Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 539 - Military Training

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Chapter 539: Military Training

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The closer people were to Zhao Youyue, the more they felt her charm. Her charm did not originate from her good looks, but from her behavior.

Or, it should be said that Zhao Youyue had the ability to make others ignore her good looks and notice her strengths elsewhere, instead. When they finally notice her good looks once again, they would all be extremely shocked – how could Zhao Youyue be this beautiful?

Therefore, one could only imagine how deep of an impression Zhao Youyue left on the people around her, and how strong her sense of presence was.

On the contrary, if Zhao Youyue burst into the scene like a shooting star, people would be too blinded to see what she intended to display.

This might be one of the shortcomings of being pretty, although it had more than its fair share of graces. Imagine worrying about being so beautiful – to the point that others would treat them as someone who only looked good and was nothing else.

Zhao Youyue was a girl that nobody could hate. Even if Du Hang thought that she was hidden beneath folds of complex layers of deception -but he could not reveal her thoughts either, so what could he do about it?

Freshmen had much to do in their first year. They had to attend the opening ceremony and the orientation of the liberal arts school. The seniors of the liberal arts school would perform for the freshmen, so there would be a few performances here and there. After all, most of the students in the liberal arts school were basically equipped with a degree of artistic skills.

However, they were not professionals. There would be no world-class performances. If a veteran like Zhao Youyue went upstage, she would blow everyone away. Unfortunately, everyone seemed to have forgotten about her.

Therefore, she could only look forward to the following year. By then, Zhao Youyue would become a senior; and she would have already built up her reputation during her freshman year. Hence, no matter how hard she tried to keep a low profile, nobody would let her off the hook.

The military training uniform made its way to the students. It included things like shoes and such. The rubber shoes that came along with them were really uncomfortable. Walking in them was torture. Students had to prepare soft insoles, or they could simply use the legendary “sanitary napkin insoles” that seemed to be more comfortable than the normal insoles.

Many boys opted for the latter. They found this to be most exciting, as it gave them a reason to openly buy something that was exclusively meant for girls.

When Zhao Youyue found these preparations interesting, as it was something new to her. Although she had the “Su Shi card,” it did not make her arrogant. She prepared everything that was necessary. For example, fundamental things like her sunscreen and such.

New students often looked like they came back from Africa after the military training. At least 70% of them came back tanned and skinny. It was a cruel fate for beautiful females!

Most boys were not worried at all. Some boys who thought themselves manly would actually think that applying sunscreen was something only a girl would do. Perhaps, they also agreed with the saying “if one’s room does not smell bad, they are either gay or a sissy.” On the contrary, cleanliness was a good habit. It was also necessary to pay attention to the one’s health and appearance, regardless of gender.

However, not many boys could do this. They just wanted to show their masculinity.

Zhao Youyue did not intend to escape from the military training at all. However, the smart Han Leng had already asked for a sick leave. This was probably the privilege of being a celebrity.

However, from time to time, while wearing the camouflage uniform, Han Leng would sit in the shade under the trees and watch everyone else train. He was trying to attract hatred on purpose.

The first day of training started. Every day, Zhao Youyue was always the first to wake up in the dormitory, because she always slept early. He Weiwei called her an old person. Nowadays, if one did not play with their mobile phone until one or two past midnight, could they be considered a university student?

He Weiwei was also quite curious as to why Zhao Youyue could enter dreamland so quickly, as soon as the lights were switched off. The dormitory was usually quite noisy at that time…

After all, Zhou Cai brushed her teeth and washed her face only after the lights were switched off. This habit of hers annoyed Yu Xuefei even further. Yu Xuefei felt that Zhou Cai’s procrastination was particularly annoying. However, Zhou Cai could not give two hoots about that. She was also not planning to change her habit anytime soon.

Of course, if Zhao Youyue stood up and said something instead, Zhou Cai would probably listen to her.

However, there was nothing that could prevent Zhao Youyue from sleeping. It was not that she did not like to play with her mobile phone. The young lady in her dreams was just more irresistible.

Zhou Cai also slept the latest in the entire dormitory. Two in the morning was relatively early for her.

Every day, after waking up, Zhao Youyue moved about the dormitory cautiously, careful not to make any noise, as she was afraid she would disturb the others. From this, it could be seen that Zhao Youyue had been raised well and had great personal qualities.

Dormitories had their fair shares of early worms, but none of them were like her. As they slept at night, they would scold anyone who made a the slightest of noises. However, when they made noise, they would act like they had the rights to.

This was one of the features of the so-called “best roommates.” People often complained about these roommates over the internet. Some roommates liked to take advantage of their other roommates by using their items. Perhaps that was their acknowledgment of their friendship.

However, even friends only did this once or twice. Some thick-skinned people could do it countless of times. In the beginning, they might consult the other roommate before doing it, but later on, they would directly take it. It was not exactly a nice thing to do.

This was unless they met someone like Zhao Youyue, a girl who did not care about these kinds of things at all. However, it also may be coincidental, but Zhao Youyue always had “flower protectors” around her. Whenever some people took advantage of Zhao Xiaoyue, these protectors would rise up and protect Zhao Youyue.

Some sincerely wanted to protect Zhao Youyue. Others did it because she seemed highly resourceful. If these resources got robbed away, wouldn’t their own share be reduced?

Therefore, they had to protect the interests of Lady Zhao resolutely!

He Weiwei was one of the sincere types. However, after spending the past few days with Zhao Youyue, she had also got an inkling that Zhao Youyue did not seem to be the “poor elite scholar” she had once imagined…

Although Zhao Youyue dressed cheaply, her skin care products and such were definitely high-end goods. Even her cup was no laughing matter. If it was the real deal, it should cost at least a few thousand yuan, right? Also, in her free time, she liked to make some tea. Those tea leaves she used were no lightweights!

All in all, as long as someone paid attention to the details, they could definitely tell that Zhao Youyue was something else…

Of course, He Weiwei benefited from this. In fact, the entire dormitory benefited from this. As Zhao Youyue was born a giver, she had unknowingly exposed herself.

This was probably the joy of the so-called rich people. People always asked such a question: Were rich people truly happy? In actuality, the happiness of the rich was not something that ordinary people could imagine.

If you had money, you could be open-minded. You would not care – even if others took advantage of you. You could also use your money to buy the favor of those around you.

Yu Xuefei annoyed He Weiwei greatly. The former was a thick-skinned girl with a severe case of princess syndrome. If anyone gave a person like Yu Xuefei an inch, she would take a yard. On the contrary, Zhou Cai indulged herself in the virtual world a little too excessively, but she was not a girl who excessively took advantage of others.