessary retaking.

It utterly deserved the groans and whining that it elicited. The daily morning exercises were tiring enough, but now, these pesky rules had come to plague their minds. Was this all to prevent them from rebelling against the human race?

It was already hot enough. But the merciless Heavens still refused to side with humans, watering the world with intense sunlight every day.

It was already September, but the Heavens were still living in the heat haze of July. Most students had their skins roasted to perfection, except for Zhao Youyue who seemed to be the sole child of Heaven.

The girls who flocked around Zhao Youyue increased without her noticing, especially during recess time. Classmates from different dorms would come over at random to peek spy on her. Some were direct enough to ask her for secrets on maintaining her snow white, smooth skin during such weather. Some were polite, some acted like the bad cop in an interrogation, making it seem like Zhao Youyue was keeping something from them.

This was all due to the differences in physique!

This small fuss aside, Zhao Youyue would return to her home every single day, where all manner of supplements and skin care products lined themselves up on shelves, including products like face masks and the like. How could this compare to regular dormitory dwellers who had to fight for their lives every single day?

Napping along would already ruin a perfect bed. Zhao Youyue’s had already been stacked with pillows and a Tofu-soft blanket. It looked more like a shrine than a bed. Whenever the dorm inspectors made their rounds, they would always use Zhao Youyue’s tidy bed as an example – unbeknownst to the fact that it was not actually used as a bed, to begin with. They would bark out orders to the others dorm members, ensuring that they emulated her as much as they were able.

Zhou Cai, who had the misfortune of sharing a dormitory with Zhao Youyue, would often be lectured by the inspector. The inspector had seemingly treated Zhou Cai as a stain, one who lacked beauty and was fat on top of that. Her lackadaisical attitude during training did not help either, for she had a knack of nodding off while standing at attention, not being able to follow through verbal commands, etc.

Their barkings were not unfounded, for Zhou Cai’s blanket looked more like rolled up dumplings, as she apparently lacked the luxury of time. Perhaps such small matters were the least of her priorities, perhaps she simply could not understand the importance of folding her blanket and tidying her bed. A neatly folded blanket would still end the same as a regular blanket after a good night’s sleep, right?

Why tidy it up, only to have it undone the next day?

Failing to see the necessity of such a discipline, she refused to participate, earning the shouting of inspectors, with lines like “rotten rat shit” or “a pot of soiled porridge.”

The tension between Zhou Cai and Yu Xuefei thus worsened, as Yu Xuefei truly treasured pride and glory. After all, the honor of the dorm depended on everyone including Zhou Cai, as they would be tested and evaluated as a whole.

However, Zhou Cai remained adamant with her “I don’t care” attitude, and continued excusing herself from all roll calls and gathering. “Who cares about honor? I just need my space.”

Zhou Cai thought that Zhou Youyue had been most sneaky. She had liberated herself from the daily hell of folding blankets. Sadly, Zhou Cai was not a native. She came from out of town and was thus prevented from using the same tactics as Zhou Youyue. That woman did not even need to touch her blankets now. She wanted to pile up her blankets the same way Zhou Youyue. Let others admire it as a work of art.

Zhou Youyue’s natural prowess, snow white skin, and the inspector’s high praise of her was a recipe for jealousy. And so, started the rumor regarding Zhou Youyue’s nightly absence. Some witnesses even boldly stated that they saw Zhao Youyue entering a luxurious car. Who knows if there was a sugar-daddy in the car.

It was a trend for guys to come around universities at the start of each year, fishing for chicks.