Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 546 - Unbreachable Territory

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Chapter 546: Unbreachable Territory

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The president of the University’s News society was Cao Chuanguang. He was a rather well-known year three student. Almost everyone in the society was famous for something. As the sole management behind the university’s university, they were well-funded. However, they had no power over its contents. Student Union society made all those decisions.

Cao Chuanguang called himself one of the fantastic four in Jiangnan University. He was proud of his charm and his family background. He was just like Gaston in the story of Beauty and the Beast!

He did not have any past relationships in university. Perhaps he was not good at flirting, or perhaps, he was so confident about himself, he thought that girls had to do the chasing.

Undoubtedly, Cao Chuanguang had his own group of secret admirers. Girls often dropped hints when speaking to him, but Cao Chuanguang never once bit. He always set his sights for a better option out there. Why would he settle down with just one, if he deserved more than one?

Men would always be men. They gave an excuse for the failure of having a girlfriend by claiming that they deserved more than just one lady, stubbornly remaining in the desert that they could not see? Even after a lone cactus slams its spikes into their faces, they would still boast about the imaginary trees in their imaginary forests.

Never once had Cao Chuanguang ever doubted his courting capabilities. He wanted to gather a cult following of fangirls so that he would have a variety of choices lying before him when he finally makes his selection. He would flirt with anyone who approached him – while looking for “the right one.”

Finally, she showed up. He found her among the crowd of green uniforms. The ugly, dull uniform got in the way, yet it also enhanced her innocent, demure appearance, making her seem more obedient and cooperative than ever. Men would drop dead at her sight…

Cao Chuanguang had thought that the accounts of her appearance had been exaggerated. They were making her out to be a bloody angel on earth, and that was just ridiculous. Every year, people spoke of “The prettiest girl on earth,” and not once has Cao Chuanguang not been disappointed.

A beautiful girl who poured her heart and soul into studying and learning. What era was this?

Cao Chuanguang used his influence in the society to arrange an interview. After all, it was a rare opportunity to promote military training in Jiangnan Univerisity.

Some of the boys in society knew what their vain president was actually up to.

Men with status and influence would never run out of methods when it came to courting ladies they fancied. They would show how capable and powerful they were, just like male peacocks.

The University News society was equipped with advanced tools. Cao Chuanguang brought his personal single lens reflex camera as a backup. He was confident that his creativity in photo shooting separated him from those who were merely familiar with the various functions of the camera.

In every comic exhibition he went, he always took his single lens reflex camera along with him. He took photos of cosplayers that he was fond of, and even admitted his intentions of doing so: to spend one night with them. Unfortunately, he was never offered an opportunity. Was he not skilled enough at photo editing?

Photo editing only needed by ugly cosplayers. Such were his thoughts, and also why cosplayers often shunned him. Without photo editing, how could the effect be anywhere like the comics?

Most males who crossplayed female characters had to rely heavily on photo editing, unless they had natural talent.

Cao Chuanguang assembled a few of his best members in society, and started his crusade for the girl meant for his life. Nobody else was fit to be his girlfriend other than junior Zhao Youyue.

It was the time to show the world – this was the type of girl Cao Chuanguang had been looking for!

As usual, men did not go after a beautiful girl because they were nice to look at. Most of the time, they wanted to earn the pride of having such a beauty walk beside them.

Humans always formed relationships with ulterior motives in mind. The only sincere relationship would most probably be their first love, and nothing else. Loneliness often drove them into subsequent relationships. As they grew increasingly jealous of the lovey-dovey couples around them, they would settle for any girl who dropped the slightest flutter of a feather.

Zhao Youyue was clearly different. She was content and happy to remain single. As she was so talented, she efficiently fulfilled her life with many other meaningful activities.

Love is wonderful and should be taken as a blessing, but how does one tell if that love was true?

Nobody could lie to themselves. Some chose to stay single until they found one, and some chose to be with someone to pass the time. Yet others refused to stay single and often made fun of the single people.

In China, every celebration could be a Valentine’s Day. It served as an opportunity to chase away loneliness with the warmth of others body. The question then, was where are our hearts in all this?

In the midst of the crowd, people often recalled the moment when their first love moved their hearts. Currently, they might have their spouses in their arms, but most of them were merely hollow shells of dolls without love.

Cao Chuanguang announced the arrival of the University News team to interview Zhao Youyue. His actions sowed discord among the boys in camp. Obviously, this interview was meant for something else. These rotten seniors sure got to work in no time at all, huh. Are you trying to steal our goddess?

Some of the guys moved their attention to the figure hidden in the shadow of a nearby tree. He was no other than Han Leng, the guy who excused himself from training with a medical excuse, yet always showed up in camp offered to buy drinks for Zhao Youyue. What was going on between them? Zhao Youyue clearly welcomed his services.

Nevertheless, they would rather have Han Leng woe the Goddess – better him than any of these rotten seniors!

Han Leng was the only one who remained calm. He knew Lady Zhao all too well. It would take a miracle for these seniors to breach Zhao Youyue’s heart.

In this world, there is a type of girl that you should never fear cheating on you. Before she cheats on you, her heart must first be breached by someone else.

She was the one who breaches hearts. It was a pity that the opposite would never be remotely possible.