Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 540 - Left Just Like That

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Chapter 540: Left Just Like That

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After Zhao Youyue washed up, she carefully applied sunscreen to parts of her body that might get exposed to the sun. Of course, she was using top-quality products that guaranteed excellent results. Her mother had recommended some of them.

Prior to this, Wang Hua had nagged at her daughter in various ways. She felt that her daughter would definitely be unable to handle the “harsh conditions” in the girls’ dormitory. She had also said that the military training would be even more difficult. If Zhao Youyue was not confident about it, she could seek help from her great mother – the assistant dean of the liberal arts school.

In actuality, Wang Hua wanted Zhao Youyue to seek help and put her privilege to good use. After all, as a member of the Zhao family, there was really no need for her to suffer like all the other freshmen. What was the point?

However, Zhao Youyue had her character cards – it was her time to shine. This made her father Zhao Jiayi very proud. He wanted his daughter to suffer a little and have a taste of the real world, for once. Even so, in his opinion, this was no big deal at all. She was just going to do what all the ordinary students did. That was pretty comfortable, wasn’t it?

Zhao Youyue was most certainly not the typical missy. Unless she deliberately transforms into a drama queen sometimes to roleplay the perfect missy character which appeared in novels or mangas, she would not be so pretentious. She could hold her own, and she was not picky about many things.

Wang Hua was clearly worried about her dearest daughter, she was unwilling to let her suffer. On the outside, she had told her stupid daughter not to regret her decision and not to look for her mother later on…

Zhao Youyue finally put on the camouflage military uniform and the military cap, still keeping her ponytail. She had see-through bangs that flowed down her forehead. She looked particularly pure and pleasant.

Zhao Youyue had already armed herself. Her preparations had been adequate. She had also put on the military shoes, which she had made significantly more comfortable. Anyhow, it was still better than the shoes of Jane Doe Su. Jane Doe Su was just too impoverished. All the money she earned was invested into the anonymous city, with none to spare for herself.

After she was done, the other people in the dormitory were still asleep. They did not seem to be worried about oversleeping on the first day of the military training…

The reason was simple. Zhao Youyue would definitely wake them up, anyway!

This actually infuriated Zhao Youyue. She could not possibly stay in the dormitory every single day. One day, if she happened to be absent, these roommates might even miss their CET4 and CET6 tests.[1]

In recent times, countless university students have registered for examinations and paid the fees, but they often ended up missing the exam. Then, they would repeat the process indefinitely. They would repeatedly pay for the registration fee, never to actually attend the exam once.

However, now that Zhao Youyue was still here, of course, she would do her best to wake her roommates up. She was not one of those “best roommates” who would gleefully let her roommates oversleep, while going to class alone, not bothered to see whether her roommates were dead or alive.

Zhao Youyue had seen such scenes in high school. However, at that time, she had been a day student. Five out of eight people in a dormitory had once missed an afternoon class. Apparently, they all took naps and collectively overslept. Why didn’t the other three wake them up?

Such evil. Some people wanted to watch the world burn. It pleased them. Who said that harming others did not benefit oneself? One’s misfortune could be the joy of another.

Zhao Youyue successfully woke all her roommates up. Yu Xuefei’s reaction had been most melodramatic. She had expressed her utmost gratitude towards Zhao Youyue, not forgetting to ask if she could use Zhao Youyue’s sunscreen…

Apparently, Yu Xuefei also found that, other than the clothes she wore, her roommate Zhao Youyue used products that were so high-end – beyond anything she would even consider buying.

Zhao Youyue had just been about to comply, but He Weiwei had jumped out like a lioness guarding its cub and venomously shot down Yu Xuefei’s request. She then pointed out that Yu Xuefei had previously used Zhao Youyue’s shampoo, shower gel, hand cream and more. Yu Xuefei had even taken two bottles of mineral water that cost 18 yuan each to drink. How could her skin be this thick?

He Weiwei’s personality was just like so. She did not beat around the bush. If she despised you, she despised you. She would never give you any face.

Even so, He Weiwei had held herself back repeatedly. She did not want to seem like she was controlling Zhao Youyue and making decisions on her behalf. However, she truly could not stand Yu Xuefei any longer. Yu Xuefei was not even poor. Why did she have to take advantage of others?

“Whatever. I won’t use it then. It’s not even yours. Why are you getting so worked up? It’s because you want to use it as well, right? And you still dare to act like you’re nobler than I am,” Yu Xuefei said.

“I’m definitely not as thick-skinned and shameless as you are. I always give Youyue money when I ask her to buy stuff for me. I trust her a 100%! As a good friend of hers, I have to protect her interests from being violated. Even I can’t bring myself to take advantage of my friends.” He Weiwei gave another tit-for-tat.

“Hehe, you’re so good at talking, I think you can talk better than you can sing. But isn’t this all because she’s so demure and easy to control? Youyue, I advise that you stay away from this vixen. Don’t you feel like you’re being completely controlled by her? You need your freedom!” Yu Xuefei said.

Zhou Cai only gazed at the scene out of the corner of her eyes. She was enjoying the show. It seemed like she was not planning to help mediate the dispute. Zhou Cai did not really like He Weiwei or Yu Xuefei. The two of them were just destined to offend each other. They could argue just about almost anything.

However, when the two of them quarreled, they had been able to restrain themselves. They did not resort to violence; they limited it to verbal arguments.

When Zhao Youyue saw the two of them were quarreling again, she rushed to stop them. Of course, she was biased towards He Weiwei. She was not that stupid. She had not been unaware of events. In actuality, deep down in her heart, she knew everything. She had figured everyone out.

After Zhao Youyue stepped in, Yu Xuefei backed off. She knew that she was on the lower ground to Zhao Youyue’s good side. Only time would mend these wounds. Regretfully, she had been one step behind He Weiwei.

It was a crucial, one step. She admitted that she had made a mistake. She had thought that Zhao Youyue was just an ordinary person. She never thought that she would be the real big boss.

Yu Xuefei was not stupid. Her mind was sharp, and she was good at grasping the details. She had been with Zhao Youyue for a few days. Naturally, she would be able to tell that Zhao Youyue had a good family background.

Unfortunately, Yu Xuefei could not control her greed at times. Some girls just couldn’t help themselves, even if they were well aware of their wrongdoings.

Seeing that Zhao Youyue had stepped in, Zhou Cai went to wash up. The big boss of this dormitory was obviously Lady Zhao. She could always control any situation with ease.

Zhou Cai was the “hero among girls.” She did not make any preparations for the military training at all. She could not care less about getting tanned and such. She simply left the room, just like that. Even when Zhao Youyue had asked her to apply some sunscreen, she had waved her off. There was nothing to be afraid of!

Translation note :

[1] The College English Test (Chinese: 大学四六级英语考试/大学公共英语考试), better known as CET, is a national English as a foreign language test in the People’s Republic of China. It examines the English proficiency of undergraduate and postgraduate students in China. It is meant to ensure that Chinese undergraduates and postgraduates reach the required English levels specified in the National College English Teaching Syllabuses (NCETS). This test has existed in China for 26 years and now 18 million people take it annually. It includes two levels — CET4 (非专业四级) and CET6 (非专业六级).