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Chapter 523: Low-key

Zhao Youyue had initially been rather apprehensive about the legendary military training. She had even considered resorting to her personal connections. The Zhao Family’s name was a force to reckon with.

The “Jane Doe Su card” changed anything. Jane Doe Su was a peerless master in a lower-leveled martial arts world, why would she be afraid of a little military training?

Furthermore, a dormitory would not be preferable. Jiangnan University was not that far off Zhao Youyue’s house. This was why her mother Wang Hua always had the opportunity to return home every single day.

There was absolutely no need for Zhao Youyue to stay in the student accommodation at the university. She could follow Wang Hua back home every day.

However, Zhao Youyue had never lived in a female dormitory before. University dorms were a time of great bonding with your roommates. Zhao Youyue liked having more friends. That ultimately made her decide on staying in the dormitory.

Insomnia and unfamiliar beds were the least of her concerns. She only need enter the literary world, and her real-world body would enter the stage 6 rapid-eye-movement. Someone could scream in her ears, and she would not twitch one bit. She would wake up the next morning, fully rested.

Her body’s circadian rhythm was the marvel of many others.

Her stay in the dormitory was not a necessity, it was by choice. She could always return home anytime she desired. A dormitory only served as the basis of a new stronghold in school. It also gave her room to take naps in the middle of the day.

Zhao Youyue eventually chose not to use her special privileges. She deliberately sought out eccentric roommates with unusual upbringings. Who knows, she stood to gain something from such acquaintances. The elders of the dignitaries’ children would find such an opportunity to be of the highest honor.

Universities were not just places of study. It was where people socialized, almost serving the roles of small clubs.

Zhao Youyue went to Jiangnan University [1] and completed her registration process. She did not have to go through any extras that were required of other students. When students from other provinces or other cities arrived by train, seniors from the university would pick them up. This was almost a part-time job for them.

This was of a great help to the freshmen. It was to be expected of the Student Councils.

A Student Council’s power stretched much farther in Chinese universities of this world, compared to any other planet. A president of the Student Council is a highly sought-after and competitive position in a first-class university. Students who are keen on gaining power and influence would even have the first-hand experience of actual power during their university days.

However, being a member of the Student Council was no easy task. Elections spanned over entire campuses. Any students involved in clubs and associations would follow through with interest, as this concerned their annual funds and budget.

Those who were not involved in clubs or associations would be indifferent to it. The student association was just another distant world.

These students were like the citizens at the bottom rung of society. They would not even know the name of their city’s mayor. At least they should know what powers a mayor wielded, right?

Well, these were the rulers of universities. The Student Council in a world-class university could convene a school-wide meeting whenever necessary. Of course, no Student Council President actually dared abuse this power.

If the Student Council’s President could not live up to their election promises, expect not to survive the mid-year elections.

Evidently, being a Student Council’s President was being a figure of authority who wielded immense power, making decisions for the clubs and allocating their funds, from amounts that ranged from tens of thousands to the millions. It was as demanding as it was elevated. Many presidents caved in after one year. However, one year of such experience under their belts and in their resumes was enough to put them in a different category from others; they would be a very much sought-after talent as alumni.

In conclusion, the Student Council, clubs, and associations in this world were far more important compared to the other world. The Student Council from the other world was practically a living dummy. The majority of students would not even care to learn the name of their Student President.

Of course, many would still scramble for the position. Leaders from the Student Council could even wave a feather duster as a token of authority and come up with unspoken rules…

Therefore, corruption, gerrymandering, filibusters and other shenanigans would exist with such colossal power. Members in the lower echelons of the hierarchy would fight tooth and nail for a better position, no holds barred.

Zhao Youyue’s luxury car pulled up at the elegant front gate of Jiangnan University.

Jiangnan University ranked among the top five universities in China and the top ten universities in the world. Evidently, it had a long historical standing. The university campus was filled with many historic buildings of ancient heritage. Even some of its gates retained their ancient, reactionary architecture.

Surprisingly, this particular school gate was avant garde in contrast. Zhao Youyue had brought little luggage. Her house was close by anyway, so she could always have items sent over should the need arise. This was why she had the luxury of packing light.

If Zhao Youyue had wanted to bring all of her clothes, shoes, and bags, there might not even be enough space in the entire dormitory…

Zhao Youyue was still relatively low-key on that day – by her standards, of course. Her luscious, long hair was tied into a ponytail which significantly subdued her Goddess aura. Her clothing was not all luxurious and classy. They looked like casualwear from Taobao.

She did not even bring any of her favorite luxury bags along. She only brought an unassuming, canvas rucksack. Of course, she wore canvas shoes as well. Her loose-fitting jeans hid her figure from sight. Even a short skirt paired with leggings would have flaunted her graceful legs and drew everyone’s attention.

Zhao Youyue had chosen not to do so. Her current attire did such a great job at masking her aura that even if someone sees her coming down from a luxury car, their minds would work ways to conclude that she might not even be the luxury car’s owner. It was pure luck that she got on it…

Undoubtedly, Drama Queen Zhao Youyue was on one of her side-persona trips again. This was her regular, freshman persona. You could easily look past her unless you gave attention to the details of her makeup-free face.

Zhao Youyue did not bring her gem staff along either. She dragged her luggage and went into the campus alone, as she did not want Uncle Liu accompanying her. The loyal chauffer had even intended to spread her bedsheets.

Zhao Youyue obviously enjoyed the feeling of obscurity at that moment. From her safe vantage point, she discovered that many freshmen were accompanied by their parents, and were lugging along their belongings…

The most unfortunate ones would be those who came alone, carrying three-people worth of luggage. They had to stop for repeated breaks and catch their breaths.

Some ‘warm-hearted’ seniors would pick on freshmen who struggled with their luggage. If they were within their strike-zones, these seniors would be thick-skinned and insist on helping all the more…

Translation note:

[1] “Jiangnan University” (江南大学) is a university located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. It is a key national university of the “Project 211” and is directly administrated by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is also a Chinese Ministry of Education Double First Class Discipline University, with Double First Class status in certain disciplines.