Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 549 - Good and Evil

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Chapter 549: Good and Evil

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Luckily, Cao Chuanguang had not ‘interviewed’ Zhao Youyue within her company’s sights[1]. If not students would have been treated to a huge scene. Enough rumors were going about already, as things were.

Han Leng had spoiled his plans. Cao Chuanguang chose to retreat for now, but there was no way that he would just give up like that. His determination should never be underestimated…

After Cao Chuanguang left, Han Leng finally let out a sigh. He whined to Zhao Youyue, “Lady Zhao, wasn’t it too much for you to cheat him like that?”

Zhao Youyue looked as if she did not see any ‘cheats’ happening. She laughed, “What I said was all the truth. I will treat you to dinner, Great Scholar Han.”

It was the same old commanding tone. It was as if her invitation for dinner was the reward for his excellent performance. Like how Zhao Youyue discovered Su Li’s usefulness in a particular area, she too discovered Han Leng’s usefulness.

“No, thank you. It would be a waste of time to eat with someone like you. Who knows, I might be dragged along for a shopping spree after that. I would die of exhaustion,” Han Leng rejected decisively.

That was a lie. He was very comfortable being Lady Zhao’s servant whenever he was with her. He was not afraid of being exhausted. Rather, he was happy to serve her. However, he had heard that Lady Zhao had her own plans already, and it was with some beautiful chick. He should be self-conscious about himself and should not disturb her plans…

Knowing Zhao Youyue, if she truly wanted him to come over for dinner, she might as well issue an imperial edict.

“Alright, next time then. I will call Bai Yunshan first,” Zhao Youyue transitioned smoothly.

Zhao Youyue was comfortable around Han Leng, only because she was certain that he did not like her at all – and that he had no intentions of being eagerly attentive around her. This even led to Zhao Youyue forgetting Han Leng’s gender sometimes. She would treat him as a female friend, like Bai Yunshan.

After hearing the name ‘Bai Yunshan,’ Han Leng said in his heart, “as expected.” The same, few beautiful girls who were in Lady Zhao’s inner circle.

After that, Zhao Youyue returned to her own company and continued the military training. She retained a look of diligence. No one could see any traces of her being irritated or lazy. Instructor Ma saw this, and increased his evaluation of her behavior even more. This girl was worthy of the position – ‘military training’s pacemaker.’

That night, Zhao Youyue spent quality time with Bai Yunshan. They had dinner at the business district close to Bai Yunshan’s university. It would be convenient, for she needed to return to her dorm promptly. Bai Yunshan rejected Zhao Youyue’s idea of sleeping over at her place. That would be an awkward occasion of meeting Zhao Youyue’s parents… That would not be right. As a student who abided by the school rules, she would never bypass curfews and sleep outside. The Student Council Body would inspect the dorms once in a while. If they found out that someone had stayed overnight outside the dorm, they would slam demerit points on you! There would be no hope of getting the ‘military training pacemaker’ position.

Bai Yunshan was a very consistent student and was even more upright as a person. She was not like Zhao Youyue, the two-faced bum. She may have started off low-key, but grew increasingly arrogant and headstrong. At that time, she felt that she had farmed enough favorability points from others and was the perfect student. It gave her the right to do as she pleased…

Naturally, Zhao Youyue chose to ridicule her senior, Cao Chuanguang, as they ate. Then, she lamented about guys in university being so thirsty. She also gossiped excitedly, inquiring if Bai Yunshan had set her eyes on any particular males.

Bai Yunshan refused decisively. She was not in the mood to get into a relationship with someone. A university was an educational establishment. At the same time, she did not see any point in love.

“Being in a relationship is just like finding someone to eat with, go shopping together or watch a movie with. I have you already, why should I find someone else?” Bai Yunshan analyzed rationally.

When Zhao Youyue heard that, she moved beside Bai Yunshan immediately. She hugged her best friend and stroked her intimately. It was rather unfortunate. Bai Yunshan was very flat and could not be compared with Angel Jiang Qing’s lethal pair of weapons…

“Alright, that’s it. You should stop behaving like a child, Zhao Youyue. I don’t know what to do with you!” Bai Yunshan struggled verbally and allowed her only best friend to do whatever she pleased.

Sometimes, Bai Yunshan thought that she was an incredible person. She was clearly someone who could not tolerate others and was always harsh to other people, which was why no one wanted to be her friend. Why was she so comfortable around Zhao Youyue?

There were times when she actually felt Zhao Youyue’s kindness and goodwill. At the same time, she knew that if she ever placed strict demands on Zhao Youyue, the lady would meet them all without breaking a sweat. She did not want to admit that there were geniuses in this world, but she could not deny it, not when Zhao Youyue was in her face.

After dinner, Bai Yunshan earnestly went back to her dorm. At the same time, she urged Zhao Youyue to return to her own. Things would be quite troublesome if her student council ever discovered that she was not sleeping in her dorm.

For this reason, Bai Yunshan even made a special mention about the Student Council. However, Zhao Youyue suddenly cut her off, “You mean, if I could join the Student Council and become the big boss in there, I would have special privileges?”

“What kind of crooked ideas are you plotting again? You were the same way during high school… I understand now! You never once joined the Student Council in high school, only because they did not have many privileges!”

“You’re right. Why should I join if there are no special privileges or any feelings of superiority? Should I serve the people, just because I hold a position there?”

“Zhao Youyue, there is something wrong with your head.”

“That’s how the world works.”

“Ah, how did I become friends with you! Your world, my world they’re polar opposites. We are enemies!”

“Why don’t you join the Student Council as well? You should smash my evil schemes and prevent someone like me from using evil forces to rule over the Student Council.”

Bai Yunshan actually paused and through it over. She was currently at a loss over her selection of clubs. Now that Zhao Youyue the scoundrel was going to the Student Council and stir up trouble, she felt that she could not allow Zhao Youyue’s conniving ways to go on…

Zhao Youyue’s worldview needed to be corrected, but her abilities were downright terrifying. A righteous person like Bai Yunshan was needed to control that kind of evil forces, and point Zhao Youyue in the right path.

Zhao Youyue smiled faintly and felt that she had just placed down a chess piece in the Student Council. She was prepared to go back and find out more about this extremely powerful organization in university. She even considered creating a powerful, domineering Student Council President character with the Two Dimensional Gate…

Translation note:

[1] “company” (连队) is a military unit, typically consisting of 80–150 soldiers and usually commanded by a major or a captain.