Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 538 - Let's Talk About Zhao Youyue

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Chapter 538: Let’s Talk About Zhao Youyue

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Usually, after lights-out, night-chat would closely follow. Boys would talk about the most beautiful girls in class, while girls would get into trivia and celebrity gossip.

Unfortunately, Zhao Youyue’s dormitory was too peaceful for its own good. Nobody felt like talking. This was probably due to He Weiwei and Yu Xuefei’s tit-for-tat, which ruined the first day of school for more than two.

Zhao Youyue could only hope that they would reconcile in the future. However, neither He Weiwei and Yu Xuefei were easy-going or casual. They could probably keep this cold war up until God knows when and reach a point where they became invisible to each others’ eyes.

Zhao Youyue quickly fell asleep as usual. She quickly arrived in front of the “Two Dimensional Gate,” but it was still sealed shut. However, Zhao Youyue could still appreciate all the iconic characters that she had created.

Zhao Youyue’s recent favorite was of course, “Jane Doe Su.” From different angles, Su Shi’s character card looked different. Deep in her heart, Zhao Youyue was thoroughly pleased. She thought that Su Shi was simply too cool. It was a pity that her abilities would be tied down in this world.

Even so, Zhao Youyue believed that this card would trounce her upcoming military training. No matter what, Su Shi was a peerless warrior in a low-skilled Wuxia world. Why would she be afraid of some minor military training in the real world?

Zhao Youyue thought of something. She summoned Su Shi in her consciousness. Of course, this was no different from someone else fantasizing over something. However, ordinary people would always be semi-conscious, no matter how lucid their dreams were. They would hardly be in control of their actions.

However, as Zhao Youyue was becoming more and more skilled at using the “Two Dimensional Gate,” her consciousness, or rather, her soul had gained far more presence than before. Now, she had full control over herself.

After summoning Su Shi, Zhao Youyue looked at her beautiful face. Of course, her coolness was marred by her innocence and naivety. Although she knew very well that this was just one of her many personalities, she could not help but get affectionate with this Su Shi.

She planted a kiss on the nameless lady, letting her hands roam over the princess’ body. Finally, she hugged the nameless lady to sleep. It was the most enriching experience ever.

Perhaps, this was the so-called act of “falling in love with yourself is the ultimate romance.”

Of course, this was just Lady Zhao’s wishful thinking. This character only existed in her consciousness. There was no way this character could appear in reality, unless through her own body.

She definitely had multiple personality “not-so disorder.” Was she turning schizophrenic? She would just like be one of those characters you see in television…

In actuality, there was still quite a big difference, because Zhao Youyue’s main personality was the dominant one. Even if she used a character card, she would not completely lose control of her body. Her body was a host of the iconic characters that she had created, allowing them to co-pilot her body.

In the process, her main personality would undergo a “watch-and-learn” process. As a result, those character cards may not always be necessary for all circumstances.

For example, gaming with the Yu Shengfan card was the ultimate cheat. It improved her gaming abilities tremendously. Currently, she no longer needed the card to be a more than decent gamer. The long-term use of the Yu Shengfan card had imprinted on her.

Zhao Youyue would never have to worry about the characters becoming dominant over her main personality. This was the essential difference between her and those who have actual multiple personality disorders. The others definitely could not switch between their various personalities at will.

As she was able to hug her dearest sister to sleep in her dreams, Zhao Youyue slept very well. Unexpectedly, she overcame the “harsh conditions” in the dormitory.

While Zhao Youyue’s room feel completely silent, the male dormitory raved on.

Of course, there was no way that Du Hang would join the conversation. His three roommates were chattering away – Zhang Xiang, Xiao Yu, and Ning Yao.

Obviously, their excitement from before had not died down. They just had a meal together with Han Leng, Zhao Youyue, and He Weiwei.

“It’s truly like a dream. I actually ate with someone as great as Han Leng and also two of the prettiest girls in class for my first dinner in this new school!” After the lights went out and the internet connection was disabled, Zhang Xiang shared his thoughts.

“Do you guys think Zhao Youyue or He Weiwei is prettier?” Xiao Yu, who had a girlfriend but always bragged about how good he was at flirting around and getting girls to like him, decisively began to discuss the pretty girls in the class.

“They both have their own merits. He Weiwei definitely has fashion sense, but Zhao Youyue’s foundations are invincible. Even without makeup, she’s drop-dead gorgeous. When everyone gets in their military garb later on, she would definitely stand out from the crowd – no kidding.” Zhang Xiang asserted.

“Don’t you guys think that Han Leng gives in to Zhao Youyue way too much? They can’t just be as simple as deskmates, right?” The fatty, aspiring rockstar Ning Yao chimed in.

“Even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman.” Xiao Yu chuckled.

“I originally thought that Mister Han liked Zhao Youyue as well, but after observing them, I realized that he probably doesn’t really like her at all. When a guy likes a girl, they would often take the initiative to get closer to the girl. However, Mister Han has no intention of taking the initiative at all. He’s deliberately keeping a distance from her. I really can’t understand this,” Zhang Xiang wondered.

“Du Hang, Du Hang. It seemed like Zhao Youyue took the initiative to talk to you just now. What did you guys talk about?” Ning Yao suddenly asked Du Hang.

Du Hang was different from the others in the dormitory. He was too lazy even to attend the meal and had isolated himself. Even so, the other three people in his dormitory had no intention of leaving him out. They still treated him as their roommate. Not attending dormitory group activities was not really a big deal. Du Hang did not exactly draw in hatred from people.

Du Hang was quiet and lonely, but he did not step on anyone’s toes. He only loathed himself far too much.

Du Hang had actually been listening in on their conversation. He was actually rather curious about Zhao Youyue. His big reaction towards Han Leng had all been a ploy. He had not expected to get involved in the topic.

“Nothing much. She probably just spoke to me by chance. Perhaps she was just too nice for her own good. She may have just been taking sympathy on lonely old me?” Du Hang mocked himself.

“Damn! I couldn’t tell. Old Du, you’re full of tricks. You acted all autistic to gain Zhao Youyue’s sympathy!” Zhang Xiang snarled.

“So that’s how it was. Du Hang, you’re a closet master of pickups. Next time, we could share and exchange our experiences.” Xiao Yu laughed.

“Zhao Youyue is really quite a good girl. Her personality is even better than her looks. She’ll draw in men like moths to flame, and one of them would catch on eventually. If you want to remain in the running, you’ll have to move quickly,” Ning Yao said unhesitatingly.

Everyone other than Du Hang agreed with him.

His three roommates were far too naive. Zhao Youyue was a walking library of masks. Chasing after her would genuinely burn them like the moths that they were…