Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 545 - University News Society

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Chapter 545: University News Society

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The dorm room was left with only three students. They could not get used to the absence of Zhao Youyue. Yu Xuefei went to bed right after she set the alarm for the following morning. Oversleeping was the last thing she wanted. Hence she decided to sleep early that night.

The atmosphere was way too different, without Zhao Youyue.

He Weiwei did not have the mood to start a fight with Yu Xuefei. She would only do so for the sake of her favorite girl.

The air seemed to freeze with just three people in the room. Zhao Youyue often warmed Zhou Cai’s heart with extra care and kindness.

Zhou Cai was aware that her outlook was less than ordinary. She was not pretty, her figure was not appealing. Usually, she stayed away from people since she was not good with words, assuming that people did not like her. She did not want to cause anyone trouble.

However, Zhao Youyue had given her a lot of attention. Being blessed with Zhao Youyue had given her much more warmth in her heart than she had ever experienced.

Zhao Youyue would have treated anyone else the same.

Most people only talked about equality. Their behavior and actions almost always proved otherwise. Zhou Cai was impressed that Zhao Youyue actually walked the talk.

She could not blame the others. Those were just the ugly traits of human genes. It would be impossible to completely control one’s instinct and act otherwise.

Meanwhile, Zhao Youyue took the opportunity to catch up with her high school classmate Bai Yunshan by calling her through the phone. Though they were studying in the same university, Bai Yunshan had not chosen Chinese Literature. Instead, she took management as her major. They had been sent to different camps for military training as well. Zhao Youyue was placed on the university’s field, and Bai Yunshan was in the basketball court.

For the convenience of military training, Bai Yunshan had cut her hair short and stopped putting on makeup. She was back to her unattractive self again. He Weiwei was not born attractive either. They both put effort into their makeup and turned themselves beautiful.

Bai Yunshan showed Zhao Youyue a few of her military training photos. Her performance was exceptional, even Zhao Youyue was impressed. However, a lot of people believed that Zhao Youyue outperformed Bai Yunshan. She was disciplined and dedicated. Most of all, she was beautiful and attractive, while Bai Yunshan was not.

It was a pain in the ass. Zhao Youyue had tried her best to stay low profile, but no matter where she went, eyes would still be on her.

Bai Yunshan had informed Zhao Youyue that her fame as the “Goddess of the Military Training” had actually reached Bai Yunshan’s camp on the first day. Even the management was heard discussing it. Some of the boys had even wanted to sneak out of the basketball court to find out what Zhao Youyue looked like.

The voice on the other end of the phone sounded proud and pleased. Bai Yunshan still often wondered, how had such an extraordinary girl remained low profile during high school. Compared to Zhao Youyue, she was way less attractive, but she had been shoved into the limelight as the “iceberg goddess.”

Bai Yunshan had not been comfortable with that sudden burst of popularity. She felt as if she had taken something away from Zhao Youyue. All she ever wanted was to stay by Zhao Youyue’s side and watch her shines.

Most of the students were not willing to become Bai Yunshan’s friend. She never paid attention to the other’s reactions when expressing her thoughts. Everything had to be right in her own judgment. People around her were constrained by her mindset, having lost the freedom to do things they liked.

The wrong must be fixed until they are right. Such was the ideology of Bai Yunshan. She would not tolerate anything inappropriate.

Nevertheless, she accepted Zhao Youyue’s behavior. Zhao Youyue had been somehow able to slip past Bai Yunshan expectations. Bai Yunshan could not find any faults in her actions.

Bai Yunshan would never let anything go to waste. She would make sure that there was nothing left on her plate after every meal. Whenever Zhao Youyue cooked for both of them, she only prepared the portion for two people so they could finish it together.

Bai Yunshan knew that Zhao Youyue acted differently around her. She still remembered how Zhao Youyue had often lied to the teachers in class and made fun of them in front of the students. The teachers had no choice but to play along, as her results were exceptional. Who would believe that the top student was actually despicable?

What else could Bai Yunshan do?

She never understood how Zhao Youyue always achieved her goals, in spite of her atrocious behavior. No matter how cunning Zhao Youyue could be, she was completely sincere to Bai Yunshan as a friend. This showed in her actions.

Zhao Youyue was aware that she was imperfect. Deep down in her bones, she was evil. Her wrongdoings could be published in a novel. Why would people still love her so much?

Bai Yunshan was not the only person. Everyone Zhao Youyue ever knew would write her a recommendation letter if they were asked to. Perhaps, this was the effects of the legendary “everybody’s favorite” aura that Mary Sues possessed.

Of course, Mary Sues had as many haters as their fans. They believed that these creatures were frauds, and hated them.

Even if they thought so, they would never let it show.

Zhao Youyue booked Bai Yunshan for a date for the weekend. She called Jiang Qing over as well. After all, they were the three best friends in high school.

Only Zhao Youyue could organize such a gathering. Among friends, someone had to be eager enough to ask everybody out, one by one. Without them, friendship would fade in time.

It was now the fourth day of military training. The University News society began their move. Their goal was crystal clear: to interview the beautiful Zhao Youyue and spread her name across the university.

The president of the University News society decided to lead the convoy himself. He had prepared a series of questions for this interview.