Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 527 - Sincerity

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Chapter 527: Sincerity

Zhao Youyue had never thought that none of her roommates would back down from a small dispute on their very first day…

Luckily she had been assigned to a four-person dormitory. If it was a six-person dormitory, wouldn’t the situation have been more complicated?

Zhao Youyue could only smooth things over now. She used her excellent communication skills to ease the awkward atmosphere in the dormitory.

Zhou Cai, who was a chubby girl and the most average in appearance among the four of them was a gamer. After settling down, she took out her gaming laptop in a hurry and started gaming on her own.

Unexpectedly, it was ‘Tale of Wuxia 3: Swords of the Future’. She played using a keyboard and a mouse, which was harder than using a controller on a game console. However, it became evident that she was having no troubles whatsoever. Add on the fact that she was actually playing as a swordsman – a class that required great skill, you could deduce that she was an expert. She was nothing like what average female gamers were known for – their butterfingers.

Few girls could play such a difficult indie game. Zhou Chai was one of them. Apparently, she was not so average, after all.

Yu Xuefei gave up using the ‘collection of essays’ book as a buffer for her image. She sauntered up her bed and took out her brand new iPhone X, while secretly observing her roommates’ reactions, hoping to see some envious looks on their faces…

Yu Xuefei was bound to be disappointed. Zhou Cai was completely indulged in gaming, He Weiwei was chatting silently with Zhao Youyue. Everyone did not even spare her a second glance. This left her dejected. She was not getting the attention she wanted. Her mind fled back to the past when she was the star of her county key high school. [1]

She had been the queen bee, the teacher’s pet, the centerpiece. Her results brought honor to her school. She did not expect that her roommates to actually view her poorly on just the first day of entering university. Only Zhao Youyue was treating her somewhat positively.

Yu Xuefei decided to get closer to Zhao Youyue as she did not want to be alone in the dorm. She did not feel too good about the other two roommates. It would be better for her to distance herself from the fashionable golden-haired, wealthy-looking girl. If she let her guard down, that woman would turn her into her ‘golden leaf’ [2] …

As Yu Xuefei was lost in thought, He Weiwei was already moving just as expected. Zhao Youyue struck her as a simple errand girl. She made her move on her, “Zhao Youyue, I think you are just too gentle a girl for your own good. This is not right. Girls must know how to protect themselves. When facing unreasonable requests from other people, you must learn to reject them.”

Zhao Youyue’s disguise had been a massive success. In reality, she was nothing close to gentle. However, if she could label herself as “gentle and kind,” then no matter what she did, she would be standing on a moral high ground. Anyone who wanted to go against her would be the bad person.

“I only did such a trivial thing. It was nothing like what you exaggerated.” Zhao Youyue said that kindly. She had given other people a feeling that she would never live with herself – if she ever stepped on another’s shoes.

Anger and her seemed to be an impossible mix.

He Weiwei sighed helplessly and patted the other girl’s shoulder in a big-sister manner, “A girl like you would really cause others to worry about you. People would really take advantage of you. Who knows, some boy might actually count on your inability to refuse others. He might organize some grand event and invite a group of people to clamor around you as he confesses his love for you, and you would have no choice but to accept. Boys in the university are nothing like those brats in high school. Anyway, I’ve got your back. Come look for me if you’re in trouble.”

Zhao Youyue smiled and said, “Thanks Sister Weiwei. Sister Weiwei, you are really kind!”

Zhao Youyue’s words were pleasing to her ears. Furthermore, those words meant that she has agreed to be her friend. Not bad.

He Weiwei then told Zhao Youyue about her high school life. When she was in high school, she was the school’s central figure and always had guys and girls gathered around her. First, they had to be attractive in their appearance, and secondly, they had to be talented in a way. Their academics did not matter. Anyone who could join her clique would live life to the fullest.

Now that He Weiwei is in university, she would behave according to how she did during her high school days. First, she would form a clique in her class. Walking together on the road, through the hallways, they would be badass and cool. They could even go on trips during the holidays. She would not have to worry about being alone.

To He Weiwei, those who were always alone were rather pitiful. They existed in a state of abandonment and solitude. This was why they could only spend the entire day being addicted to virtual worlds. Otakus were disgusting.

Zhou Cai, who continued hacking and slashing at pixels, was already put into such a classification. As for Yu Xuefei, she could not even stand her. She was an overly selfish person, and stank of schemes and mischief.

As for Zhao Youyue, she looked like ‘dumb blonde’ [3] and was a girl who she could nurture. As long as she could be friends with this kind of girl, she would not have to worry about any schemes or whatnot. It would give her a peace of mind.

Zhao Youyue was modest, simple, sincere. They could be friends forever.

At that time, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature’s dean arrived. Her name was Xing Na. She looked confident and decisive, clad in a flowing long coat, surveying the new students with a studied gaze, through her curtains of long hair. She was most certainly not bad-looking.

Time passed unknowingly, and it was already evening. Basically, students who were supposed to register have all done so. Those who did not had unforeseeable reasons and could only postpone their registration.

When Xing Na saw Zhao Youyue, she became less stern. Undoubtedly, she knew of Zhao Youyue’s real identity. Of course, she did not reveal it and only told Lady Zhao to see her immediately if she faced any problems in school. She gave out her contact information to everyone in the dorm. Of course, she only cared about Zhao Youyue.

This was natural. After all, Zhao Youyue did not hail from an ordinary background. Her mother Wang Hua was a professor in this university, and a high-ranking official in the Jiangnan Chinese Writers Association. It was completely worth getting on the good side of Wang Hua through her daughter.

Perhaps, ‘getting on the good side’ was too much. Let’s call it, acquiring affinity.

Translation note:

[1] “key high school” (重点高中) is a type of school in China. Secondary schools in China are divided into “key” and “ordinary” schools. Designated key schools are schools distinguished from ordinary schools by their academic reputation and are generally allocated more resources by the state. This stratified structure has given key schools numerous privileges. They can select the best students through city-wide or region-wide examination and transfer the best teachers in the area to teach in their school. They receive much more funding from the government, and in getting funds for upgrading equipment or the purchase of expensive items such as computers, they always have priority. Because of these advantages, key schools often boast 90 to 99 percent admission rates to universities

[2] “green leaf” (绿叶) is a metaphor for an actor playing a supporting role.

[3] “dumb blonde” (傻白甜) is a China slang. It could be used as a good word to describe people who are so sweet and cute, a little silly. It could also be a negative word to express someone who is really dumb. These people may usually put themselves or others in the bad situation or cause trouble. Mostly it is used to describe a girl’s character.