Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 530 - I Refuse to Entertain Gentle Girls

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Chapter 530: I Refuse to Entertain Gentle Girls

Du Hang was a man who possessed exceedingly high IQ and EQ. He was far more mature, compared to his peers, but he was terrible at putting on airs and socializing, which is why he did not get along with those in his class. He had the academic intuition to earn his spot in the room, but chose to remain in a cold dark corner of the room, surveying his peers make fools out of themselves under heavy eyelids.

Du Hang did not have any friends. He was less interested in love. All these were facades and falsehoods to him. Making friends, dating girls, they all required the donning of masks and putting on airs. The same was true, even when confronting another. All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

Based on that logic, the more you loved someone, the more you would be lying to yourself.

Du Hang wanted nothing more than genuine relationships, minus all those masquerades.

This was exactly how had was back in high school, sitting in a corner while watching others enjoy their youth.

In his eyes, youthfulness was nothing more than a sinful lie used to cheat those around a person and even the person himself. The word “youth” was a sugarcoat that society and its people used. These days, the term “youth” alone was enough to gain compassion and empathy. Everything that ranged from lies, secrets, crime and even failure were just spices of the main dish. If one claimed that failure was the symbol of youth, wouldn’t that mean that those who failed to make any friends were enjoying their youth? No one would agree to such a statement, it made too much sense and threatened to ruin the foundations of society itself.

Du Hang thought on and on about this, and keyed it down on his phone. As a creator, immortalizing your epiphanies was key.

The only other person in that room that Du Hang took note of was Han Leng. He had read Han Leng’s “Beautiful April” and could not deny that it was a masterpiece. Only a genius could have created this.

Du Hang hoped that he could have a little chat with Han Leng someday. He had much to ask. How did he manage to create a female character like Chu Luoxun? What sort of experiences did he have in life to inspire him so?

Although he had such thoughts, Du Hang could not do so. Han Leng was already so conspicuous that he had ended up as a freaking gang leader. He had no choice but to give up the idea of approaching the other creator for now.

He could not deny that jealousy had a role in this, but he and Han Leng were of two different realms.

The class meeting ended uneventfully. Du Hang waited until everyone had filed out before slowly getting to his feet. Stuffing his hands into his pocket, he habitually looked down and lurched forward, hunching his back as he walked like it was second nature.

Around Du Hang was an aura of solitary which repelled those who got close to him.

No… It should be said that there was no one around to come close to him. They had no reason to, not unless he reveals that he was a debuted writer.

He was an actual writer, even if he differed from Han Leng, whose writing gave life to his characters[1]. He was not famous like Han Leng, and he had not yet written any best sellers, but he was a decent writer, nevertheless. He was constantly improving himself, day by day. Who knows? His principles may one day be understood and treated as “law” by his fans, and he would be called “Almighty Teacher” or something.

After the school tour, Du Hang casually scouted around the school that he would spend the next 4 years of his life in. Little did he expect to be interrupted by another person, much less a girl!

Oi, what kind of third-rate novel story progression is this? Sitting in the corner all the time and not socializing had created such a solitary aura around him, and now a girl was curiously checking him out? Was he actually that attractive?

Du Hang entertained the latter thought for a moment, before quickly sneering cynically. It befitted a cocky, evil tyrant, and he was not sneering at others, but himself. He lived in solitude and suffered from severe chuunibyou issues, but deep down, did he still yearn for human attention?

“How are you, Du Hang? Enjoying yourself?” Zhao Youyue said, flashing a warm smile. Everyone could see through her intentions. She was curious about the class’ to-be resident loner.

This was Zhao Youyue. What others could not do; she would love to try doing so. She would even try getting along with psychos. Perhaps she found joy in such meetings?

Du Hang gave her the impression of a lone wolf. Perhaps she could reform this one.

Du Hang managed to retain his composure. After taunting himself, he became one with the wind and answered, “The view is great, but the people here should be ok, I guess… I am really sorry, but I was not paying attention to your self-introduction from earlier… What was your name again?”

“I am Zhao Youyue. Sorry for my lack of existence…”

“Zao Youyue?” [2]

“Err… It’s Zhao Youyue…”

“To be honest, names are not that important. So? What do you want?”

“Is it that weird to be chatting with a classmate? If you want an explanation regardless, I saw you alone, and thought that you might be bored.”

“Of course it is weird. Other guys would think of weird stuff like “Does she like me?” etc. I am positive about that.”

“Eh? Do all guys overthink like this all the time? You don’t,” Zhao Youyue replied curiously.

Du Hang became extremely serious. His lazy eyes glowed with uncharacteristic certainty as he solemnly replied “That is because I hate tender girls.”

Zhao Youyue gave a knowing smile and replied, “Oh I understand, warmth, tenderness, they’re all acts of deception.”

Du Hang raised an eyebrow in surprise. He had thought that Zhao Youyue was one of those tender girls who easily caused misunderstandings wherever they went.

He hated tender girls. A simple greeting from one could cause a guy to have a bee in one’s bonnet. If the opposition were to send a message, the guy would not be able to calm down as the message had already started tremors in his heart.

However, he understood that it was just plain warmth. The same, indiscriminating warmth towards others. Such a thing was almost forgotten by him.

If one said that the truth is always cruel, then lies are always tender. If warmth was just a lie – the frustration of being deceived by it, time after time would then end up in distrust.

That was why Du Hang hated tender girls, even if she was simple and sincere.

Translation Notes:

[1]: Reference to the book 一书封神

[2]: Zao Youyue: 赵幽月 and 找优越 sound just the same.